Methods to grab fantastic car deals

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Methods To Grab Fantastic Car Deals

Imagine your faithful old Ford finally broke down and it’s time for you to get a new car to replace it. The only snag though, is that you’re low on cash. So what are your options?

Let’s see. First off, you could go for a bank loan. Or perhaps you could opt for one of your local car dealerships that offer attractive finance packages, but with high interest rates. But what would be your best option in a situation like this? Well, why not try a car auction website?

Not only are they the rage these days for their simplicity and convenience, a car auction website also allows you to grab some fantastic car deals without all of the hassle of driving down to a physical location. But first, here’s the low-down on car auction websites…

If you do a search on Google or Yahoo for the above term, you’ll come across plenty of sites offering a gamut of vehicles, ranging from Fords and Audis, to Chevys and Fiats. And all, at very reasonable prices too!

The cars being displayed for auction can be put up for bid by folks like you and I, or small-medium scale auto dealerships. Hence, prices can range from vehicles that have some reserve on the car (where a seller will not sell the vehicle unless and until he receives a bid higher than his set reserve price) to a car auction that has no reserve at all.

So for example, if a seller displayed a car with a reserve of $175 on a car auction website, and the highest bid he received was only $155, he could either accept that bid or re-list the vehicle on another car auction website. If you come across a super excellent car, then sometimes it might be worth it to bid on the price the seller is asking for. It’s totally your call!

Another important thing to keep in mind when bidding is the exact cost and method of shipping and the location of the car. Since vehicles sold on a car auction website belong to sellers from all over the world, you’ll want to check out the location before actually going ahead and placing your bid.

Remember, your bid will be considered final and legally binding as a contract, and if you happen to win the auction, you’ll have to ensure you fulfill your side of the deal to the best of your ability. Otherwise, the seller has every right to take legal action against you!

And here’s something else you want to consider – the reputation and feedback of the seller whose car you’re interested in. Ebay Motors (a popular used car auction website) has a great system in place, where you can check out the feedback of each seller. See for similar systems on other car auction websites and make it a point to carefully read through the comments the seller has received.

Always purchase from auctioneers who’ve got an impressive reputation. This will go a long way in ensuring you have a pleasant experience at a car auction website.

Well, there you have it. Now why not spend some time browsing around for a great car auction website? You could soon be buying the car of your dreams – but at half the cost you’d normally have to fork out to a car dealer!

Three top car brands under one roof

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Three Top Car Brands Under One Roof…

Three top car brands and one-stop shop. Welcome to Central Florida Lincoln Mercury, the leading auto dealership in Orlando, Florida, which houses the best vehicles from Lincoln, Mercury and Isuzu stables. The varied and distinctive choice of new and pre-owned vehicles include MKX, MKZ, Navigator, Mark LT, Town Car from Lincoln; Mountaineer, Monterey, Mariner, Milan, Mariner, Mariner Hybrid, Montego and Grand Marquis from Mercury; Ascender 5-Passenger, i-370 and i-280 from Isuzu.

Central Florida Lincoln Mercury offers the top-notch after sales service on all the vehicles from Lincoln, Mercury and Isuzu. The dealership is equipped with highly qualified and dynamic professionals whose constant endeavor has been to earn the goodwill of customers and usher in professional excellence in all spheres of an automotive franchise. The Service Centre is equipped with the state-of-the art equipment and the service team is technically qualified and trained to analyze and provide economical working solutions to satisfy all the customers.

The Central Florida Lincoln Mercury dealers also stock genuine spare parts and accessories. The customers can order parts and accessories using the website of the dealership.

Now, with the sophisticated website everything you need is made available at the click of mouse. You don’t have to step out of the house to book your favorite vehicle. The new and advanced online shopping procedures make the process of car shopping simple, easy and hassle-free. New Vehicle Specials, Pre-Owned specials, Finance Specials, Weekend Specials and other special features offer exclusive deals on car purchase and servicing.

The Central Florida Lincoln Mercury dealers also serve Sanford, Leesburg, Clermont, Winter Park, Ocoee, Kissimmee, and Orange County, Longwood, Winter Garden and other cities in and around Orlando.

Now is great time to buy a new car

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Now is Great Time to Buy a New Car

Now is a great time to consider purchasing a new car. With the influx of cars waiting to be sold there are some fantastic bargains on offer at the moment.

If money is no problem you can simply go out and buy whatever car takes your fancy, however for the majority of people buying a car can be an expensive outlay. There are many different ways to buy a car.

You could save the money yourself and wait until you have sufficient to buy a car with cash or a cheque. This is fine if it is not going to take you long to save the money. In reality if you only save a little amount each month by the time you have saved enough the chances are the make and model will have changed and the price may have increased. The downside to this is the waiting-when you have made your mind up to buy a car it can be very frustrating not being able to drive it off the forecourt straight away!

Alternatively if you decide to buy a car from a dealership you will have more options, such as buying the car with either a hire purchase or leasing agreement. Straightforward hire purchase is where you pay a deposit and enter into an agreement to make monthly repayments over an agreed period of time. Dealerships offering 0% finance are a great way to save on interest rates if you are considering buying a car with hire purchase.

Many car dealerships will also offer Personal Contract Purchase (PCP). This option is ideal for people who change their cars frequently. PCP has a flexible deposit and flexible repayments usually over a two and half or three year term with a final optional settlement figure. This figure is calculated when you purchase the car, providing you with a current value settlement. At the end of the finance term you will have three different options to choose from. Firstly you can pay the agreed settlement figure and ownership of the car will be given to you outright. Secondly, you have the option to hand the car back to the dealers and walk away. You will not owe any money but you won’t have a car either! Thirdly you can part exchange the car to upgrade to a newer model. This is the most common option as it allows you to have a new or nearly new car every three years or so. Mileage restrictions will be applied and excess mileage will be charged.

Lastly-be honest with yourself-waiting to win the lottery to buy a car isn’t really an option at all!

Begin your search of purchasing a new car by going online and taking a look at car dealerships who specialise in selling the make of car you prefer. If you have no particular preference to the make or model of car it is still worth going online and looking at the great deals some dealerships are offering at the moment on their brand new cars.

Student car loan

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Student Car Loan

Student loans are different than most other loans. You will find that as a student, you are more likely to be given credit even if you are a risk. If you go online and you search for a student car loan, there will be an offer from practically every creditor. The only thing is that students pay a high interest rate because they are considered to be a high risk. You will not only be charged a high interest, but they take advantage of the student by adding fees and everything. You need to watch when you are signing a student loan, because not only may you end up paying a bill that you can’t afford, but you may ruin your credit rating.

When it comes to student car loans you can take one out on the basis of the fact that you are a student from most creditors, or you can use your student loans to help finance your car. The only problem that can be find by using your student loan money is because you will end up having to pay the money back six months after you graduate, but it comes with a very high monthly payment and interest.

The thing with using your student loans is that it is legal to use the money for a car or gas, but you have to pay that money plus your other loans back all at once. If you do use your student loans to finance a car, you need to make sure that you consolidate all your debt into one payment so that you don’t get confused on what you’ve paid and what you haven’t monthly.

The best option for college students is that you go to a creditor and you ask for a student car loan. They will give you high interest, but you know what you will pay each month and what is expected from you.

You may end up getting a five-year loan, but if you use your student money and grants then you have like a mortgage that will give you high interest rates and it can be harder for you to trade in the car or pay it off. When you go for your student car loan, you will need a co-signer. You should get one of your parents to sign for you so that you can get the credit and the car without worries. If you do your research you should be able to find an appropriate loan and with a reasonable interest rate, which is your goal at hand.

Selling repo cars straightened up some pockets

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Selling Repo Cars Straightened up Some Pockets

On the internet, I’m getting a little frustrated with a lot of misinformation at car buyers looking for “repo cars for sale”. Aimed at pushing people to car auction websites are some of those information. You can even find repossessed cars in car auctions site and it is fine, but let us see the record straight on what really happens to a majority of repossessed cars.

True, thereby becoming a very good potential buyer or consumers while some repos do end up at public auctions, instead eventually to be sold to a new owner at regular retail price, most will never make it to these auctions.

To the original lien holder, the reason for this can be traced. The car is going to end up back at the dealership if a repossessed vehicle was financed through a dealership via their in-house financing. Then, one of two things will happen.

The dealer will take it to a dealer-only auction and sell it to another dealer or either the dealer will shine-up the vehicle and resell it on the lot. At a public car auction, these vehicles will not see the light of day. To most repossessed vehicles this is what happens since they were financed at a dealership.

What about those that had been independently financed by a local bank or credit union? Looking for a good deal, these are the best bets for car buyers. But even with these, most still end up in the hands of a dealer and are again resold at retail prices.

Why? Well, vehicles are real nuisance for them if banks and credit unions aren’t in the car selling business. From time to time, some of the lenders may have “repo sales”, by selling their repos to outside companies or local dealers that at least partially solve their problem quickly.

It will end up on their lot or at a dealer-only auction if the vehicle goes to a local dealer and again away from the possible cheap purchase by a consumer.

Some go to dealer auctions. Some go to public auctions and if it goes to an outside company.

To see what they do with their repos, you can call your local lenders. Some do have their own sales periodically as noted earlier, although they are minority.

So, yes, at local public auctions, you can find some nice repossessed vehicles. However, it will take some patience and some consistent shopping.