A look at the saturn vue

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A Look at the 2008 Saturn VUE

General Motors’ Saturn division is hard at work on building a replacement for its small SUV, the Saturn VUE. Currently based strictly on U.S. technology, the 2008 VUE is expected to be heavily based on Opel technology: Opel is General Motors’ principal European brand. This is good news for those who were concerned that GM would ditch the Saturn VUE. Instead, the SUV will get new life and additional support via its new relationship with Opel. While it is too early to know all the details about the upcoming Saturn VUE makeover, there are some things we do know about this revamped model.
Ever since Saturn released the first “S Series” models back in 1990, the company has struggled to maintain a unique identity. Neglected by parent GM, the upstart Saturn brand had to wait nearly a decade before additional vehicles were added to its line including the Saturn VUE SUV. Along with the “L Series” midsize cars, the three vehicle lines [ION having replace the S Series] fully comprised the Saturn line for several years. Unfortunately, none of the three models were stand out performers, so the brand suffered accordingly.
With the demise of Oldsmobile has come new life for Saturn. Now a fully integrated GM division, Saturn is getting additional vehicles to help beef up its line up. Drawing upon its highly regarded dealer network and high consumer satisfaction scores, Saturn is being quickly remade into a European style division. Saturn has Opel to thank for that.
Along with the coming Aura midsize sedan which is heavily based on an Opel design, the Saturn VUE will be based upon the Opel Antera GTC. An Antera concept has been making the rounds of auto shows across Europe and what we know about the Antera points to what we can expect to see with the VUE.
The Antera is slightly smaller in size than the current Saturn VUE; although the Antera reportedly will have only two doors, the Saturn VUE model will get four doors. Both vehicles are closer in size to the current Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V models, their chief competitors. This smaller size also permits Saturn to introduce a slightly larger 7 passenger SUV next year, the Outlook.
The 2008 Saturn VUE will feature both four and six cylinder gas powered engines. Expect both AWD and RWD to be offered. The Antera’s front end will be redone to mesh with the current Saturn look. Beyond that, the VUE will likely incorporate current GM technology with upgraded safety and performance features included. A base price of around $20,000 for the FWD model is likely with fully loaded AWD versions retailing for as high as $30K.
The 2008 Saturn VUE will be built in Spring Hill, TN home of the original Saturn plant. Along with the Outlook, the Aura, the SKY roadster, the RELAY crossover, and the ION compact, new life is being breathed into Saturn thanks to Opel. This is good news for Saturn fans that have loyally supported the automaker since its inception more than 15 years ago.

Kia rio transmission problems fix kia rio problems

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Kia Rio Transmission Problems – Fix Kia Rio Problems

Kia Rio Transmission Problems – Fix Kia Rio Problems. If you are having problems with your Kia Rio, you need to read this article. The Kia Rio is an excellent automobile, but it can have many problems that are expensive to fix. Don’t be forced to pay thousands of dollars to repair your Kia Rio, consider getting an extended warranty for your vehicle now:

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The Kia Rio is a quality automobile, but like any vehicle on the road, it can experience serious engine, transmission or electrical problems that cost thousands of dollars to repair. The manufacturer’s warranty protects the vehicle from these problems for a little while, but once the warranty is over, you could be on the hook for a huge repair bill when your Kia Rio suffers from major problems. You have nothing to lose and thousands of dollars to save by getting a free extended warranty quote for your Kia Rio today.

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I hope this article has helped you learn more about Kia Rio Transmission Problems and how to protect yourself from expensive automotive repair bills.

Why should i sell my car

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Why should I sell my car?

Do you remember the day when you drove your newly brand new car for the first time? Well, what a nostalgic moment it would have been for you! But, today, your car has grown old and does not function as effectively as it used to some years ago. So, are you thinking, “Shall I sell my car?” If yes, it is a wise decision because it would help you earn some amount of money which would not be possible if you continue to make it stand idle in your garage.
Cars which are no good except to go for scrapping may be a burden on you and your neighbours if you decide to keep it with you for an indefinite period. In fact, it is a common phenomenon to sell off old cars if their cost of maintenance or repair goes beyond the owner’s budget. So, you too should think of opting for “sell my car” service if you find that:
a)The overall maintenance of your old car is becoming too difficult.
b)You are not able to get spare parts for your old car to keep it in a good condition.
c)There is no proper place where you can keep your old car.
d)You fail to get a good mechanic in your locality who can treat the peculiar problems of an ageing car.  
There are many renowned auto salvage companies who are ready to pay a good price for your old car. They buy your car to resell them to people who are willing to purchase old cars that are truly functional. So these companies undertake the entire repair job to make your old car completely operational to the satisfaction of an average buyer. If you want to increase the worth of your old car in the market, try to sell it off before it becomes no less than a scrap. You may also visit auto salvage auction to know the real worth of your old car.
If your car is damaged beyond repair due to some accident or other reason, you may still think of “sell my car” option. This is because companies dealing in old cars or scarp cars are always ready to buy such cars so that they may resell their functional parts, if not the whole car. These companies also dismantle your car carefully, following all the guidelines laid down by the government. This would ensure that your old or scrap car does not become a part of the ongoing environmental crisis as a result of irrational human activities. However, it is in your hand to get the best price for your old car by selling it off at the right time before it remains no less than a scrap metal in a scrap yard.  
It is also important to find a reliable auto salvage company offering car removal services. Internet is a good medium to find effective car salvage companies that have good reputation in the market. There are many renowned companies in this field who offer online quotes for your car’s worth on being given the details about your car. You can compare these quotes to find the best price for yourself and then may decide to finally opt for “sell my car” service.

Buying a motorcycle leather jacket some tips

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Buying a Motorcycle Leather Jacket – Some Tips

Motorcycle jackets are, of course, an essential item for motorcycle riders and reflect the personality of the wearer. There are many other considerations however, apart from good looks. High on the list of priorities is how well the jacket will protect you in the event of an accident. Is the jacket comfortable when riding and suitable for both summer and winter wear? Motorcycle jackets are expensive so they should be durable and last for many years.

Some Considerations when Buying a Motorcycle Leather Jacket

The fit – Motorcycle jackets are designed to be comfortable when in a riding position so the jacket should be shorter at the front, to prevent riding up, and longer at the back to provide adequate cover. The sleeves should be long to cover your wrists when holding the handle bars and it should be roomy in the shoulders for ease of movement. The neck should be snug but not restrictive and the wrists and waist should have closures to keep out the wind.

Protective Armor – Motorcycle jackets, above all, must provide protection in the event of you coming into violent contact with the road. Adequate padding is necessary jackets are usually padded at the elbows, back and shoulders. Padding may be extra material or better still plastic inserts or reinforced Kevlar. Make sure the armor stays in place when you wear the jacket. Some inserts tend to move around.

Pockets – most motorcycle jackets have plenty of pockets. Opt for ones with flaps as wind can get through zippers unless they have material patches if the back or front. Inner pockets are useful for keeping your wallet and cash in.

Liners – removable insulated liners are great for using the jacket in cold weather.

Vents – vents are necessary to allow you to be cool in the summer. Leather is very warm so you’ll overheat in the summer months unless there is a way to allow air circulation in the jacket.

Color and reflective materials – black is the traditional color for motorcycle jackets and although it look good it’s not the best material for safety reasons. You can’t easily be seen in a solid black jacket! Some type of reflective material is necessary but we don’t want to spoil the looks of the jacket with huge neon stripes! White piping on the back and sleeves can be reflective and logos are often also made from reflective materials.

Winter riding – In the winter you need maximum protection from the elements. A jacket that is cut long, below the hip is better at keeping out the wind and cold. Heavy insulation, often in the form of removable linings is needed and the jacket should be adjustable to give a snug fit at wrists, waist and neck to keep out the wind and cold. Adjustable flap type collars are better than zips and fit snugly but not too tightly.

Leather in the rain – Leather is not meant to get wet so wear a rain suit over your leather jacket in the rain. Water will deplete the natural oils in the leather and lead to deterioration and cracking. If it does get wet hang the jacket up in a warm place, away from any direct sources of heat.

Oiling your leather jacket – You should oil your jacket occasionally especially after it gets wet using a mink oil specially made for leather. this will replace the natural oils in the leather and help to keep it supple and looking good. With care a quality leather jacket should last at least ten years.

Tips for buying motorcycle leather jackets

Buy the best quality within your budget
The leather should be 1.2mm thick at a minimum.
The stitching should be firm and well done especially in areas that will be under strain.
Sleeves should be slightly longer to cover wrists when riding
Leather at the neck should be soft enough to prevent chaffing

Garland texas auto dealers offer new and used cars of every make and model

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Garland Texas Auto Dealers Offer New And Used Cars Of Every Make And Model

If you are in Garland, Texas and need to buy a car, consider yourself fortunate. The Garland, Texas auto dealers offer cars of every make, model, shape, size, and color. The local banks offer many different types of car loans with low interest rates and flexible repayment options. But the many selections offered by Garland, Texas auto dealers aren’t helpful at all if you have never had the experience of buying a car before. Of course, if you are a veteran, you will find the process only gets easier with time. But if this is your first time, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of things to consider and important choices to make. And if you remain uninformed, where will you find the guidance you need about which choices are the correct ones? You may end up making rookie mistakes and overpaying. But don’t fret, there is still hope even for those with no previous experience.

Your first goal should be to know exactly what you want when you walk into the Garland, Texas auto dealer showroom or lot. If you don’t already have in mind the kind of car you want, that should be your top priority. Figure it out beforehand, rather than going to the lot and “browsing” in hopes of seeing something you like. You could end up with something that you don’t really want. Car salespeople have a reputation for being slick and convincing, and Garland, TX auto dealer sales personnel may be no different. It’s particularly true if you seem to be a lost sheep when it comes to picking a car. You will be presented with some deals that seem unbeatable, and deals that you must “act now” on or they will be gone forever. In the heat of the moment, you may be convinced to buy a car that you wouldn’t have otherwise considered. But, believe me, if you walk away or take time to consider your options, those deals will still be waiting—or even get better. So plan out exactly what you want, and don’t be willing to settle for anything less.

With your exact requirements in mind, you’re not likely to wind up with something you don’t really want. And if you do a little research, you can also know the right price for the car that appeals to you. Therefore, you can feel confident going out on the lots and looking around for the best car for you. The buying process will also be greatly shortened, since you can say to the salesman right away what you do—or do not—want. If they don’t have that particular car available, you will leave and move on to the next lot.

But what do you do when you finally find the car you’ve been wanting? Well, first you try and get the best price from that Garland, TX auto dealer. Rarely are sale prices final, and you can most likely talk the salesman down a bit. Make it seem as if you’re okay with going on to other auto dealers (which you should be), and don’t appear too desperate for the car. This could save you several hundred dollars.

Finally, the loan is probably the most important aspect of buying a car. Always look at all local lenders and inquire about car loans. Keep a record of interest rates offered by each bank, and you will be able to compare them and make the best long-term financial decision. It’s almost always best to avoid financing your car with the auto dealer.

If you need more assistance, there are many online utilities which will guide you step-by-step through the auto buying process—from finding a loan, to driving the car away from the Garland Texas auto dealer lot. These services are quite useful, and will allow you to enter exact search parameters to find the best deal on the car you want. One thing is sure, if you are properly prepared, you will no doubt be able to quickly and easily find your perfect fit in a new car.