Checklist for winter drivers

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Checklist for Winter Drivers

Here are some tips for winter drivers, find the basic car maintenance checklist to keep your car in top running condition this winter driving season. Make sure you, your passengers and your vehicle are safe in cold weather, wet and snowy driving conditions.
As the temperature is dropping, car batteries produce less power, belts and hoses become more brittle, tires lose air pressure and engine oil thickens. To some it up, winter is hard on your vehicle.

These tips can help drivers get ready for winter’s tough conditions:

Cooling System
The level, condition, and concentration of the coolant should be checked to prevent breakdowns and potential engine damage from freezing or overheating. The tightness and condition of drive belts, clamps and hoses should be checked at the same time.

Change your oil and oil filter as specified in your manual. In those very cold regions, you should switch to winter-grade oil, which has a lower viscosity and makes starting your vehicle easier, may be necessary when it is really cold.
Windshield Wipers
Replace your worn windshield blades. If your winters are really harsh, get rubber-clad (winter) blades. Carry extra windshield-washer solvent and a quality ice-scraper. These things are super important; you need to see to drive safe.

Can’t remember when you purchased a new battery? A weak battery is likely to fail in the winter. Have its charge checked at a good repair shop to be sure.

Bald tires are beyond dangerous in the winter’s wet snow and ice. Replace them with all-season tires or snow tires if your region gets heavy snow. Check the air pressure of all tires including your spare.
Carry gloves, boots, blankets, a winter coat, flares, a small shovel, sand or kitty litter, tire chains, a flashlight, a cell phone, some non-perishable snacks, and WATER. You may not think you will need these things, but you never know. Better to be prepared.
Keep your car in top running condition all winter long. Have a happy and safe winter driving season.

Allnew jeep liberty undergone extreme makeover

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2008 All-new Jeep Liberty Undergone Extreme Makeover

The Jeep Liberty has been an all-time success for Chrysler since its introduction in 2002 and for its 2008 model the Liberty will undergo an extreme makeover. The competition in the mid-size SUV segment that seems to grow more competitive by the day has marked the time for the Jeep® brand to launch its Liberty.

The Liberty has been redesigned to roll out its Grand Cherokee sibling at the New York Auto Show. One noticeable feature of the 2008 Liberty is the increase in its “body figure” which was increased by 2 inches longer and half inch wider than the outgoing model. Such increase in length and width increases the legroom of the rear passengers by 1.5 inches and at the same time provide an additional cargo space—these are precisely the two elements where the previous Liberty was said to be lacking as compared to its competition.

The bigger dimension of the new 2008 Jeep Liberty gives it a more serious look. It has forgone its somewhat cutie front end with its rounded headlights and relatively curvy appearance– which by the way were not appreciated by most of the Jeep fanatics—and was replaced by a bold, squared off profile with rectangular headlamps and sharper edges.—In short, a much more Jeep-ly appearance.

The subtle hood bulge gives a hint of the 3.7 liter V6 that’s lurking underneath while the seven-slat grille that is made slightly larger and more upright provides the all-new 2008 Jeep Liberty with a meaner look. It also make used of top-of-the-line Jeep components starting from the big and complex up to the small parts like for instance its Jeep oil filter.

Another remarkable innovation done on the new Liberty is the addition of the Sky Slider which is a full-length sliding canvas roof. The material used for this special type of sunroof is much like that of a convertible top. Its weather stripping guarantees that the roof is watertight and airtight. The sunroof is powered by means of a one-touch switch, and can be fully opened, closed, or in any position in-between.

There are two versions of the 2008 Jeep Liberty that will be sold—the Sport and the Limited. Unlike the previous Liberty, the entry-level Sport version will get a body-colored fenders and bumpers together with a chrome grille similar to its upscale sibling. The primary distinction between the two trim level lies on the dark-colored side moldings that is prominent from the outside for the Sport where as the Limited gets a chrome version. The roof rack rails are a standard feature for the Limited and offered as an option for the Sport. The roof rack rails also differ for the Limited and the Sport, former gets a chrome theme while the latter gets a black paint.

The interior of both models come standard with cloth seats however monotone upholstery is used for the Sport while the Limited gets a two-tone color scheme with optional leather. There are also other distinctions such as the electronic controls for the radio and info center which are available for the Limited’s four-spoke, leather-covered steering wheel and the satin silver center console which are not found in the Sport version. The cargo area of the Limited resides an Infinity subwoofer and amplifier while the Sport gets a storage bin instead.

Underneath the bodywork is an independent front suspension and five-link rear suspension which improve both handling and comfort. Other features include two Jeep Trail Rated four-wheel drive setups (the Command-Trac and the Selec-Trac II), the 3.7 liter V6 engine delivers the same 210 horsepower and 235 lb-ft of torque as before but made even more fuel efficient recording 16 mpg in the city and 22 mpg in the highway. These figures are based on the reworked 2008 EPA standards.

Drive smart save money

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Drive Smart, Save Money

THERE is nothing like a petrol price hike to increase the urban myths on how to save fuel. Check out these claims and asks the experts.

Myth 1 : Petrol expands in hot weather, so fill up in the cooler early morning

Finding : False

A spokesman for chevron, which operate a gas station, says there is no difference in the amount of petrol you get whether you refuel in the day or night. This is because there is not much temperature variation in the air or in the fuel being dispensed.

Any vaporization that might occur would be a very small amount and the effect on the amount of petrol pumped would be negligible.

Myth 2 : When filling up. do not squeeze the trigger fully and pump in “fast” mode.

Finding : True

If you are pumping at a faster rate, some of the liquid that goes to your tanks becomes vapour, which is sucked back into the underground storage tank, giving you less fuel.

This is a concern if the service stations are installed with vapour recovery stations which prevent petrol vapours from escaping to the air.

No matter the speed of the pumps, there is always vapour loss to the surroundings.

However, the carbon canister in the fuel tank is able to capture some of the vapour during dispensing or normal operation, and it will be burnt off in the engine.

Myth 3 : Fill up when your tank is half-full. The larger space in a near-empty tank could lead to higher petrol fume loss.

Finding : False

Again, the carbon canister located in the fuel tank is able to capture some of this vapour.

Myth 4 : Overfilling your tank will result in the petrol flowing back into the pump.

Finding : False

The mechanism that allows petrol to flow back is call a return valve and they prevent harmful gas vapours from being released into the air.

The are installed in some countries such as the United States.

Regardless of what car you drive, good driving habits will help keep fuel consumption (and petrol bills) down. Here are some suggestions :

It’s not a competition:

Don’t weave in and out of traffic. Driving aggressively often means sudden acceleration and braking, which waste petrol and will make you unpopular with other road users.

Too fast, bill furious:

Keep to the speed limit. While different cars have different speeds at which they are the most fuel-efficient, it is a good idea not to drive too fast. It will be safer too.

Get in tune:

Check the engine and air filters regularly. A properly tuned engine and clean air filters will leave you and your car purring with delight.

Pump them up:

Make sure the tyres are properly inflated. This also includes checking for both under-inflation and over-inflation

Don’t idle:

Waiting for someone? Consider turning off the engine if it is going to be more than a five-minute wait.

Lose weight:

Are you carting junk around in your boot? Lose it. Carrying extra weight just means you burn more petrol lugging it around.

Improve car visibility by hid conversion kits

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Improve Car visibility by Hid conversion kits

If you have a car and traveling at night and you are looking for improving your car visibility at night by Hid conversion kits. Hid conversion Kit basically an electric light, it provide more visibility as compare to the halogen bulbs. If you want to improve your car light at night you need to install Hid conversion kit on your car. For hid conversion kit you can buy at your nearest automobile part shop or can online, you have to choose good quality hid conversion kit and must know about the what Kelvin temperature should I pick? Mostly 3000k, 6000k, 8000k, 10000k, 12000k, h1, h6, h7, h8 and 5000k hid conversion kit available in automobile market. Before using hid conversion kit you must have to verify that you received the entire component which is needed for the installation. The hid light system contains a set of 2 bulbs, 2 ballasts and 2 starters.

The hid light color depends upon the hid bulbs, 4300k hid bulb has yellow color, and 6000k hid bulb provides mostly white color. It mostly depending upon you how bright and which color you want if you are looking for light blue can select 6000k, 10000k for aqua blue or looking for deep blue can go for 8000k. Light is a combination of brightness and color, and if you want to balance both can consider 4300K and 6000k. It is a best option to use hid kits for object to be visible at night.

After selection of quality hid conversion kit, it is very easy to install. At a time of installation do not touch the hid bulb and avoid to directory eye contact with hid bulbs because it is much brighter then halogen bulbs and always disconnect car battery before start installation.

Hid kits generally improve outside lighting and provide night vision driving and allow driving faster in a foggy weather and you see much faster.

The availability of hid lighting is from 3000k to 12000k, it depends upon your selection to make enjoyable and comfortable ride. There are lots of hid kits available in a market depending upon the color and temperature rang of hid light. One of the most stylist hid kit for Honda Accord which contain the items such as ballasts, xenon bulbs and plugs.

If you are looking for hid conversion kit with good quality at lowest possible prices then an Advan Emotion Inc would be the best place. Safety is most important whenever you are driving at night some time accidents happen due to poor light or poor road visibility during foggy night. For your safety and to see the road better you need better light for better light you need a good quality hid kit and for this always you need to buy a good quality hid conversion kit.

Stay safe on your motorcycle this winter

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Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle This Winter

Motorbike riding can be hazardous even for the most levelheaded and conservative of riders, as demonstrated by Department for Transportation statistics showing that there were 21,550 reported motorbike casualties in 2008, of which 6,049 resulted in death or serious injury, and the risk noticeably increases as weather and road conditions get worse. Some motorcycle riders will retire their motorcycles during the winter season but for many people, in particular those who commute on their bikes, that isn’t an option. Nevertheless, by exercising added care and using good sense, it is possible to minimise the risk.

Accomplished riders are familiar enough with their motorcycle to know how it handles, and how to ride safely. But as riding in winter time is completely unlike from riding in summer time, and for less experienced motorcyclists who haven’t yet ridden during the winter months, it is worth reminding yourself of the safety precautions that should be taken. Bear in mind though safety is never a guarantee, irrespective how much care is taken, so make sure that you are covered by appropriate bike insurance just in case.

Safety precautions that apply all year round should be followed with marked watchfulness in the winter months. It makes sense to give the motorbike a quick once over before riding it, to ensure that the tyres, lights and brakes are in working order. When checking the tyres, make certain that the pressure and treads are in proper condition for handling icy or wet roads, and remember that in colder temperatures it takes tyres longer to warm up and start gripping properly so be particularly careful when heading out.

It is essential to check that the lights work properly seeing that visibility is even more of an issue during poor weather conditions. Not only will fog or rain diminish what you can see, it will make you more difficult to be seen, so make sure you are extremely visible by wearing bright reflective outer clothing and by keeping your headlight on. To assist keeping your own line of sight clear, make certain your mirrors and visor are clean and unscratched, and spray them with an anti-mister. Additionally be mindful that visibility is still an issue on a bright and sunny winter’s day, when there is no rain, snow, fog or mist since the low winter sun that is blinding you is also blinding other drivers.

Keeping yourself warm may seem like an peculiar safety tip but warmth is all-important seeing that the colder you are, the more your concentration wanes, so wear thin layers to keep body heat trapped and wear any additional cold weather clothing you are comfy wearing. Cold hands don’t make for safe riding, seeing that once they get too cold you risk losing control of the motorcycle, so keep your hands especially warm with heated gloves or even heated handlebars. Purchase some proper rainwear for those rainy days, and generally speaking try to stay as warm and dry as possible.

It goes without saying that you have to be alert on wet and icy roads, keep your speed down and leave additional distance between you and other vehicles to account for those few added seconds of stopping time in an emergency. Be cautious of black ice and additionally keep in mind that on a sunny day there may still be ice on the road, especially in shady areas that the sun has not reached, and be wary of rain slicked roads. Rain fall brings oily residue to the road surface, making the roads particularly slippery. Stay off painted lines when possible, or be especially careful if crossing over them, as they can become highly slippery when wet.

It is in general advisable not to go out on your motorbike on snowy roads if it can be helped, but if you are out in the snow ride slowly and avoid making sudden moves that could cause the bike to topple over or skid. Some riders opt to ride in car tracks that have already been made in the snow, therefore avoiding fresh snow that will spray up and reduce visibility and also get stuck in the tyres and lessen the tyres’ grip, in which case ride cautiously on the compacted snow.

As for windy days, take special care as there is a danger of being blown off course slightly during high winds and you should keep a heedful eye out for any objects that might be blown into your path.

Motorbike upkeep is also a basic safety measure. Snow, ice and the salt on roads after a snow fall can all build up on your motorbike, corroding it. So make sure that you wipe down your motorbike after every ride, or better still hose and wash all the mess away. Your motorcycle needs to stay in top condition for you to ride safely.

With practice comes experience, so the more winter riding you do the more comfortable and undaunted you will become, just ensure that you avoid complacency and remain watchful and sensible at all times. The safety of you, your motorbike and everyone around you is at stake, so follow the necessary precautions, don’t take riding during the winter frivolously and if you still need an added incentive don’t forget that a clean record keeps your bike insurance rates down so you will also be doing your wallet a favour by staying safe.