Automotive glass giants to merge

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Automotive Glass Giants to Merge

Two leading companies in the automotive glass and replacement industry is set to merge so as to create what could be the biggest and most influential company in the said industry. These two giants of the automotive glass industry are BELRON, the world’s leader in vehicle glass repair, and Safelite Group Inc. which is the US’ largest automotive glass replacement and repair company.

The Safelite reputation for being the only integrated provider of automotive glass insurance in the country will be acquired by BELRON. Safelite also boasts of retail fulfillment, an automotive glass manufacturing plant and a network of wholesale distributions. The planned merging of the two companies will be subjected to regulatory approval for it to take place.

Talks are still going on and the deal may be sealed on March this year. Once the deal is completed, operation of the new organization will immediately commence. The combination of BELRON Inc., the US arm of the BELRON Company, and Safelite will give birth to a company that will be named Belron US. “This acquisition is the early phase of an overarching plan to profitably grow market share in an industry teeming with potential,” Dan Wilson stated. Wilson is the president and chief executive officer of Safelite Group. The joining of the forces of the two leaders in the industry would greatly benefit not only the two companies but their customers as well.

“Growth will be organic and through additional strategic, targeted acquisitions. Safelite’s customers, business partners and staff will benefit from a parent company with a global focus on the automotive glass industry. Belron is passionate about sharing best practices globally and has profitable growth at the center of its US ambitions,” Wilson added further.

The partnership aims to take control 20 percent of the market. They are in such a position so as to make this a reality. Of course, it would not be that surprising since both companies are leaders on their field and the technologies employed by both companies will be combined. The combination of their potentials and their assets will benefit their buyers.

Belron already has 110 years of experience under its belt and their success is a testament to the company’s effort to raise the bar in the automotive glass industry. Gary Lubner, the group chief executive officer of Belron stated that the their company’s experience will help the partnership “provide more locations, increased capacity, and expanded service offerings to individual consumers as well as insurance, fleet, and commercial customers”. Indeed, the new company will cover the basic and the marginal demands of the industry much like a Volvo floor mat covers a car’s floor that well.

The partnership will greatly impact consumers positively. They will have an access not only to the 212 branches of Safelite but the merging will also add to that number the 90 branches of Belron in the US. Mobile service and repair vehicles will also be increased, Safelite has 2,200 of them and Belron will add to that with 500 of their own. The combination of their resources would mean that they would have wider service coverage all over the country, all of the 50 states will be considered in the expansion.

Aside from their consumer channel, Safelite also provides property and casualty claims management services under its subsidiary, Safelite Solutions. Another arm of Safelite is their service operation which is a national provider of complete automotive glass products. The service operation also installs and repairs materials and tools as well as replacing them. They have a wide network of warehouses in the United States composed of 81 depots across the country.

Mini cooper service manual

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Mini Cooper Service Manual

Mini Cooper Service Manual in its first phase completely provides the overview of the car which gives overall description regarding parking lamps, washer/ wiper system, instrumental lightning, outside mirror adjustment, OBD Interface socket and adjusting steering wheel etc. The indicator and warning lamps are developed with highly advanced technology that monitors itself. This manual depicts symbol corresponding to any malfunction which helps users to easily recognize any malfunction related to your Mini. The availability of control buttons in steering wheel allows you to carry out other operation related to car very frequently without taking your eyes from road.

Mini Cooper also possess central locking system that enables you to take care of your vehicle effectively. Symbols depicting on vehicle helps you to consult with the relevant section of the Mini’s service manual. The second section of this manual gives you complete overview about controls of this car. Several functions of keys are also elaborated in this section which includes master key, door and ignition key and spare key. You can simply follow the instructions needed to initialize master key with remote control and battery, but you can activate only this key through battery. The door and ignition key help in opening the doors mechanically. Spare key is not meant for particular use but it has to be kept in safe place if you lost any one of key.

In chilton auto repair manual, the authors have made every effort to furnish you with every reliable source that gives you complete affording information regarding Mini Cooper. The complete index is also provided at the end of manual which gives you detailed information about every subject. It also gives you a list of precautions needed to avoid any personal injury or damage to your vehicle.

The service procedures section of this Mini Cooper service manual and Audi Repair manuals clearly explains the self-service procedures with the help of pictorial illustrations. Step-by-step detailed instructions make it easier for the person to use it. Right from the very minor issues like repairing a flat tire and changing tires to changing bulbs and tires, simply everything is listed in this manual. It advices on Do’s and Don’ts of a vehicle service process and very diligently explains about various parts and their service. It advises on which tools to use and how to replace or service a part. Easy to understand language of this Mini Cooper service manual makes it an ideal choice of every Mini Cooper owner.

Should gm think twice in buying chrysler

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Should Gm Think Twice in Buying Chrysler?

In the news: Reuters has recently reported that DaimlerChrysler AG shares has increased to more than 4% which is considered to be the highest level reached by the automaker since August 2001 and this is despite of the fact that there are continued talks on the possible sale of the Chrysler Group.

The stock hit a peak of 56.34 euros and closed at 3.6% or 56.08 euros while the DJ Stoxx European car sector index has been able to gain 1.7% only. According to Weekend reports there are many companies that are interested in buying the Chrysler Group and one of this is South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Co.

According to unnamed sources GM Chief Executive Rick Wagoner has already met with DaimlerChrysler Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche in Detroit last December 2006 to discuss the possibility of GM buying Chrysler. But news of the said meeting only came out last week. And according to some people familiar with the situation General Motors and DCX are not only discussing about the sale of Chrysler but are also contemplating on a possible alliance. Unfortunately, both automakers have refrained to comment on the matter.

Reuter’s source further reported that DaimlerChrysler is still in the process of studying all options available for the Chrysler Group such as a restructuring, a spinoff or sale. Most of the analysts in the auto industry however do not think that it is a good idea for GM, the world’s largest automaker and maker of popular brands of auto parts like GM brake drums to takeover Chrysler since it would only complicate the turnaround efforts of the automaker.

Further reports from Detroit News confirmed that at least four meetings have transpired involving DaimlerChrysler Chief Financial Officer Bodo Uebber, GM Chief Executive Rick Wagoner, and GM Chief Financial Officer Fritz Henderson. But according to the newspaper the merger talks are primarily ongoing between Henderson and Uebber.

What is the worth of Chrysler?

According to Morgan Stanley the approximate value of Chrysler is 7 billion euros or $9.2 billion inclusive of healthcare liabilities or 3 billion euros to 5 billion basing on the leveraged buyout model inclusive of its pension and healthcare burden. “A five billion equity value for the Chrysler division would just be over 10% price to sales, making Chrysler the cheapest car company in the world on our numbers, less than half the value of PSA or Peugeot Citroen.”

An analyst at Bank Sal. Oppenheim also said that if ever GM does purchase Chrysler it would add economies of scale for research and development plus it would eliminate the problem of overcapacity which causes the price war in North America. Unfortunately the sale of Chrysler would also result to plant closures affecting thousands of workers adding up to the increasing number of unemployed workers caused by the restructuring programs of GM and Ford.

Other analysts in the industry that are keenly tracking the GM and DCX talks have also pointed out some negative aspects of Chrysler saying that its unionized workforce, hefty losses and unfunded health and pension liabilities are facts that should not be overlooked by future buyers. They also suggested that DaimlerChrysler should loosen up the 1998 merger between Daimler-Benz and Chrysler that created the world’s fifth-biggest automaker and make a float part of an independent Chrysler on the stock market or better yet spin it off to shareholders.

The analyst from Sa. Oppenheim has also estimated that it would cost around 22.5 billion euros for DCX to separate itself from Chrysler. The breakdown of the said estimate is as follows: 13.9 billion would go to pension and healthcare plans while the remaining 8.6 billion to raise Chrysler’s balance sheet.

Zetsche has also told reporters that all options for Chrysler are laid on the table but he did not elaborate on the subject.

Government auctions can you get good deals on cars

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Government Auctions – Can You Get Good Deals On Cars

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, the government lives off of our tax dollars. Taxes are one of those subject that gets everybody agitated. If you really want to get steam coming out of someones ears, just take them to a government auction. The government buys and discards valuable things at a rate that is simply stunning. The waste is amazing, but you can take advantage of it at auctions.
You’ve all seen the quips online and on late night television. You can buy a house for $100 at a government auction or a car for $50. These advertisements would seem to fall under the “too good to be true” category at first glance. In general, they are too good to be true, but that doesn’t mean you cannot get a steal of a deal at one of these auctions.
Let’s look at the $50 car. Are there cars being auctioned that come up for bid at this price? Actually, there are. They usually are bland cars that are not in tremendous shape. The car will usually be in less then desirable shape and needs some work done on it. Sounds like a terrible deal right? Well, not necessarily. You know all those little car lots around town. Ever wondered how they stay in business? Many of them are buying, cleaning up and flipping these cars.
Let’s say you start bidding on a Toyota Camry. It has a flat, a ripped seat and needs a paint job. It runs, but sounds like it is near death. You win the bidding at $500 and pay a total of $600 with taxes and everything thrown in. You then have it towed to a shop where it gets a new tire, tune up and some other mechanical repairs for $500. Now it is off to get a $1,000 paint job and $500 seat reupholstering. You’ve spent a total of $2,600.
Now it is time to make money. You list the car for sale on your favorite website. You know the blue book value for the vehicle is $9,500. You negotiate a deal for $9,200 cash. You spent $2,600 on it, so you’ve made a profit of $6,600 in a matter of two or three weeks. It is not a million dollars by any means, but it isn’t bad money. This is particularly true if you start flipping multiple cars at the same time.
This is really how you can make money in government auctions. Are you going to show up at one and win a Ferrari on a $10 bid? I guess it is possible, but let’s just say it is extremely remote. So long as you are willing to spend a bit of money, however, you can do very well buying cars at auctions.

Only the best exhaust system can provide maximize engine performance

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Only the Best Exhaust System Can Provide Maximize Engine Performance

Many people think that the Mazda exhaust system is basically the car’s muffler. The truth, however, is that, the system is basically made up of a series of pipes underneath the body of the car that is connected to the muffler and the catalytic converter. The main function of the exhaust system is to keep noise levels to a bearable degree to as well as to route exhaust fumes away from the passenger cabin.

The Mazda exhaust system disposes of waste gases produced by the engine by letting them pass to the rear of the car, finally departing through the muffler. These exhaust fumes are discharged into the atmosphere since such substances contain noxious pollutants, mostly carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide impairs the ability of the blood to absorb oxygen into the lungs, leading to serious health problems. Inhaling huge amounts of this gas can thus lead to poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning, in turn, can inflict a series of ills on a person. Headaches, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, as well as potential heart problems, are simply a few of these ills. In addition, chest pains, irregular heart beats, and in some cases, cardiac arrest are also common results if one is subjected to high intakes of carbon monoxide. In addition, the Mazda exhaust assembly also converts pollutants into less harmful by-products, levels down the noise of the engine, as well as directs exhaust gases so they can be utilized to heat air and fuel before they are burned in the engine’s cylinders. Another function of the exhaust system also includes the production of backpressure into the engine at just the right amount so as to improve the engine’s fuel-burning efficiency and performance.

The components of the Mazda exhaust system generally include the exhaust pipes. These are designed specifically for each car model so exhaust fumes are certain to be routed properly to whichever direction they need to go. Then, there’s the exhaust manifold. This component serves like a funnel; that is, it collects exhaust gases from all cylinders. After which, it releases them by way of a single opening. While the catalytic converter is well designed to lower the resulting harmful emission products generated by the engine. The system accomplishes this feat by transmuting pollutants into water vapor and other harmful gases that are significantly less harmful. Rounding up the exhaust assembly parts is the muffler. This is basically a metal container with chambers, baffles and holes. The resonator which works with the muffler to cut back exhaust noise and the tail pipe designed to direct exhaust gases away from the vehicle, are also included. As for common system troubles, rocks, dirt, and mud contribute a great deal in the failure of the Mazda exhaust system. If one notices that the engine seems to be running on less power, or if foul odors or odd noises are coming from the muffler or any portion of the exhaust pipes, then it’s already best to have the Mazda exhaust system checked and if already beyond repair, replaced by a professional.