Florida traffic school online increase your defensive driving skills and techniques

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Florida Traffic School Online – Increase Your defensive driving skills and techniques!

When a driver receives a moving violation, they can select a classroom course as before, or they have the option of going on the Internet and searching for a Florida Traffic School Online Course. The schools that are permitted to provide traffic school online Florida classes are identified by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), and the schools also promote their approval status on their own sites.
Finding a defensive driving program that will meet all your needs without requiring you to go into the classroom can be tricky. Simply searching for an approved school doesn’t necessarily tell you the whole story. Some of the things you can look for to find the right school for you are the method of teaching, the reputation of the school, and the level of customer support available to you outside of normal business hours.
The way in which the course material is presented can mean the difference between a painless traffic school experience and one that you detest. Some online schools present the course in a “comedy” style, with jokes and puns throughout. If that’s how you learn best, try one of these. If you’d rather have your information in a straightforward, direct way, other schools can give you that experience. They often supplement their course material with animations, videos, or online quizzes that enhance your ability to learn, and to pass the final exam.
The reputation of the school tells you something as well. Is this a fly-by-night operation that wasn’t online a few months ago? Will it still be there when you are ready to get your certificate? Finding a school with a lasting presence online can give you some confidence in their reliability. Most schools have been around less than a decade, though, so don’t expect to find one who has been online since before there was such a thing as online! Keep your expectations to the five- to ten-year range and you should find a school that is well established and likely to be dependable.
Finally, look for excellence in customer service. You may never need to contact the company about a question or issue, but it would be wise to select a school that is available to answer your call whenever you might need them. After all, if they are an Internet company, they should be willing to provide you with customer support whenever you might be taking the course, even in the middle of the night.
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The danger of teenage drivers

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The Danger of Teenage Drivers

Perhaps it is time to re-think how we are teaching driver’s education at high schools. I remember taking driver’s education at my high school at 7am every Saturday for an extended period of time (perhaps a couple of months or so).

We had a combination of instruction that was given in a classroom where we went over the rules of the road as well as watched safety videos and had periodic quizzes. Then we also had the portion of the class immediately following in which we got into the driver’s education car with our instructor and two or three of our other group members. We would take turns slowly navigating the busy streets of Long Island (yes, they were even busy at 7:30am!).

It was an extremely difficult class with little room for error. After we finished the class, we all scheduled our separate road tests at varying locations across Long Island. And guess what? All of us passed our road tests on the first try. There must’ve been about 20 of us or so. Now, you may attribute this to the preparation we received in class or maybe it was due to something else. But sometimes, I wonder how difficult the driver’s education classes are elsewhere in the country because having lived in North Carolina now for the past 8 years or so, it never ceases to amaze me how incredibly inept many of the young drivers are. And as we all know, many of the habits we develop when we are young only get worse as we grow older. From failing to indicate when you want to change lanes or make a turn to following others too closely, there are accidents waiting to happen everywhere I go.

If anything, living in North Carolina has taught me how to be a better defensive driver than living in New York (not what you would think!). The teenagers today are growing up in an age of technology. When I took my road test in high school, cell phones were just on the brink of coming into existence. We still used beepers and thought they were “cool”. We didn’t have as many distractions with GPS systems and DVD players in our vehicles. Ipods hadn’t even come out yet. Geez, it makes high school seem like forever ago for me, even though it was only 8 years ago now. The point is this, teenagers need to have tougher instruction during their driver’s education classes. New York has a cell phone law in place for a reason; it’s distracting! Even if you’re having a conversation with a hands-free cell phone, the emotional converastion you might be having is enough to distract you and cause an accident.

I’m not saying that cell phones are what is causing teenagers to drive poorly. Surely, there are a number of other factors. But it definitely needs to be emphasized to teenagers everywhere that while driving may seem like a lot of fun and may give you the so-called “freedom” you so desperately crave at that age, it is still first and foremost a “privilege” and not a “right”.

Orlando home for sale reasons to list

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Orlando Home for Sale 6 Reasons to List

You don’t list your Orlando home for sale on a whim; you don’t just decide you don’t like the one you have. Selling a home carries significant financial, emotional and family repercussions. Selling your home is one of those life decisions, the ones you discuss with your spouse, look over with professionals and use experts to move forward.

While you might have been able to list your Orlando home for sale and have it sold quickly at the beginning of the decade, that’s no longer the case. Now, you have to be truly motivated in order to get your home sold. Unmotivated sellers, those without concrete reasons, are not serious sellers.

If you’re a motivated seller, on the other hand, you have several new marketing weapons at your disposal. These include government incentive programs, short sale practices, state-of-the-art technology and creative marketing plans to help consummate the transaction.

Are You A Motivated Seller? So, think about it. Are you a motivated seller? There are a number of reasons people are motivated to sell. These reasons include:

Lifestyle Change – The time for a quieter way of life has arrived. The nest may be too empty. You may want more freedom and less household commitment. In any case, a change of lifestyle is a very strong motivation to sell.

Relationship Changes – Partners get together and partners divide. Marriage, divorce and newborns all set the stage for household change.

House Too Small – As families expand, it can be more cost effective to move rather than over-improve. For example, it can cost over $10,000 for a room extension on your home.

Time to Upgrade – Prior to the recession, American families moved an average of seven times per marriage. Although those numbers have dropped some, we do still seem to seek the greenest pastures.

Changes in Neighborhood – Many homeowners move because of local community issues. A school system may trim budgets or the homes may not be increasing in value. A desire for neighborhood change could be your motivation.

Health Issues – People with health issues who cannot continue or afford household upkeep are moving to smaller, more protected and service oriented communities. If this is you, you can definitely consider yourself a motivated seller.

If you’re motivated and have an Orlando home for sale, you already know the market is competitive. However, professional representation, an astute marketing plan and expanded reach can help you locate the perfect buyer.

What the colors of vehicle emergency lights mean

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Those who are driving at night may be used to seeing the dozens of indicator lights which are installed in huge delivery trucks. These indicator lights are installed on the body of both large and small vehicles so that it will be easier for them to be spotted by other drivers using the road.

This is especially important for huge trucks which may cause harm to other drivers if they are out and about on the road without their indicator lights flashing. Now, when it comes to vehicles which are responding to different emergencies, what types of lights are typically used?

You may have seen that indicator lights are usually colored amber, red and blue – but do the same colors apply to emergency lights? Read on to find out more about emergency lights and what the different colors mean.

A Glimpse at the Meaning of the Most Common Colors of Emergency Lights

Remember that emergency lights are only used by law enforcers, fire fighters, volunteer organizations which respond to fires and medical emergencies, and utility vehicles. As such, the use of such emergency lights is often regulated.

Also, depending on the country where the emergency lights are being used, the different colors would denote a particular emergency that is being responded to.

For example, red is the most common hue of emergency lights which is used to denote a real emergency. When you see a police car flashing a red light with a combination of blazing siren, this usually means that they are chasing after a criminal or doing some other type of emergency police work.

Blue lights are also used by law enforcers. A typical example of blue lights is the red-and-blue bar lights which are mounted on top of police cars in the US. Tow trucks and volunteer firefighters also use blue emergency lights.

Amber or yellow lights denote a vehicle which is running on the road at a slower pace than usual. Finally, there are the lesser known colors of emergency lights like purple – which are used for funeral vehicles. White flashing lights are used in school buses in some states.

A Final Word about Colored Emergency Lights

When you talk about emergency lights, there are three basic options that you can choose from: strobe, LED or rotating lights. Out of these three, LED or light emitting diode lights are the most practical to use because of their long-lasting properties. Not only are LED lights more long lasting than typical rotating bulbs, for example. LED emergency lights also consume less power so they will not use up much of the charge on the vehicle’s battery.

Finally, LED lights have a more ‘focused’ light property – which simply means that the light that they produce is purer in color and quality.

When purchasing emergency LED lights for emergency vehicles, make sure to always go for cost-effective, reliable and high-quality LED lights which will last through many emergency situations.

My scooter wont start the top most common mistakes solutions

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My Scooter Won’t Start! The Top 5 Most Common Mistakes & Solutions

We walk outside to run an errand, to go to school or work, and UGH, our scooter won’t start! How frustrating. Here are some basic things to check quickly to get back on the road.

  • First: The basic questions:
    • Did you hold in the brake? (Some scooters require the right brake to be pressed)
    • Is the kill-switch off?
    • Is the key all the way on? (Sounds dumb I know, but as a repair shop Manager, I get scooters in here all the time where the ignition is sticky and doesn’t turn on all the way. The owners are embarrassed when I make sure the ignition is turned all the way on, and the scooter starts right up. Always works for the mechanic, right?)
  • Second: Will it kick start? Try kick starting it. When kick starting, don’t give the scooter any gas (you might flood it). Try to kick start-it 5-10 times. If that doesn’t work, give it some gas and try again.
  • Third: Check the fuse next to the battery. Most fuse boxes next to the battery have an extra fuse in case the original one blew out. Check the fuse first. That only takes a minute. If it’s shot, replace it with the extra one sitting in the case.
  • Fourth: Jump Start-it – Scooters are not like cars. A scooter battery can be so dead, that there is nothing anyone can do to make it start, except charge the battery or replace it. So in the meantime, jump-it. Now a word of caution. These little scooter batteries can burn up quickly, so if you choose to jump it, only put the cables on a few seconds, quickly start it and disconnect it. If you put on cables for 5-15 minutes, you can destroy your battery. These scooter batteries can’t handle the amps put out by car batteries. If you want to buy a trickle charger, get a 2 amp charger.
  • Fifth: Pull out your can of Starting Fluid (you know, the one you bought when you bought the scooter – every scooter owner should have a can), and spray some fluid onto the UNI Air Filter you have on your carburetor. They try to start it again. If it starts, keep it running with the throttle. Keep your Starting Fluid with you in the seat until you figure out what is going on with your scooter.

These steps should get most scooters going and get you on the road. If these don’t work, it might be something more serious, but at least we’ve done the basics and saved us a repair bill for something that was silly or easy to fix by ourselves.
Happy Riding.