Environmentally friendly reasons to choose a hybrid

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Environmentally Friendly Reasons To Choose A Hybrid

Whether OPEC likes it or not, hybrid owners are changing the landscape for car sales and automobile ownership. The process has been slow. Many people were not and are still not ready to pay the extra money to buy a hybrid. Some fear that technology will bypass the hybrid in the next couple of years, making their purchase a bad investment. Many people do not want to be the first one to buy a strange, new technology, just like when the regular car came into existence. Others have found that tax incentives and saving money on gas are the best reasons to go hybrid. For most hybrid buyers, however, the environmental reasons to buy one have outweighed any other reasons or any negative fallout that is present now or foreseeable in the future.

1. Emissions: With all the news about high gas prices and people across the country feeling the effects in their pockets, having a hybrid sounds like a great idea. Hybrids are super-efficient with their use of gas because they rely on electricity for some of their power. This has made it possible for hybrids to get great mileage. The environmental impact is phenomenal. Hybrids use less gas sending fewer emissions into the air. Chemicals from dioxide, to nitrogen oxide all get into the air with gas cars. Although hybrids still emit some fumes and toxic elements, they are performing so well that the EPA has made special ratings for them because they are putting about 90% fewer emissions into the air.

2. Getting Gas: Acquiring gas has become a major concern for the entire world. Having to build more refineries to produce gas will only put more chemicals into the air. Finding places to get oil are also becoming harder to find. Many have objected to the government’s desire to drill in the protected parks of Alaska. Depending less on oil helps contributes to less destruction of our natural resources.

3. Effects on the Human Environment: When emissions get churned into the air, the environment is not the only place that suffers. The human body does not take well to the excessive amounts of carbon dioxide, lead and other chemicals that gas-guzzling cars use. Sitting in traffic, one experiences the odors alone that carry the cancer causing agents. All of the chemicals produced by emissions have been linked to cancer, birth defects and a number of other preventable conditions.

4. Ride the Environmental Wave: Many people say that buying a hybrid is a great idea, but not everyone buys one. It is hard to blame people, since the cost is thousands of dollars more than for a regular car, but for those who are taking the first steps, they are contributing to environmental awareness. Choosing a hybrid helps the market get the price down, which allows for more people to buy them. Buying a hybrid is one of the best ways to get the environmental domino effect moving.

5. Encourage the Government: Buying a hybrid car is beginning to get some encouragement from the government. Known for being dependant on foreign oil for years, the Federal government is beginning to see the benefits of hybrid cars being on the market and is offering tax credits through the end of 2006. Each person that buys a hybrid can be eligible for up to a $2,000 credit on their tax return. When more and more hybrids are purchased, it is likely that the government will consider the environment in its decisions.

Numerous other reasons to buy hybrids are being offered by the makers of hybrids, those who have already purchased one, and by dealerships. To many, any issues that makers are having with the production of hybrids seem like less of a problem than finding real ways to stay green. Emissions and efficiency have come to the forefront of people’s minds more and more as gas prices rise. People are starting to be more concerned about the effects of high emissions on their health, and their future grandchildren. Choosing a hybrid makes a huge statement to the government and to other consumers. More and more people are beginning to “choose green” when they buy a vehicle, which encourages more people that doing so is the right way to go.

Solar power the vehicle of the future

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Solar Power – The Vehicle Of The Future

In a world seemingly obsessed with finding renewable energy sources, solar power has become a common feature in day-to-day life. Although the technology was initially released before it was fully tested, and therefore gained a poor reputation for reliability, since the turn of the Millennium it has grown in stature and promise. One can forgive the scientists behind the development for this over-eagerness in releasing what could one day be a primary resource for fuel and power in the modern world, especially as the majority of the kinks are now ironed out.

It is therefore natural that many are considering the possibility of solar powered vehicles. With the non-renewable fossil fuels being consumed by motorists at a rate that the planet will soon no longer be able to supply, the idea of having a car entirely powered by solar powers is an intriguing one.

It is not, however, a particularly new one. Almost since the invention of solar panels, pioneering developers have been trying to find a way to harness the technology for the car. The idea of being able to run a car with no emissions and no consumption of fossil fuels would indeed be arguably the biggest leap in engineering since the Wright brothers, but is it really possible?

The steps are beginning to be made. For example, Toyota – who market the worlds most popular hybrid vehicle, the Prius – are said to be considered installing solar panels on new versions of the Prius. However, the panels will only be used to power the air conditioning and electrical systems. While this is advancement in the general concept, it isn’t the finished article.

In truth, solar powered cars do exist. Powering a vehicle by the force of the sun alone is possible, but the problems arise in the practicalities. Two annual races currently exist for solar powered vehicles only, the World Solar Challenge and North American Solar Challenge. However, many of the competitors are engineering under and post graduates, as well as technologically minded individuals. The notable absence in these races is in the big car manufacturers, the people who genuinely could make solar powered vehicles a reality for all.

The question is then, if a solar powered vehicle is possible, will it ever replace the standard combustion engine? The issue is open for debate, but it would seem unlikely. Toyota may have implemented the concept of solar panels to power electrics and air conditioning, but perhaps only after trying to power the entire vehicle with solar energy and failing.

The main flaw in solar powered vehicles is size. To get the most out of the suns rays, a lot of solar powers are needed, far more than can ever be fit onto an actual car. From the small space available, it is perfectly possible to generate the necessary power from the sun to power the electric engine of a car, but only for very short distances and in sunny conditions. The idea, it would seem, will remain a fun experiment for mechanical students, and the ever popular races will continue. However, under current ideas for solar vehicles, it is unlikely your family hatchback is going to come complete with solar panels any time in the future.

Dont miss your future learn about biodiesel and why it is important now

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Don’t Miss your Future! – Learn About Biodiesel, and Why it is Important Now

You probably know by now the hard condition of the Earth’s climate, and the rapid increase in oil prices, that will doom our society to devastating energy prices. It is also possible that you already heard about many solutions offered to this problem, by entering alternative energy, based on renewable resources to the equation.

If you are smart you most likely understand that most of these solutions are not achievable in the near future. The reason for that is that most alternatives, like solar power, wind energy or nuclear power, require a huge revolution in the entire energy market, that will take many years to realize. Nevertheless, let me introduce to you one alternative energy source that is already available, easy to get, and do not require an enormous change in today’s transportation or industry.

The new source is Biodiesel. this bombastic word is just a nick name to a new fuel that is based on vegetable oil that was cheaply chemically modified to be a cleaner, better replacement to diesel engines fuel.

Vegetable oil, that is easily manufactured from general crops, contain a large amount of fatty acids from biological (plant or animal) source, hence the word bio-diesel. In order to release the fatty acids from the oil, all you have to do is to react the oil with some chemical catalyst, to run a reaction called trans-esthrification (don’t worry – it is much easier than you think…) and then separate the product – fatty acids from the garbage – glycerol (that can also be used for other things as well…).

And that’s it! once you have the fatty acids, you can fuel diesel engine with it, and start driving. This amazing fuel, is more efficient, cleaner, and with today’s oil prices, can be even cheaper.

Alabama salvage yard recycling

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Alabama Salvage Yard Recycling

A salvage yard is an establishment used to store old, or non-functioning vehicles. These unused automobiles may be used for scrap metal or for their parts that may be resold if they are still in good working condition. Many auto recycling plants today do not operate as they did in the past, instead they are better organized and may often have grand showrooms so that customers may view the available parts that are put on display. Some salvage yards also employ sophisticated technology which includes  the use of a coding system. Special codes are placed on all automobiles and then stored in a computer database. This allows salvage yards that implement this technique in a state like Alabama to connect via a network with other salvage yards nationwide.

There are multiple salvage yards that specialize in the resourceful recycling of parts. However before this can be carried out there are special licensing requirements that are needed before the parts can be sold for profit. This sort of licensing practice is not limited to Alabama but is also necessary in other states across the nation. Licensing guarantees that certain standards and codes of conduct that govern the storage and resale of parts are met. To locate salvage yards in Alabama you may use the internet which has numerous listings of  salvage yards in the  state. You may also use a local directory.

Once you are  in the market for parts  it is wise to do a lot of comparison  shopping. You may need to  call  many salvage yards to get the best deals. However if you own an autmobile that is not commonly driven in the United States then you may experience some difficulties  searching for the corresponding parts. Most people who use salvage yards have found that the prices are fairly reasonable and worth the extra effort.

Why to wait a year for a hybrid car

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Why To Wait a Year for a Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars are very popular vehicles in today’s society. Hybrid cars combine the power of a gasoline engine with the environmental benefits of an electric engine to create what most consider being a better car. There are essentially two different types of hybrid cars on today’s market. One type uses the gasoline engine to charge a battery. The battery then runs the electric motor in the car. The gasoline engine is reserved for situations where power is required. Another type never fully runs on the electric motor, but reserves that for situations where the car requires more power. Hybrid cars offer thirty to fifty miles per gallon of gasoline, and a host of special features that make them quite competitive with regular cars. They also, though, a price tag of three to five thousand dollars more than a typical car and waiting lists of six months to two years. There are, though, three good reasons to purchase a hybrid, despite the waiting list.

One excellent reason to purchase a hybrid car is to save money. Gas prices have been skyrocketing for the past two years. It hasn’t been unusual over the course of the last several months to pay between two and three dollars per gallon of gasoline. If you live in a city or do an extensive amount of city driving, a hybrid is the car for you. Because some hybrids function on electric power only at low speeds, no gas is used during city driving. That means you could get up to fifty miles per gallon of gasoline just by driving to work each day. Since most traditionally built cars get less than twenty miles to a gallon of gasoline, you could be saving some serious cash. Some hybrids can go more than six hundred miles in between fill-ups, and that could save you more than six hundred and fifty dollars at the gas pump each year.

Another strong reason to purchase a hybrid car is to reduce pollution. City style driving is hard on a vehicle. As a result, cars produce more pollution while sitting in city traffic. Hybrid vehicles were built for this kind of a situation. Most hybrids produce ninety percent less harmful emissions than traditional vehicles do. Moreover, because many states are cracking down on emissions laws, this can save you in the long run. The government, both state and federal, offers tax incentives to purchase a hybrid vehicle. The internal revenue service alone offers up to one thousand dollars in the Clean Fuel Vehicle Tax Deduction program. Other local and state agencies offer similar deductions just to purchase a car that will help reduce pollution in our cities and neighborhoods. Additionally, it will help you feel good to know that you, personally, are doing something that will help our nation clear the air and eliminate the toxins we have spent so long adding to the atmosphere.

One final reason to purchase a hybrid car is to end dependency on oil as a power source. Oil powers everything from our homes to our cars. As a result, the United States is one of the leading countries in the demand for oil. This places us in a seriously problematic situation, as we cannot completely provide the oil we need for ourselves. Auto makers have continually pushed for more oil dependent cars like sport utility vehicles, large trucks, and minivans. Americans have bought into the bigger is better auto craze. The demand for oil goes up every day. Purchasing a hybrid, though, helps to tell the people around you as well as the government and the auto makers that you personally want fuel efficient technology that will stop robbing our natural resources and those of other countries as well as a fuel source that is not dependent on the help of other countries. Oil costs billions of dollars not only to purchase, but also to secure in trade agreements, to deal with the politics of other nations, and to find peaceful solutions to terrorist issues that change the oil supply. Those billions of dollars could find homes for other programs in our nation if we did not require as much oil.

Hybrid cars are one step to changing the way we think about driving. There are a number of excellent reasons to purchase a hybrid.