A look at the saturn vue

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A Look at the 2008 Saturn VUE

General Motors’ Saturn division is hard at work on building a replacement for its small SUV, the Saturn VUE. Currently based strictly on U.S. technology, the 2008 VUE is expected to be heavily based on Opel technology: Opel is General Motors’ principal European brand. This is good news for those who were concerned that GM would ditch the Saturn VUE. Instead, the SUV will get new life and additional support via its new relationship with Opel. While it is too early to know all the details about the upcoming Saturn VUE makeover, there are some things we do know about this revamped model.
Ever since Saturn released the first “S Series” models back in 1990, the company has struggled to maintain a unique identity. Neglected by parent GM, the upstart Saturn brand had to wait nearly a decade before additional vehicles were added to its line including the Saturn VUE SUV. Along with the “L Series” midsize cars, the three vehicle lines [ION having replace the S Series] fully comprised the Saturn line for several years. Unfortunately, none of the three models were stand out performers, so the brand suffered accordingly.
With the demise of Oldsmobile has come new life for Saturn. Now a fully integrated GM division, Saturn is getting additional vehicles to help beef up its line up. Drawing upon its highly regarded dealer network and high consumer satisfaction scores, Saturn is being quickly remade into a European style division. Saturn has Opel to thank for that.
Along with the coming Aura midsize sedan which is heavily based on an Opel design, the Saturn VUE will be based upon the Opel Antera GTC. An Antera concept has been making the rounds of auto shows across Europe and what we know about the Antera points to what we can expect to see with the VUE.
The Antera is slightly smaller in size than the current Saturn VUE; although the Antera reportedly will have only two doors, the Saturn VUE model will get four doors. Both vehicles are closer in size to the current Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V models, their chief competitors. This smaller size also permits Saturn to introduce a slightly larger 7 passenger SUV next year, the Outlook.
The 2008 Saturn VUE will feature both four and six cylinder gas powered engines. Expect both AWD and RWD to be offered. The Antera’s front end will be redone to mesh with the current Saturn look. Beyond that, the VUE will likely incorporate current GM technology with upgraded safety and performance features included. A base price of around $20,000 for the FWD model is likely with fully loaded AWD versions retailing for as high as $30K.
The 2008 Saturn VUE will be built in Spring Hill, TN home of the original Saturn plant. Along with the Outlook, the Aura, the SKY roadster, the RELAY crossover, and the ION compact, new life is being breathed into Saturn thanks to Opel. This is good news for Saturn fans that have loyally supported the automaker since its inception more than 15 years ago.

Online auto accidents insurance how to choose one

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Online Auto Accidents Insurance – How To Choose One?

The moment you own a automobile that you need to get insured for damage and in case you get injured in an accident, you should look at disparate auto accidents insurance online. When you research online you can come across loads of internet sites that propose extensive seeming services and policies. You have got to be really certain however, as several of these firms could be fakes and you might just be getting defrauded.
Compare Auto Insurance – What Are The Benefits?
Fortuitously there are methods to find out if the firms online are truthful and if they really give you the hottest auto accidents insurance deal. The safest way to do this is to look at comparison internet sites. While here you will get to choose from auto insurance firms that you want to equate and they will come up with quotations for them.
Reliable Auto Insurance Choices
From this point on with the greatest prices you can afford, you can go ahead and set out exploring how these firms work and how long they have been around for. Once you know if you can trust these firms and if they are reliable or not, you can go ahead and pick out the most low-priced one from the listing.
Online Car Insurance – How To Get It?
It may surprise you to observe that choosing a company online introduces some troubles because you cannot needfully go to an establishment and address to anyone in person. You might also recognize that online firms are providing cheaper insurance rates and policies because they are situated online, which means that you might be skeptical.
Cheapest Auto Insurance – Is It Safe?
You should never choose the cheapest company on record because you will most likely have hassles with them. You can still anticipate to find slightly keener prices if you look online for your auto accidents insurance as opposed to finding an offline established company. The choice is up to you, and you will have to consider carefully about what you select depending on where you reside and how you want to deal with your insurance company.
Let Us Summarize Online Car Insurance
Acquiring the safest auto accidents insurance involves careful inquiry online by visiting car insurance comparison web sites, choosing the most low-priced auto insurance quotation but not necessarily the cheapest, checking the history of the car insurance carrier and determining that all your insurance demands are addressed. Produce a list of all the fundamental details that you will require addressed before you commence your search online. Before deciding on your final choice check your list.
Kudos and good luck with your new auto insurance. Make the correct choice for you. Here is a comparison site to get you started.

Cadillac escalade may soon have a hybrid

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Cadillac Escalade May Soon Have a Hybrid

The auto industry is doing its earnest to come up with fuel efficient and environment-friendly vehicles. After all, the demand for such automobiles has been increasing in the past years. With that in mind, it is no surprise that existing nameplates are now being offered with hybrid versions. The Toyota Camry, Ford Escape, the Honda Accord and the like are now being marketed with hybrid variants.

Even the large SUVs from General Motors are now being offered with hybrid versions. The GMC Yukon and the Chevrolet Tahoe have their own hybrid powertrains. The latest nameplate though to be rumored to be having a hybrid variant is the iconic Cadillac Escalade. This full-size luxury sport utility vehicle is known for its gas-guzzling engine that is why seeing a hybrid version of the Escalade is a surprise to many.

It was reported recently that a hybrid version of the Escalade is being tested by General Motors’ engineers at the Nevada Desert. While the vehicle being tested is just a prototype, the fact that Cadillac has already produced a more fuel efficient version of the Escalade means that the car manufacturer may soon be mass producing hybrid Escalades.

According to reports, the prototype being tested by engineers in the deserts of Nevada only has a few badges to signify that it is a hybrid vehicle. What this means is that the hybrid version of the Escalade looks just like the ordinary Escalades that we see today. Inside the vehicle, a more revealing badge on its tachometer shows that the vehicle is indeed a hybrid.

According to General Motors, the Cadillac Escalade’s internal combustion engine will be assisted by a couple of electric motors. Unlike the smaller Ford Escape Hybrid, the Escalade will need more power and torque to push its huge frame. The two electric motors will result in an increase in fuel efficiency by 25 percent. This means that those people who can afford this SUV with its Cadillac Escalade header will not be troubled by the increasing prices of gasoline as compared to those who own a conventional gasoline engine-powered Escalade.

The Escalade Hybrid will be using General Motors’ two mode hybrid system. According to General Motors, the first mode of the hybrid powertrain is used during low speed and light load operation. During these circumstances, the Escalade can be powered by electric power only, engine power only, or by a combination of electric and engine power.

The first mode gives the Escalade the increased fuel efficiency that one would expect from a hybrid vehicle. When using electric power only, the engine is automatically shut off thus no fuel is consumed. Using electric power only is common on city driving when abrupt stop and go traffic is experienced.

The second mode is used during high speed operations. The couple of electric motor provides increased fuel economy as well as it provides power and torque thus reducing the demand on the internal combustion engine of the Escalade. Other fuel saving technologies that are incorporated into the engine of the hybrid Escalade are cam phasing, late-intake valve closure and Active Fuel Management system. All these technologies provide better fuel efficiency for the hybrid vehicle.

No release dates have been confirmed by General Motors for the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid. It is expected though that the hybrid Escalade will be introduced as a 2009 model year vehicle.

Of todays hottest small hatchbacks compared

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3 of Today’s Hottest Small Hatchbacks Compared

Nowadays the economy driver is just as discerning with regards to expectation of performance as the buyer off the bigger luxury cars.

As an example of how performance and specification demanding we have now become, we compare three of today’s smaller hatchbacks.

The three hatchbacks being studied today consist of the Vauxhall Corsa VXR, the Mini Cooper S and the Renault Clio 2L Renaultsport 197.

The initial perception with regards to the Vauxhall is that it is a much nicer car than previous versions.

For a small car it develops a massive 189bhp from a 1.6 L turbocharged diesel engine and would genuinely appear to have the getup and go to match the good looks.

It is a sign of the times and an indication of how important the market is that he competition however is quite serious.

The Clio develops 194bhp from a 2 L engine that takes a little to get it going but once you do, boy does it fly.

The power of the Mini Cooper S is obvious to see right from the start with a turbocharged diesel 1.6 engine providing 173bhp.

From a drivers perspective the Mini has stunning performance and lightning reactions. With regards to the Renault, it does appear to perform better the faster you go. Finally the Vauxhall has loads of performance and handles extremely well.

As with all things the interior of the cars there is always an element of compromise with the poor plastics of Mini set against the brilliant driving position. It was difficult to get comfortable in the Renault despite the quality of the interior and lastly though the design of the Vauxhall inside was great this somehow compromised the visibility.

How would these cars pan out in the long run was one of the other key issues. It appears that the strong second-hand price of the mini could make it an excellent prospect for its owners. With regards to the Renault a heavy depreciation in the value of the car would tend to offset the definite advantage of the discounts available on purchase. Lastly, the folk soul was cheap as to get up and running and potentially better equipped to three but this was offset by the quite steep running costs of the car.

All three cars represent quite good value for money with possibly the Mini Cooper S edging it overall. The overall handling speed and performance of the Mini makes it very popular despite the fact that the interior plastics look cheap and the rear seats are tiny and the boot is negligible. One of the additional factors is that most of the extras for the Mini are quite expensive.

Set against this the Vauxhall is a good old rounder with excellent performance superb handling and an interior of excellent quality. Set against this unfortunately is the other role compromised visibility and the fact that they’re all quite as many safety benefits and features as the other two.

Surprisingly the Renault Clio comes in third despite an excellent showing in the performance stakes. Indeed probably once you’ve managed to get the car wound up in going this is the best of the lot.

Volkswagen pressure plate for better holding power

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Volkswagen Pressure Plate: for Better Holding Power

In 1933, Adolf Hitler specifically asked Ferdinand Porsche a car that could carry about five people, cruise up to 62mph, return 33mg and costs only 1000 Reich Marks. And not to forget, it must be inexpensive. This also became an opportunity for Porsche to realize his idea of producing a small car. This is how the first Volkswagen (people’s car) was created. The first design was originally designated by Porsche as the Type 60 but it was later changed to V1. V2 was the convertible version, which was also requested by Hitler. By 1935, which was already way past the deadline, three cars were already produced including the VW3. And in 1936, these cars undergone rigorous testing to meet the standards that Hitler expected. Today, Volkswagen has reached the mark of becoming the largest automaker in Europe, still producing the Volkswagen quality that people across the globe has grown to love. Increased holding power and the ability to deal with increased heat are the highest advantages of a superior clutch system. The two primary improvements to be obtained from high-performance clutches The Volkswagen pressure plate is responsible for the holding power. At the same time, holding power can also be increased with greater spring tension but it would also add pedal pressure. The Volkswagen pressure plate is one of the three main friction components of your Volkswagen clutch system. Its main function is to to apply the clamp load to squeeze the clutch plate firmly between the pressure plate and the flywheel. The pressure plate, when coupled with clutch disc and flywheel, makes and breaks the flow of power from the engine to the transmission. The Volkswagen pressure plate contains a clutch plate, heavy release springs, sheet metal cover and release fingers. This subassembly bolts to the flywheel, with the clutch disc sandwiched in between. As of today, there are three main types of pressure plates available in the market. These types are the the long style, the Borg & Beck, and the diaphragm. The diaphragm, however, is the most common and believed to be the best best plate for street use. But it is important to note that all three types of pressure plates each offer different benefits and advantages. The Long style is famous for its three thin fingers that engage the release bearing. These fingers usually identify the long pressure plate and the pressure plate cover is a series of nine coil springs.The Borg & Beck style is almost the same as the Long style and in fact dubbed as the street version of the Long style pressure plate. But unlike the Long style, Borg & Beck style has wider three fingers that release plate pressure by compressing the coil springs found under the pressure plate “hat.” The Borg & Beck uses rollers inside the cover that are forced to the outside under centrifugal force to increase the plate load with rpm.The diaphragm pressure plate utilizes a large Bellville-style spring to load the pressure plate and this has interesting advantages of its on. First, it loads the pressure plate evenly since the pressure is equally applied to the entire plate assembly. Second, as the Bellville spring is compressed, it reaches a point where the pedal effort decreases when the spring over-centers therefore makes holding the clutch pedal in at a stoplight much easier than a coil spring type pressure plate. A broken Volkswagen pressure plate can cause different symptoms. One of which is clutch clatter that may be caused by a damaged pressure plate release lever. Clutch slippage is another cause of a broken pressure plate. Clutch drag, on the other hand, can be caused by damage pressure plate fingers. It is best to have your Volkswagen pressure plate checked by a professional mechanic every once in a while to prevent costly damages and repairs. Proper maintenance is still the best way to go.