Allnew jeep liberty undergone extreme makeover

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2008 All-new Jeep Liberty Undergone Extreme Makeover

The Jeep Liberty has been an all-time success for Chrysler since its introduction in 2002 and for its 2008 model the Liberty will undergo an extreme makeover. The competition in the mid-size SUV segment that seems to grow more competitive by the day has marked the time for the Jeep® brand to launch its Liberty.

The Liberty has been redesigned to roll out its Grand Cherokee sibling at the New York Auto Show. One noticeable feature of the 2008 Liberty is the increase in its “body figure” which was increased by 2 inches longer and half inch wider than the outgoing model. Such increase in length and width increases the legroom of the rear passengers by 1.5 inches and at the same time provide an additional cargo space—these are precisely the two elements where the previous Liberty was said to be lacking as compared to its competition.

The bigger dimension of the new 2008 Jeep Liberty gives it a more serious look. It has forgone its somewhat cutie front end with its rounded headlights and relatively curvy appearance– which by the way were not appreciated by most of the Jeep fanatics—and was replaced by a bold, squared off profile with rectangular headlamps and sharper edges.—In short, a much more Jeep-ly appearance.

The subtle hood bulge gives a hint of the 3.7 liter V6 that’s lurking underneath while the seven-slat grille that is made slightly larger and more upright provides the all-new 2008 Jeep Liberty with a meaner look. It also make used of top-of-the-line Jeep components starting from the big and complex up to the small parts like for instance its Jeep oil filter.

Another remarkable innovation done on the new Liberty is the addition of the Sky Slider which is a full-length sliding canvas roof. The material used for this special type of sunroof is much like that of a convertible top. Its weather stripping guarantees that the roof is watertight and airtight. The sunroof is powered by means of a one-touch switch, and can be fully opened, closed, or in any position in-between.

There are two versions of the 2008 Jeep Liberty that will be sold—the Sport and the Limited. Unlike the previous Liberty, the entry-level Sport version will get a body-colored fenders and bumpers together with a chrome grille similar to its upscale sibling. The primary distinction between the two trim level lies on the dark-colored side moldings that is prominent from the outside for the Sport where as the Limited gets a chrome version. The roof rack rails are a standard feature for the Limited and offered as an option for the Sport. The roof rack rails also differ for the Limited and the Sport, former gets a chrome theme while the latter gets a black paint.

The interior of both models come standard with cloth seats however monotone upholstery is used for the Sport while the Limited gets a two-tone color scheme with optional leather. There are also other distinctions such as the electronic controls for the radio and info center which are available for the Limited’s four-spoke, leather-covered steering wheel and the satin silver center console which are not found in the Sport version. The cargo area of the Limited resides an Infinity subwoofer and amplifier while the Sport gets a storage bin instead.

Underneath the bodywork is an independent front suspension and five-link rear suspension which improve both handling and comfort. Other features include two Jeep Trail Rated four-wheel drive setups (the Command-Trac and the Selec-Trac II), the 3.7 liter V6 engine delivers the same 210 horsepower and 235 lb-ft of torque as before but made even more fuel efficient recording 16 mpg in the city and 22 mpg in the highway. These figures are based on the reworked 2008 EPA standards.

Motown iron chef competition brings out the chrysler and jeep in food

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Motown Iron Chef Competition Brings Out the Chrysler and Jeep® in Food

Last February 9, 2007, Chrysler Group brands, together with Jeep® and Chrysler Financial sponsored a “Motown Iron Chef” competition participated by in by three of the finest restaurants in Detroit. The said competition was in conjunction with Detroit’s Winter Blast. Participating chefs will prepare finger foods that will reflect the characteristics of Chrysler Aspen, Jeep Commander or Jeep Wrangler.

The winning restaurant will receive $5000 donation which will be given to their chosen charity. The second prize is $500 which will be given again to the selected charity of the restaurant. The third prize is $250 again to be donated to charity. The recipient charities of the said competition are food-related institutions.

“Chrysler and Jeep vehicles are designed to fit the lifestyles of people who want function, style and value. We think it will be fun to see how far a restaurant will go when vehicles become part of the description,” said Nellie LaGarde, Manager of Education Programs, Civic and Community Relations.

According to Brad Norman, Director of Great Lakes Business Center for Chrysler Financial, “Chrysler Financial is looking forward to this fun event that highlights the City of Detroit and its great food. The attributes of Chrysler and Jeep vehicles are very different and its going to be exciting to see what each restaurant will create.”

The three restaurants that participated in the competition were the following:

• Coach Insignia represented by Executive Chef David Hubbard—to make dishes that reflect the traits of the Chrysler Aspen. The 2007 Chrysler Aspen reflects comfort at its finest and features a luxurious and roomy cabin, relaxing seats that can accommodate eight passengers, an electronic stability programs that aid in maintaining control of the vehicle, a remote start system, a choice of premium cloth or leather trimmed first and second row seats and a powerful 5.7L HEMI V8 that has the fuel efficiency comparable to that of a smaller and less powerful engine.

• Seldom Blues represented by Corporate Executive Concept Chef jerry Nottage—to make dishes with the Jeep Commander as the inspiration. The 2007 Jeep Commander is Jeep brand’s biggest idea ever. The Commander offers unparalleled, authentic Jeep power with its 5.7L HEMI V8 engine that helps consumers rule the road. It is also equipped with top-of-the-line auto parts like the popular Jeep air filter for enhanced engine performance and clean ventilation system.

• Vicente’s Cuban Cuisine represented by Executive Chef Roberto Cacceres—to make dishes that showcase characteristics of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The Wrangler Unlimited, just like its predecessors has wheels that are ultra stable even when passing it has to pass numerous road obstacles.

The winner for the competition will be chosen by the judges after they have tasted and rated each of the dishes presented by the participating chefs. The dishes will be rated according to flavor/taste, presentation, quality, and of course creativity.

Use lift kits to enhance your vehicles performance

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Use Lift Kits to Enhance Your Vehicle’s Performance

If you have already invested on your vehicle of choice and wants to ride in it comfortably with the assurance that you are also protected, then getting lift kits is the answer.
Getting your vehicle the appropriate lift kit is a wise choice in order to have ground clearance that will enable a smooth, comfortable and safe ride. There are different types of lift kits available in the market. The two most popular kinds are the body lifts kits and suspension lift kits.
1. Suspension lift kits – is composed of a system of springs that can be used to make your car higher than its original height. It works by suspending the body, frame, engine and powertrain of the vehicle above its wheels.
2. Body lift kits – instead of springs, this type has a system of blocks to make the car higher and works by suspending the car’s body above its frame.
The main purpose of installing these performance accessories is to reduce the impact on a car when driving by uneven, bumpy roads. While having a suspension lift kit is very much recommended for people who seek optimum performance of their cars, body lift kits are recommended for those who are budget conscious because these types of implements are quite cost-effective compared to the former type.
Nowadays, it has become a trend for an owner to install lift kits if he wants a classier and brawnier look for his vehicle. The springs used in the suspension types are comprised of air springs, torsion bars, coil springs and leaf springs.
On most automobiles, the front wheels are separately suspended, while in others, it is the rear wheels. If any of this conditions are present in a vehicle, then it would mean that either its front or rear axle has finished or done away with.
The most prominent feature of a suspension lift kit is the hydraulic shock absorbers which is usually used in holding down the springs and avoid them from shaking up the vehicle too much after a crash or collision.

If you plan to install them on your vehicle, the package also comprise of a comprehensive system of various mechanical data. Such system helps you in positioning the body of your car accurately according to the wheels during braking, steering and accelerating.
Whether you want a muscular or sturdier look for your vehicle, improve its performance, or increase its ability to tow big loads, installing either body or suspension lift kits is the ultimate answer. You will find all types of such performance accessories on the market. They are highly in demand in the present world of automobile fanatics.
Even people whose primary use of their car is just going to and from work prefer having them installed. Off-road driving enthusiasts are the most viable market for this sort of performance implements, though.
Different types of lifts are available to suit different makes and models of vehicles. There are specific lift kits for popular vehicle brands like Ford, Hummer, Jeep, Mazda, Chevy and Nissan. If you are going to buy lift kits, avoid striking a deal with shady or unknown dealers.
Remember to buy them only from recognized companies or authorized dealers/suppliers. Fabtech and Eibach are among those very well known in making quality stuff. Certified companies, dealers or suppliers always make sure that every lift kit package is guaranteed.
Kay Zetkin writes information about everything on wheels. Get help in understanding the concept of installing lift kits and Fabtech suspension lifts for your vehicle.

You need more pieces of flare a guide to fender flares

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“You Need More Pieces of Flare”: A Guide to Fender Flares

To get ahead, guys often have to spend a good chunk of time pretending. Whether it’s to appease a tyrannical boss, impress a high-maintenance woman or just one-up their buddies, few men are rarely able to say what’s really on their mind. What a different place the world would be if we were able to speak freely. “No, I’m not going to stay late and finish that project just so you can go golfing tomorrow.” “Actually, I’d rather do anything than spend the day with your mother.”
Luckily, a man’s car is still his own. And with fender flares and trim, you can upgrade its appearance to reflect your personal taste. Because let’s face it: you’ll never get to show her your “Oh-face” riding around with something as unimpressive as stock fenders and trim.
Fender flare dresses up your factory bodyline while adding a shield of protection against debris that can get kicked up by your tires and mar your quarter panels. They come in a variety of styles, ranging from factory-style that adds dimension and definition to your wheel wells to the durable off-road variety that deflects potential damage during those forays into the unknown. Factory-style flares, like F150 flares, Ram fender flares or Wrangler fender flares, provide the defined, shapely look that you didn’t get off the assembly line. Similarly, the off-road style adds definition and even more length onto your fenders to keep the rocks, sticks, mud and other crud from ruining your bodyline while providing a tough-looking, rugged appearance.
Each set is custom-tailored to your vehicle’s unique make, model and year to guarantee the perfect fit. Plus, many come in a matte black finish that is paint-ready, allowing you to match your existing paint job—no matter how custom it is. Simple to install, aftermarket kits come complete with all the necessary hardware and instructions to mount onto your existing factory holes almost effortlessly.
Another option for adding some flare to your wheel wells is the addition of stainless steel trim. Unlike a fender flare, trim doesn’t add any additional width to your fenders. It’s for looks only. But after seeing it paired with a set of polished, steel rims, looks are more than enough! Fender trim is made from rust-free, stainless steel and makes an impressive upgrade to the overall appearance of your vehicle.
Whether you’ve just amped up your performance with something like a Jeep exhaust system or plan on starting small and taking it one step at a time, a fender flare kit is a simple and affordable add-on for those looking to round out a series of upgrades or get started with a sure-fire attention-grabber.

Hummer is a good offroad vehicle

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Hummer is a Good Off-Road Vehicle

Hummer is an off-road vehicle produced by General Motors and was founded in 1995 with its headquarters located in Detroit, Michigan. Hummer has three different models coming off the production line each year. They are the H1, H2 and the H3. The H1 is a modified version of the Humvee, the vehicle used by the military also known as the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV). Hummer introduced the H2 and H3 as smaller civilian market versions of the H1.

Humvees are designed to drive off-road through difficult terrain and became more familiar when the United States military used them in Operation: Desert Storm in 1991. In previous wars that the United States was involved in the military would use Jeeps to move their war generals and other members of the troops around from location to location. The Humvee was designed to navigate rough terrain and also had some armor placed on it specially for the military. After the H2 and the H3 were introduced by Hummer, they renamed the original vehicle, used by the military as the H1. The H1 is also available on the auto market today for civilian purchase but is not as popular as the other two models.

Hummer did not go international until 2006 when they decided to use select importers and distributors in Europe and some other markets. The H3 is produced in Port Elizabeth in South Africa. There are 300 Hummer dealers in 34 countries, with 173 of those dealers located within the United States.

The Hummer is the only vehicle in the United States that is offered with off-road tires, low-range transfer and a high-ground clearance. There are no two-wheel drive Hummers offered anywhere in the world as of yet. In 1993, before the corporation became known as Hummer, the Team Hummer Racing group was formed for competitions. Team Hummer picked up 11 wins at the Baja 1000 and has established itself as one of the best manufacturing companies involved in auto racing.

There are four concerns/criticisms about Hummer vehicles. They are poor fuel economy, safety, size and ecology safety. Hummer vehicles get on average 14 miles per gallon on the highway and only 10 miles per gallon in the city. They weigh in at roughly 6,000 pounds, which makes it illegal to drive the vehicles on certain streets and highways. Hummers do not offer side airbags, child safety locks, child seat tethers and stability control. Hummers also have large blind spots because of its massive body size which makes it difficult to park and dangerous to drive at times. Because of the size of Hummers, there are the blind spots but there are also problems parking and difficulty parking the vehicle in a garage. The fourth and final concern regarding Hummers is that they are not ecologically sound. They create noise pollution, air pollution and destroy wildlife when used in off-road activities.

As of September 3, 2008, Hummer was up for sale with no potential suitors named by GM although they claim that there is plenty of interest in the brand.