Filter in savings at the gas pump

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Filter in Savings at the Gas Pump

“One of the easiest ways to substantially enhance a vehicle’s fuel efficiency is to change a dirty air filter,” said Susan Groom, leader of product engineering for FRAM. “It’s a quick and simple task that practically anyone can perform.”

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, replacing a dirty air filter can improve gas mileage by as much as 10 percent. Based on an assumed fuel price of $2.20 per gallon, that equals a cost savings of up to 22 cents per gallon.

FRAM, a leader in automotive filtration for more than 70 years, manufactures a variety of air filters for virtually any vehicle. Motorists can simply select the air filters that fit their vehicles and driving styles and, in less than 15 minutes, they can replace an old or dirty air filter to help improve their vehicles’ performance.

A basic air filter, such as the FRAM Extra Life Air Filter, is ideal for the average motorist who commutes to work, frequents local stores and occasionally embarks on long road trips.

Truck and SUV owners who want extreme engine protection should look for the FRAM Tough Guard Air Filter, which has advanced features designed to withstand the tough driving conditions that trucks and SUVs often encounter.

Motorists who desire high performance benefits, such as increased engine airflow for better vehicle horsepower, will likely need the FRAM AirHog Air Filter. This washable and reusable filter is designed to last the life of a vehicle and provides drivers with a cost savings of more than $200 in regularly scheduled filter changes.

“Changing a dirty air filter can benefit any motorist and any vehicle,” Groom said. “Not only can a new air filter improve vehicle performance, but it can also lead to significant savings at the gas pump.” – NU

Build a hydrogen fuel generator for your car

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Build a Hydrogen Fuel Generator For Your Car

No one has to be told that the economy is in trouble and that the price of fuel is rising uncontrollably. People are scrambling for ways to save money like working two jobs and they still have no money left on payday. Gasoline was once the substance that represented freedom but now is the bane of our existence. What if there was an alternative fuel that you did not have to wait ten years for? How would it feel to drive on by the gas station and laugh all the way to the bank? If this sounds good to you, then you should consider building a hydrogen fuel generator for your car.


For quite some time, hydrogen has been considered to be the ideal candidate for alternative fuel. Understanding how it works is as important as understanding how your car uses gasoline. Fuel travels into the combustion chamber in liquid form and mixes with oxygen before it is ignited by sparks from the plugs. Problem number one is that fuel is expensive; problem number two is that not all of the fuel is being used. A certain amount of fuel is evaporated through the exhaust because the ignition does not burn it all.

We can break water down into its base parts, hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen is a gas and when introduced into an internal combustion engine it will burn like gasoline. Therefore reducing the amount of gasoline you will have to purchase. Plus your vehicle may get an immediate explosion of extra power.

How the Generator Works

People all over the country are building their own hydrogen generators for their cars. The great thing is that so can you. To break down water into its constituent parts you have to use a process called electrolysis. Electrolysis is achieved by sending an electrical current through a specially designed piece of metal suspended in water. This causes the water molecules to shear apart and produces pure oxygen and hydrogen.

Hydrogen bubbles then rise into a collection chamber that is connected to the air breather. The hydrogen is then introduced into the combustion chamber where it is ignited. In addition, remember the oxygen required from above? You have produced that as well. Your car is now running on a renewable clean energy source that is produced right under your hood!

Additional Benefit

Users have reported increased power during take off. It has been described as being like giving your vehicle a shot of NOS! Acceleration was also markedly better. There is also an additional benefit that no one expected – the exhaust is steam.

When a car burns gasoline, there are carbon particles that are sucked through the car’s exhaust system. This carbon begins to build in the exhaust and EGR system. Anyone who has owned a car knows that you will be replacing the EGR valve and components after 100,000 miles. These parts can run into hundreds of dollars. The reason they fail is the above-mentioned carbon build up. Everyone knows the best cleaning agent on the planet is steam or hot water. Guess what? You are producing steam with your hydrogen generator and it is flowing straight through your EGR and exhaust.

A hydrogen fuel generator will provide you with clean renewable energy produced under your hood that will assist you in preventative maintenance for your car. What in the world, are you waiting for?

How to buy your first car a couple things you need to know

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How to Buy Your First Car: a Couple Things You Need to Know

Have you passed your driving exam?  Congratulations with your driving license coming soon!  You were thinking about your first car for a long time. Now it’s time to make the final choice.

To summarize technical parameters you need to know before buying your first car (if you have no clue what to start from), there is the list we would suggest you to review for making decision besides the price:  engine size, production (year), luggage capacity, engine power and fuel consumption.

Steps to buy your first car:
1) Define which car and model you would like to buy. Take all necessary info from auto-, motocatalogue or on-line marketplaces.  Start rather from the look and price not from technical parameters.

2) Choose whether you like European, American, Japanese or Korean cars. (Prices, maintenance costs and overall reputation should be taken into account, for example there are plenty of new great Chinese cars for nice low prices which never passed crash tests successfully as well as nobody knows where is the service station).

3) Choose the type of fuel you are interested in. (Gas costs more for fuel but less for maintenance).

4) Choose between restyled car and standard model . (Think over why it was restyled, and sometimes standard model is better).

4)  Try to find out where is the car from (if non-American), why it was sold, how much is the mileage.

5) Check the look (external interior).

6) When buying used car ask the dealer to open the bonnet and check if there is any signs of any drops as well as the state of electric wires (what to look for: signs of rust and leaks).  Then ask to start up the ignition and if the sound is soft, that means that it’s 90% everything is ok with your car.  Check if every button is working at dashboard, if there is any strange sound when driving.

A couple of hints for choosing 1st car:

Let’s imagine that you have a three hatchback options to choose from: Chevy Aveo 3D, and Ford Focus and Honda Civic 5D.  All of them found in a local dealership but you still have some doubts on what to choose. (Please note, I am not here to sold any of that models, this is just an example what should I do to choose between them).

The biggest engine size belongs to Honda Civic as well (1799 cc), the smallest goes to Chevy (1498 cc).  The engine power parameters are as following:  140 php for Honda, 100 php for Ford Focus and 86 php for Chevy. So the most powerful option would be Honda Civic 5D.

Why thinking of the power? Because this is the main factor for the Top speed available for this car.

A couple of useful hints for buying used cars:

Never say dealer that you like the car, never praise the car ahead, better show him the minuses you noticed,  try to show dealer that you can change your mind any time. Feel free to ask for lower prices based on the defects found. Also follow your intuition – if you have not pointed that car from the first glance – don’t choose it under pressure.

When choosing first car, check the body condition, the engine and the hanger condition. If there is rust – the easiest way to find it is to check the boot floor. If dealer does not allow you to check the body floor, this should make you worrisome. Be attentive (because some polishes can hide rust).

The second important thing is to avoid buying cars damaged in accident. That can result for your car being infirm thus requiring new wheels more often.

To avoid it you should check the car body for irregularities and gapping spacers on the doors and windows. Also you can check it by sampling the diagonals (those ones should be equal). Ideally when buying the used car you would probably better choose car with the original (factory) painting. In this case it is easily for you to see all the defects on the surface of the body.

To find out more, please join us at First Car Buying Assistance at If looking for further information concerning Car Parts, visit our category Car Parts OnLine.

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Mclaren prepares for magnycours

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Mclaren Prepares for Magny-cours

After a one-two finish at the United States Grand Prix, McLaren is looking to extend their dominance at the French Grand Prix. They currently lead the constructors’ championship with 106 points – 35 points ahead of second place Ferrari. After staging the races around metropolitan areas in both Canada and the United States, the next race will be held in a more laid back track in terms of its location.

The Circuit de Nevers in Magny-Cours is found on the countryside of Magny-Cours and Nevers. This year’s race will be the last one to be held on the said circuit according to Formula One president and Chief Executive Officer Bernie Ecclestone.

Fernando Alonso, the double world champion will be going into the French Grand Prix trailing his teammate Lewis Hamilton by ten points in the standings. But the Spaniard said in a statement last week that the race for the championship is only about to start. One of the advantages that Alonso has over Hamilton going into the race is his familiarity with the tracks and how it suits his driving style.

“I have always liked racing at this track, when you hear people talk about circuits that are technical, Magny-Cours is definitely one of them,” said Alonso. “It is important to have good speed in the slow corners as they tend to lead onto long straights. You have to have good mechanical set-up for the corners and the same with traction for the exits. My favorite sections of the track are the two high speed chicanes at the back of the circuit. We go through them at speeds of up to 200km/h, which is very fast for a chicane; very special to drive through and unique in Formula 1.”

To prepare for the upcoming race, the Spaniard has attended the tests at the Silverstone Circuit. “Since the United States Grand Prix, I joined the test team at Silverstone for a day. We completed some key programs as everyone in the team pushes hard to develop performance.”

As for Hamilton, racing in the Mercedes-Benz tail light lens -less MP4-22 at the Circuit de Nevers will be a first time. Nevertheless, he has raced at the track and will be looking to perform well. The rookie sensation pointed out that he has been training for the race on Sunday. “For the past week I have been spending time at the McLaren Technology Centre working with the engineering team and catching up on some training and I participated in an event for Vodafone in London on Thursday,” said Hamilton.

“Now I just want to get back out on track. My aims remain the same, to take it race by race and keep focused on scoring good points for myself and the team.”

Martin Whitmarsh, the team’s CEO. is looking to extend their lead over Ferrari and the rest of the pack. “We have a fight on our hands to maintain, and ideally extend, the lead we have in the Constructors’ World Championship and the Drivers’ table with both Fernando and Lewis,” said Whitmarsh. “Ferrari and BMW are not standing still; our job within the team is to keep providing Fernando and Lewis with a car capable of winning. There is no complacency and the motivation is considerable.”

The French Grand Prix will be held this Sunday, on the first of July.

Now is great time to buy a new car

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Now is Great Time to Buy a New Car

Now is a great time to consider purchasing a new car. With the influx of cars waiting to be sold there are some fantastic bargains on offer at the moment.

If money is no problem you can simply go out and buy whatever car takes your fancy, however for the majority of people buying a car can be an expensive outlay. There are many different ways to buy a car.

You could save the money yourself and wait until you have sufficient to buy a car with cash or a cheque. This is fine if it is not going to take you long to save the money. In reality if you only save a little amount each month by the time you have saved enough the chances are the make and model will have changed and the price may have increased. The downside to this is the waiting-when you have made your mind up to buy a car it can be very frustrating not being able to drive it off the forecourt straight away!

Alternatively if you decide to buy a car from a dealership you will have more options, such as buying the car with either a hire purchase or leasing agreement. Straightforward hire purchase is where you pay a deposit and enter into an agreement to make monthly repayments over an agreed period of time. Dealerships offering 0% finance are a great way to save on interest rates if you are considering buying a car with hire purchase.

Many car dealerships will also offer Personal Contract Purchase (PCP). This option is ideal for people who change their cars frequently. PCP has a flexible deposit and flexible repayments usually over a two and half or three year term with a final optional settlement figure. This figure is calculated when you purchase the car, providing you with a current value settlement. At the end of the finance term you will have three different options to choose from. Firstly you can pay the agreed settlement figure and ownership of the car will be given to you outright. Secondly, you have the option to hand the car back to the dealers and walk away. You will not owe any money but you won’t have a car either! Thirdly you can part exchange the car to upgrade to a newer model. This is the most common option as it allows you to have a new or nearly new car every three years or so. Mileage restrictions will be applied and excess mileage will be charged.

Lastly-be honest with yourself-waiting to win the lottery to buy a car isn’t really an option at all!

Begin your search of purchasing a new car by going online and taking a look at car dealerships who specialise in selling the make of car you prefer. If you have no particular preference to the make or model of car it is still worth going online and looking at the great deals some dealerships are offering at the moment on their brand new cars.