Drive smart save money

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Drive Smart, Save Money

THERE is nothing like a petrol price hike to increase the urban myths on how to save fuel. Check out these claims and asks the experts.

Myth 1 : Petrol expands in hot weather, so fill up in the cooler early morning

Finding : False

A spokesman for chevron, which operate a gas station, says there is no difference in the amount of petrol you get whether you refuel in the day or night. This is because there is not much temperature variation in the air or in the fuel being dispensed.

Any vaporization that might occur would be a very small amount and the effect on the amount of petrol pumped would be negligible.

Myth 2 : When filling up. do not squeeze the trigger fully and pump in “fast” mode.

Finding : True

If you are pumping at a faster rate, some of the liquid that goes to your tanks becomes vapour, which is sucked back into the underground storage tank, giving you less fuel.

This is a concern if the service stations are installed with vapour recovery stations which prevent petrol vapours from escaping to the air.

No matter the speed of the pumps, there is always vapour loss to the surroundings.

However, the carbon canister in the fuel tank is able to capture some of the vapour during dispensing or normal operation, and it will be burnt off in the engine.

Myth 3 : Fill up when your tank is half-full. The larger space in a near-empty tank could lead to higher petrol fume loss.

Finding : False

Again, the carbon canister located in the fuel tank is able to capture some of this vapour.

Myth 4 : Overfilling your tank will result in the petrol flowing back into the pump.

Finding : False

The mechanism that allows petrol to flow back is call a return valve and they prevent harmful gas vapours from being released into the air.

The are installed in some countries such as the United States.

Regardless of what car you drive, good driving habits will help keep fuel consumption (and petrol bills) down. Here are some suggestions :

It’s not a competition:

Don’t weave in and out of traffic. Driving aggressively often means sudden acceleration and braking, which waste petrol and will make you unpopular with other road users.

Too fast, bill furious:

Keep to the speed limit. While different cars have different speeds at which they are the most fuel-efficient, it is a good idea not to drive too fast. It will be safer too.

Get in tune:

Check the engine and air filters regularly. A properly tuned engine and clean air filters will leave you and your car purring with delight.

Pump them up:

Make sure the tyres are properly inflated. This also includes checking for both under-inflation and over-inflation

Don’t idle:

Waiting for someone? Consider turning off the engine if it is going to be more than a five-minute wait.

Lose weight:

Are you carting junk around in your boot? Lose it. Carrying extra weight just means you burn more petrol lugging it around.

How to save money on car repairs

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How to Save Money on Car Repairs

One of the worst parts of owning a vehicle, is the repairs.  Not maintenance, which is normal schedulable stuff that happens on a consistent basis and the cost, is predictable.  What I am talking about are those things that always seem to happen at the worst possible times like the first day of a new job or worse how about the day of that interview that it took months to line up.  You go to get in your vehicle, expectations high about whatever it is you have planned for the day and the thing either refuses to start or does start only to make some horrible noise that you know means nothing good has just happened.  I mean you just drove it last night and nothing was wrong.  You know the feeling you get.  First, you are incredulous like this cannot possibly be happening TODAY!  Then you either break out in to a cold clammy sweat or get an incredible hot flash.  Then you inevitably open the hood, which unless you are a mechanic, makes absolutely no sense.  You stare at the engine as if a ticker tape is going to pop out somewhere saying “April Fool’s”.

The only scenario that’s worse than the one I just described is when you take the automobile to the mechanic and after waiting forever it seems to find exactly what and how much, he tells you he has good news and bad news.  The good news: he can fix the car; the bad news: the staggering amount of money it’s going to cost. 

Well today, you can do something, at least about how much it is going to cost.  Instead of using brand new parts, it is time to consider a viable alternative – using salvage parts for the repairs.  These quality used parts are usually available from automotive recyclers at a fraction of the cost of buying a new part.  These are genuine OEM parts that were installed at the factory just like the parts on your own car.  Most of the time these used parts are removed from vehicles that were involved in some type of collision and the parts not involved still have a lot of miles and years left on them.  For most parts, there is usually a warranty policy so if the part does fail, then you have it replaced or get your money back. 

Savings on these used parts can be tremendous and many times, it can be as much as 75% less than what you would pay for the same part from a dealership.  Many mechanics these days are happy to consider this alternative and routinely have used parts shipped straight to them.  If yours does not offer this, just ask if he is familiar with it.  You can also go online and locate the part yourself.  Many auto recyclers will either ship the part directly to you or they can also ship it right to the mechanic. Doing this ways ensures that the part is not being marked up once it gets to the mechanic.  If you do want to find the part yourself, do let the mechanic know when to expect the part.  Also, ask if there are any fees for keeping your car at the shop until the part has arrived.  Many auto shops will charge a storage fee if the part is not arriving within a certain period of time

Hydrogen carbusiness opportunities

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Hydrogen Car-Business Opportunities

Business executives in other major smear with oil and automobile companies matted to create crash programs to drastically reduce their conservatory swap gossip emissions and fit into the mean. Within the then a small number of weeks at hand will be a quantity of companies offering transaction opportunities in this modern, exciting and profitable take of hydrogen

Conversion kits representing cars and trucks.

Fuel cells are very far above the ground efficiencies in converting substance energy to electrical energy since they not constrained by the most Carnot cycle efficiency as fire engines are.  Hydrogen cars function a substance retort to a certain extent than a burning process meant for motive power Conventional cars burn fossil fuel and Hybrid Cars function lesser amounts of the same fuel to charge their batteries.  Using hydrogen as a supplemental fuel like function in hydrogen meant for cars impression is a safe and sound and efficient alternative that’s untaken correct at this point.  General Motors will in addition go on with to invest in hydrogen fuel cell equipment

, which — as soon as commercially deployed — will reduce automobile emissions to non-polluting irrigate vapor.

Hydrogen cars carry out however; comprise the impending to be better cars than Hybrid Cars in several ways so we need to compare their acknowledged characteristics.  Hydrogen fuel burns both hotter and sooner than fossil based fuel and is therefore much more efficient.  Hydrogen car fuel is not in a minute a specialty in place of exploring brand new energy horizons it opens up brand new possibilities in our mode of travel.  Hydrogen fuel generates decrease engine operating high temperature and in attendance is veto discharge of harmful fumes by its mistreat.  Hydrogen fuel cells draw more attention as hydrogen is rumored to be pollution unbound.  Hydrogen fuel cell cars, fill with tears power cars, whatever you call them it all comes down to the same occurrence and that’s low-priced clean fuel.

Hydrogen intended for cars is not a in mint condition belief, in statement it has been around intended for a long period, but due to pressure from the deep smear with oil companies it has been suppressed and reserved dated of the in the public domain eye.  The hydrogen intended for cars is shortly used by the fuel cell to transform its compound energy into thrilling and mechanic energy to drive the car.  All the rage the ancient community give birth to been reluctant to purpose hydrogen tools, but at the present since of the unstable smear with oil and gasoline prices and the poor state of the budget it seems with the intention of all is looking intended for alternative energy and cheaper fuels, and hydrogen intended for cars is fast in popularity as a way to edit the soaring cost of motoring.

Getting the perfect coat of wax on your vehicle

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Getting the Perfect Coat of Wax on Your Vehicle

If you’d like to get your car as shiny and as-new looking as when you first purchased it, you could take it to an auto detailer and ask for a thorough cleaning and polishing, but that isn’t your only option. You can do a great job by washing and waxing the car yourself. Follow the tips below and you’ll soon have an automobile that literally glows as it sits in your driveway.
Choose a good day for the job, a day neither too hot — because you shouldn’t wax your car in the hot sun or when the surface is hot to the touch — nor too wet since you should make sure your car is completely dry before you place any wax upon it.
It’s a good idea to wash your car before waxing it. Dirt can be gritty and can damage your car’s finish.
Perhaps the most important step in the DIY car waxing process is choosing the right wax product for the job. Chances are, a non-abrasive wax is your best choice since most cars have clear coat finishes today and a non-abrasive product won‘t scratch the paint. If your vehicle is older, with oxidized paint, consider purchasing a polishing compound so that you can take off the top layer of that faded and oxidized paint.
Move your car to the shade or wait for a cloudy day before you set to work. Next, take a decently thick sponge, dampen it, and squirt a teaspoon-size amount of wax onto it. Rub the wax on the car in a circular motion. Cover the entire car, work in sections moving from one end to the other and from the top down to the sides. Be careful not to put the wax on too thickly. Less is definitely more when it comes to car wax.
Once you’ve done the whole car, go back to where you started. The wax should now be dry. Take a microfiber towel– and wipe down your car, again moving your hand in a circular motion, but in the opposite direction from when you put the wax on. You’ll now be buffing the car and removing the wax.
Once you’re done, get a clean towel or soft cloth and go over your car again to remove any residue, streaks or spots.
And then be sure to step back and admire the work you’ve done. You’ve polished your car to a wonderful shine and, by doing it yourself, saved yourself a decent amount of money.

About the Author:
Sarah Gorren is the Marketing Manager for 3D Products, an auto detailing products manufacturer that specializes in high quality car waxes and professional car wash grade soaps and shampoos.

Providing proper care for your auto wheels and truck wheels

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Providing Proper Care For Your Auto Wheels And Truck Wheels

Aesthetics aside, there are many reasons why you should always take the time and effort to maintain your auto wheels or truck wheels. Of course, many drivers would state aesthetics as being a major factor in motivating them to perform tasks such as washing their cars, including their wheels.

The truth, however, is that proper care is extremely important when it comes to auto wheels and truck wheels. This is because your auto wheels or truck wheels are the components of your vehicle that experience the greatest wear-and-tear on a regular basis. In order to prevent your auto wheels and truck wheels being adversely affected by that wear-and-year, there are a few precautions you need to take.

The first is that cleaning your auto wheels or truck wheels is a very important task. This is because dirt, grime, mud, and other waste particles tend to adhere to the surfaces of your wheels, forming small spots and ridges of accumulated dirt and grime. These spots and ridges create moisture traps, where water from the road and in the form of rain or fog is trapped and accumulates. The accumulation of water is dangerous because it will eventually lead to pitting of your auto wheels or truck wheels, resulting in corrosion over time.

Corrosion is definitely something to be avoided at all costs, as it weakens the structural integrity of your auto wheels or truck wheels, and might cause them to break and collapse. Should that happen while you are driving along the roads, you would almost certainly be involved in a major accident that could endanger your life.

The simple way to help prevent such corrosion from taking place is simply to clean your auto wheels and truck wheels on a regular basis. A good rule of thumb to follow is that your wheels should receive a cleaning at least once a week. And when you clean your auto wheels or truck wheels, there are also some things you need to keep in mind.

The first is never to use harsh detergents or cleaning chemicals when cleaning your wheels. This is because most wheels are coated with a protective layer or coating that helps to prevent corrosion and harsh chemicals will cause this coating to be worn away more quickly, resulting in greater risk of corrosion.

Also, you should never wash your auto wheels or truck wheels while they are still hot. Hot wheels experience expansion due to the added heat being applied to the metal of the rims. If you use cold water to wash your wheels while they are still hot, the metal will experience a rapid contraction, resulting in pitting of the protective layer covering your rims and eventually allowing corrosion to take place.

Your auto wheels or truck wheels are among the most important components of your vehicle, so you should definitely take the time and effort to keep them in proper working order. Some lost time is a small price to pay to ensure your safety while driving on the roads.