Three top car brands under one roof

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Three Top Car Brands Under One Roof…

Three top car brands and one-stop shop. Welcome to Central Florida Lincoln Mercury, the leading auto dealership in Orlando, Florida, which houses the best vehicles from Lincoln, Mercury and Isuzu stables. The varied and distinctive choice of new and pre-owned vehicles include MKX, MKZ, Navigator, Mark LT, Town Car from Lincoln; Mountaineer, Monterey, Mariner, Milan, Mariner, Mariner Hybrid, Montego and Grand Marquis from Mercury; Ascender 5-Passenger, i-370 and i-280 from Isuzu.

Central Florida Lincoln Mercury offers the top-notch after sales service on all the vehicles from Lincoln, Mercury and Isuzu. The dealership is equipped with highly qualified and dynamic professionals whose constant endeavor has been to earn the goodwill of customers and usher in professional excellence in all spheres of an automotive franchise. The Service Centre is equipped with the state-of-the art equipment and the service team is technically qualified and trained to analyze and provide economical working solutions to satisfy all the customers.

The Central Florida Lincoln Mercury dealers also stock genuine spare parts and accessories. The customers can order parts and accessories using the website of the dealership.

Now, with the sophisticated website everything you need is made available at the click of mouse. You don’t have to step out of the house to book your favorite vehicle. The new and advanced online shopping procedures make the process of car shopping simple, easy and hassle-free. New Vehicle Specials, Pre-Owned specials, Finance Specials, Weekend Specials and other special features offer exclusive deals on car purchase and servicing.

The Central Florida Lincoln Mercury dealers also serve Sanford, Leesburg, Clermont, Winter Park, Ocoee, Kissimmee, and Orange County, Longwood, Winter Garden and other cities in and around Orlando.

Men women teens or seniors whos the best worst driver

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Men, Women, Teens, Or Seniors – Who's The Best / Worst Driver?

Teens watch their older counterparts and chuckle, believing them incapable of making quick decisions behind the wheel. Seniors observe teenage motorists warily, expecting them to drive recklessly at too-high speeds. Driver stereotypes aren’t in short supply. Men watch women drivers and roll their eyes; women consider men and shake their heads disapprovingly. Are these driver stereotypes accurate?

This article will explore who are the best and worst drivers among men, women, teens, and seniors. We’ll contrast the driving habits of different groups on the road today. You may discover that your beliefs aren’t completely true.

Men Versus Women: Who Are The Better Drivers?

Traditionally, men have considered themselves to be more proficient behind the wheel than women. This belief may be due to stereotypes about women that have been cultivated among men for generations. However, the presumption about driving ability oversimplifies a potentially murky issue; and it is based more upon anecdotal evidence than data.

In 2003, the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS) found that young male drivers were responsible for a higher percentage of crash-related fatalities than women. The trend shifted among the over-50 population; female drivers over 50 years of age were responsible for more crash deaths than men in the same age group.

In 2006, a road risk analysis report was published by Carnegie Mellon University for the American Automobile Association (AAA). The report suggests other factors play an important role in determining accident and fatality incidence rates between the genders. For example, female octogenarians are more likely to perish on the road than male teenagers. However, the reason is due to their fragility rather than driving ability. Other contributing factors include the type of vehicle driven (e.g. SUV versus small sedan), number of average miles driven, and likelihood of distractions.

So, to the question of which gender is the better driver, there are far too many variables to know for certain. However, it’s worth noting that men typically pay higher auto insurance rates than women. Although men and women have an equal number of accidents annually, accidents involving males usually cost more. Studies also show that male drivers are more likely than women to be involved in traffic violations.

Teens Versus Seniors: Recklessness And Response

The difference in likelihood of teens and seniors being involved in traffic accidents is less ambiguous than that of men and women. As you might expect, teens pose a significantly higher risk of road-related injury and death. This may be due to a penchant for racing, tendency toward distraction, or less-refined decision-making skills than older drivers.

In 2007, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a report showing that teenage motorists represent a disproportionately higher percentage of traffic fatalities than all other age groups. For example, while drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 comprised only 8.5% of the driving population in 2007, they represented 12.7% of accident-related fatalities. Moreover, they represented 15.4% of all single-vehicle crashes.

For their part, senior drivers cope with limitations behind the wheel that are largely exclusive to their age group. These limitations include decreased response time, partial vision impairment, and a reduction in hearing ability. However, seniors tend to be aware of these constraints; with their greater driving experience they tend to compensate by driving slower. They also tend to drive fewer miles per capita. While there is a marked increase in accident-related fatality rates among seniors as they age (e.g. from 65-69 to 70+), the percentage increase is lower than that for crashes. As such, the increase in fatalities is likely due to their fragility.

Identifying which particular demographic can be nearly impossible to determine (i.e. men, women, teens, and seniors) represents the best and worst drivers in the context of driving skill. Auto insurance premiums seem to favor female drivers between the ages of 50 and 65 due to that age group’s lower proclivity toward risk-taking.

Lockhart the best motocross accessories you can get

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Lockhart: The Best Motocross Accessories You Can Get!

Lockhart has a stunning collection of motocross accessories meant to provide the ultimate comfort and riding experience for all motocross riders. Their collection spans street accessories, handlebars, mounts, motorcycle windshields, wheel chocks, tubes and tire accessories as well as plenty more.

Motorcycle tires and tubes

The collection of motorcycle tires from Lockhart is truly impressive. The Lockhart Tire Pen comes in both white and yellow colors and has a special tire lettering pen with it. For all the motocross riders who love to give their motorcycle tires a very racy and sophisticated look. You can fill in the lettering on the motorcycle tires and then create a customized look. These LP USA’s tire pens create a very streamlined sophisticated appearance for your motocross bike.

Handlebars and mounts

The Lockhart collection of handlebars and mounts constitute another popular range of motocross accessories. Some of the most famous and popular styles include the Lockhart Phillips handlebars. These come in exciting collections of colors such as black, blue, red, gold, silver and also carbon. The Lockhart Phillips LP USA barends can help create a sophisticated and customized look to your motocross riding. The bar ends have been made so they do not vibrate and are made up of machined aluminum finished with either knurled or smooth edging. These handlebar motorcycle accessories can be easily fit into any open ended 7 or 8 inches diameter bar. These measure 6 mm by 1 mm and can help dramatically cut down on handlebar vibrations and thus the fatigue that the riders sometimes feel. The throttle can be well protected by these motocross accessories when the bike goes down. These handlebars come in 7 exciting colors and with two beautiful finishes. These can be packed as a pair.


The collections of windshields from Lockhart are also exclusive. These motorcycle accessories come in Aluminum Fairing, Aluminum Windshield, Windshield Screw Kit, Wellnut screw and many other variants. For example, the Aluminum Windshield screw kit comes in a beautiful black color and every kit brings along eight button head screws, clear washer, nuts or wellnuts as per choice. The wellnut comes in dimensions 6 mm by 10 mm. You can take you pick of these motocross accessories from 6 vibrant colors. The windshield screw kit with wellnuts can make all windshield installations as easy as it seems. With this kit you get a set of 8 wellnuts and screws.

Other accessories

The collection of miscellaneous motorcycle accessories from Lockhart is impressive too with a mix of license frames, turn signals, tank pads as well as several others. Each of these motocross accessories comes with a superior finish and high strength materials to provide it a long shelf life. Thus, if you are on the lookout for high quality and durable motorcycle accessories which can meet all of your unique requirements then Lockhart is the brand to choose from! The company has been in this business for many decades now and so their quality is unquestionable.

Lockhart has over 4500 distributors Nationwide and you can find the local dealer by searching their Web site.

The slr mclaren super sports car roadster

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The Slr Mclaren Super Sports Car Roadster

Mercedes-Benz is planning to release soon in the market a SLR McLaren super sports car roadster with a top. And in keeping with the Formula 1 vehicles of today the German division of DaimlerChrysler will employ carbon fiber— which is a type of material used for vehicles of today that possess a very high degree of safety and extreme torsional stiffness—similar to the SLR McLaren coupe version. This will provide the upcoming super sports car roadster with a combination of racing type chassis coupled with outstanding ride characteristics.

The new Roadster will be powered by same AMG V8 compressor engine as the McLaren coupe producing 617 bhp, and uses the same AMG Speedshift R five-speed automatic transmission that will enable the Roadster to sprint from 0 to 62 mph in a matter of 3.2 seconds. The maximum speed of the Roadster will remain at 332 km/h or 207 mph same as that of the coupe.

The retractable top of the Roadster provides pure open-air driving pleasure and despite its luxurious feel it still makes a suitable mode of everyday transport. With the coming of the new Roadster it will surely open up a new dimension in terms of refinement for convertible super sports car.

And just like the McLaren coupe version the new Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster will also be equipped with loads of stunning Mercedes-Benz accessories. It is also said that the new Roadster is more of a blend of the legendary SLR racing models dating back to the 50s with that of the innovative technology of modern Formula 1 vehicles from the Vodafone-McLaren-Mercedes team.

The new Roadster will also sport some typical styling elements like the arrow-shaped tip derived from the Formula 1 Silver Arrow, distinctive lateral louvers, wide opening gullwing doors, and side pipes behind the front wheels are styling from the SLR legend of the 50s.

The new Roadster has benefited immensely from the long years of experience of both Mercedes-Benz and its Formula 1 partner McLaren. It is demonstrated in every components and styling details that the Roadster has. Take for instance the vehicle’s two aluminum engine frames and its entirely carbon-fiber body which makes the vehicle unique from among the high-performance sports cars.

The Roadster’s carbon-fiber technology was developed further for the monocoque chassis which resulted to its low weight and outstanding energy absorption capability providing occupants with additional amount of safety and a degree of torsional stiffness which have not been attained in any open-top vehicles ever produced. This leads to remarkable ride qualities which are only found in closed-top super sports cars.

The incomparable qualities of the new SLR McLaren Roadster are also attributed to the fully retractable top that blends perfectly with the fluid lines of the Roadster. Moreover its newly developed roof material available in three colors is not only suitable for everyday weather conditions but also provide the Roadster with characteristics that are unique in a roadster. For instance at 332 km/h which is the maximum attainable speed of the roadster, conversation is still possible even with the top opened and such is attributed to the remarkable aeroacoustics that the vehicle possess.

The top is also very easy and quick to operate. It only takes 10 seconds to open and close the top. And since aluminum cover is incorporated into its front section, the roof gracefully closes off the top once retracted. If there’s one thing that the new Roadster can boast of it would be its high degree of safety which is guaranteed by its one-of-a-kind carbon fiber crash elements, steel reinforced A-pillars and tow fixed rollover bars. Add to it the comprehensive list of safety features that include adaptive airbags, knee and side airbags, belt tensioners, and a tire-pressure monitoring system.

Its exclusive standard equipment is comprised of semi-aniline-upholstered carbon-fiber bucket seats which are adaptable to both the driver and the front passenger through the use a range of seat pads; a high-quality BOSE premium sound system; dual-zone automatic air-conditioning; a multifunction sport steering wheel with gear-change paddles, and a Navigation system with integral radio and CD Player.

The new SLR McLaren Roadster just like the McLaren coupe is going to be built at McLaren’s Formula 1 factory in Woking, England and would be created in accordance to the strict quality criteria of Mercedes-Benz. The new Roadster is scheduled to hit dealerships in September 2007.

More and more luxurious features appearing on nonluxury cars

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More and More Luxurious Features Appearing on Non-luxury Cars

The automotive industry has always been a competitive world. Car makers continually outdo themselves and their competition in providing the best features on their vehicles. This trend is likely to go on and on as the younger generation looks for more and more technologically advanced features to complement their lifestyles.

In the past though, to make a car look good and perform better, car owners need to buy aftermarket parts or turn over their car to mechanics or aftermarket parts installers. Currently however, due to the competition in the auto industry, some very advanced features are already being made available on non-luxury cars.

Some of these features that one would find only on a high-end cars and vehicles not so long ago are heated cup holders and air conditioned glove compartments. These advances are made in the past and made available for luxury performance cars, but more recently, as the production costs for such features are cut down, car makers integrates these features on non-luxury cars. The reason for the integration of advanced features on cars is the fact that more often than not, car makers are targeting the younger generation of car buyers. And since the younger generation grew up to a technology driven world, it is only logical that the car they drive should also be inclined towards computers and technology.

One cool feature that you may find on non-luxury vehicles these days is the use of digital cameras to help drivers park their vehicle. This is a good way to keep a car, its passengers, and pedestrians safe when the vehicle backing up. Another cool feature that has been made available for modestly priced vehicles is the voice activated navigation system. This futuristic feature seems to be destined only for luxury cars but the reduction in cost of production makes it possible to be integrated on lower end vehicles.

For those who want to be always connected to the wired world, car makers offer instant connectivity by equipping their cars with Bluetooth capability. Aside from having Bluetooth capability which enables the driver to talk hands free on the phone, low-end cars are also equipped with auxiliary jacks for portable music players like the iPod and the Zune. High-end car audios are also fast becoming a standard even on non-luxury models. Some cars are even priced below the luxury level but offer more or less the same luxurious features that are once employed only by luxury cars. Advent in technology has made this possible, and it seems that the trend will continue in the future as more and more technologically advanced gadgets are developed and needs to be integrated into one’s car. There would come a time that those features that we see now exclusively on luxury cars, those high performance aftermarket components like brake parts from EBC Active Brakes Direct will also be present on the more common cars.