Automakers sales results in the us for november

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Automakers Sales Results in the US for November

Last Monday automakers have reported their mixed US sales results for November. As expected there some new and more fuel-efficient models that performed quite well in Utah and in some parts of the US probably due to consumers’ concern over high gas prices and the weakening economy.

The industry will be relying on the increasing sales of small car and crossovers due to the worsening condition not only of the auto industry but of the economy as a whole. General Motors announced last Monday that it will be reducing its first quarter production by at least 11 percent similarly Ford will also be reducing its first quarter production by 7 percent. George Pipas, Ford’s top US sales analyst has said that the company is expecting for slow sales for the first half of 2008 and because of this it will have to reduce production.

GM has obtained a drop in sales last November by 11 percent attributed greatly to the decline in demand for trucks due to the slowing pace of new home construction. Chevrolet sales were also down in November that is according to Larry Terry at Brent Brown Automotive Group in Provo. He said that Brent Brown Chevrolet has sold 130 units for November as compared to the 150 units sold in the same month in 2006. He also said “Where we really got hit was in our used-vehicle sales, particularly our used trucks, which normally serve as our bread and butter.”

For the month of November both Ford and Toyota has announced flat sales. Although low sales is not new to Ford but compared to the same period last year, this year has turn from bad to worst for the automaker. Ford said that its car sales plunged by 2 percent fortunately its truck sales rose by 2 percent attributed to the strong sales of the small sport utility vehicle Ford Escape and Ford Edge crossover. Likewise the sales of the newly redesigned Ford Focus have increased by 18 percent. But summing up the sales obtained by Ford for the first 11 months of this year it has dropped by 12 percent.

Toyota on the other hand has continued with its drive to become the world’s largest automaker by sales. For November Toyota’s sales were flat as compared to the same period last year wherein the automaker has obtained a 4 percent increase in car sales plus 109 percent jump for the hybrid Prius offset by a 5 percent decline in sales of sport-utility vehicles and trucks.

Meanwhile, other Japanese automakers like Honda (producer of high quality Acura CL auto body parts) and Nissan have obtained 5 and 6 percent sales increase respectively. Honda’s increase in sales was attributed to the introduction of the new Accord sedan and the subcompact Fit which has doubled its sales for November. Unfortunately, Honda’s truck sales fell by 11 percent.

Chrysler’s car sales rocketed up with 41 percent attributed to the sale of the new Sebring convertible, Dodge Charger and Avenger.

Chrome emblems

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Chrome Emblems

When vehicles are produced they are done so with the manufactures logos and emblems placed on them. These are standard and are a reflection of the make and model of vehicle that you have purchased. In most cases these emblems are visible on both the front and rear of the vehicle. However there are cases when the vehicle might not have enough of these as you would have hoped or in other cases it is possible that the logos or emblems on your vehicle could become dated or unfortunately even go missing. To aid you in all of these above situations you will be happy to know that it is now possible to purchase chrome automobile emblems that are perfect for the make and model of your vehicle to give it that extra personalized touch.
When you look into the concept of vehicle logos a lot of designers see these as a less important part of the vehicle production process. To designers aspects such as down the road graphics are top of the list of priories but what exactly does this mean? It basically refers to what makes a vehicle recognizable from a distance so basically it refers to the shape and style of the design of a vehicle.  However no vehicle should be free from emblems so to ensure you have a lot of choice where these are concerned they are now openly available for you to purchase.
Just think of how much your vehicle could benefit from the use of a chrome emblem. It can not only be informative but also gives you an array of choice where design is concerned. This is because when you buy a vehicle it is simply fitted with a standard emblem that is featured on all vehicles of the same make and model, which can often be a bit boring so why not have some fun with it? Instead of just accepting the emblems that are placed on the vehicle why not opt for an alternative slant on it. Or if you simply have the badge logo of your vehicle placed on it then why not advance on this and also include the full make and model of your car in a text emblem. If however you are generally pleased with the make and model chrome emblem that is place on your vehicle why not opt for a badge logo that reflects a technical specification of the vehicle such as an indication of its engine size.
Tired and out of date chrome emblems can really age your vehicle, which is why a lot of people opt to change them as new versions of the logo etc emerge. So you don’t have to buy a new car to be up-to-date, instead consider making use of brand new chrome emblems.
Whether you have a Dodge, Mercedes, BMW or Ford, Fiat or a sports car, all of the logos and symbols that are available to you have a chrome finish with crisp detail and precision style. They can also be produced to any size, shape and color and can be customized to match the emblems that are already present on your vehicle. So basically whatever style or finish you are looking for where your chrome emblems are concerned you should have no problem finding them.

Chrome Emblems are available at Chrome Auto Emblems.

How much does your car cost after five years

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How Much Does Your Car Cost After Five Years?

Let us face the fact that people are insatiable. Even if we tend to buy the most expensive stuff, we would still want a new one a few years after. Why? Because it is already used, it is already out of trend, the style has faced out, and the new ones are really better. So after buying, people will automatically sell it again a few years later. But of course, we want a good trade value for our old stuffs. Though old and used, we surely had bought it in a good price, so we also expect a better deal.
In the world of cars, we already know that its value really depreciates. Some has a fair enough value, while others have really way too low trade value. High-end sports cars and SUVs like the Audi A5 or BMW X5 are our segment leaders because it still retains up to 40% of their original price when sold after five years of ownership. So aside from the fact that these cars are fun to drive, you are more assured that you’ll be able to get back your money’s value after experiencing all the amenities of this vehicle.
On the other hand, cars whose values lose quickly are for example; the Kia Sedona, Lincoln Town, or those made by manufacturers in dire financial straits like the Chrysler Sebring, and Dodge Grand Caravan. Actually, we have a common knowledge that new cars lose up to 20% of their value the moment they were driven off. And after five years, they will probably depreciate by up to 65%. But the latter four are different, because these cars lose more than 67% of their value in just two years and 82% after five years.
In this time of crisis, auto sales were down by 23% compared to year 2008. Expert says that consumers are now looking for purchases that will last, but the problem is, the cars with the lesser price when bought, has the worst resale value ever.

Top american muscle cars

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Top 5 American Muscle Cars

We have here come up with a list of muscle cars that ruled America during the spurge of the Muscle cars in America. Though these cars had very much of Americana in it, it surely did garner more fan-following in the rest of the world. Muscle car fans in India also have drooled over these cars thanks to their over exposure in the Hollywood movies. Here are the top 5 muscle cars that whole of the world drooled over in general and America in particular.

Ford Mustang

This car certainly has all the rights to stay on top of this list as this car was the pioneer of the muscle cars and this was the car which was the original Muscle car and Pony Car. It is Ford’s second oldest nameplate currently in production next to the F-Series pickup truck line. The Mustang was Ford’s most successful launch since the Model A. This car was the only car that allowed you to customize the car to your needs and it had a cheap price tag. It was available in hardtop and convertible versions and you had a choice of three V8 engine sizes up to 271 horsepower, four speed transmissions.

Chevrolet Camaro

This car with its meaner look surely became a rage when it hit the stands became a high seller. The most fascinating thing about this car was that customer had a choice of either a big block V8 or a smaller version of the same engine according to how much power the driver wanted in his car. This car was available as a 2-door, 2+2 seating, coupe or convertible.

Dodge Charger

This car became a extremely popular wanna-own car when the American TV show, the Dukes of Hazard was first aired. This again hit as a chart buster when the same version of the car was used in the movie of the same name. This beauty could seat 6 people and was powered by a big block of 426 in HEMI 2x4bbl RB V8 engine that was a rarity. Hollywood flick Bullit also featured a similar car.

Dodge Challenger

The Challenger is described in a book about 1960s American cars as Dodge’s “answer to the Mustang and Camaro.” With this car you could get a hardtop or a convertible version and either a road/track version or the luxury version. The typical engine was a slant 6, but you could upgrade to a V8 engine. The wheelbase, at 110 inches, was two inches longer than the Barracuda, and the Dodge differed substantially from the Plymouth in its outer sheetmetal, much as the Cougar differed from the shorter-wheelbase Ford Mustang.

Chevrolet Chevelle

Chevy Chevelle appeared to be a low key car with none of the fancy mark ups of that generation, but in actuality it was one of the fast cars on the road. In 1969 the SS option could be ordered on the 300 Deluxe 2-door Sport Coupe and 2-door sedan as well as the Malibu 2-door Sport Coupe, convertible, and El Camino. All ’69 Chevelles also got a new locking steering column and SS option included the 396/402 as the base engine keeping the option alive as a performance-oriented choice. V8 optional engines could also be ordered and became more of a dress-up option than a performance option.

Nissan set to thrill

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Nissan Set to Thrill

Japanese automaker Nissan is set to wow the auto industry at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. As early as today, the automaker has already attracted the attention of the industry with its concept cars. reported that the Japanese automaker will showcase four concept vehicles which “incorporate new and exciting ideas for future models”.

The most popular among these four concept vehicles is the Pivo 2. The first Pivo was unveiled two years ago and has captured the attention of the auto industry and motor show attendees. Due to the concept car’s ability to rotate the cabin completely, a reverse gear is not needed. The new Pivo is set to once again wow the auto industry with its cutting edge technology. Aside from its ability to turn around in place, the new Pivo boasts of a new feature – a Robotic Agent which has the ability to connect the car to the driver.

The Pivo 2 is also an eco-friendly vehicle. It is powered by a compact Li-ion battery pack. Earlier this year, Nissan has announced that they will be developing Li-ion batteries for automotive application and the development of the Pivo 2 is a clear indication that Nissan is making progress in that endeavor.

Another concept car that the Japanese automaker is slated to unveil at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show is the Round Box. The said vehicle is designed by Nissan for the youth. describes the Round Box as something that “represents a new take on open-air motoring, providing exhilaration for all passengers – not just the driver – through its uniquely shared experience of fresh air stimulation, a sensation of speed and easy-to-use high-spec features”.

One unique feature of the Round Box is its “road surface windows”. These are essentially small glass panels installed close to the ground on both sides of the car. Through these “windows”, passengers are given a view of the passing road surface.

Another concept car that Nissan will showcase at the Tokyo Motor Show is the Nissan Intima. This show car shows the way ahead for the Japanese automaker just like Dodge Altezza lights. According to the automaker, the vehicle is designed for “people with a sophisticated, discerning eye for beauty – who enjoy spending time in refined elegance and comfort”. The description makes the concept car more related to the Infiniti division of the automaker.

The luxurious car has a front seat that swivels about 80 degrees to the outside. This makes boarding the vehicle easier. Both on the outside and the cabin of the concept car, one can see that the automaker has designed wit with luxury in mind. Clean lines on the outside and artistic rendering on the inside of the car are what make the car an attention-grabber.

The fourth concept car to be unveiled by Nissan at the upcoming event is the NV200. This concept car is designed as a “smart business tool of new generation – for active professionals”. The NV200 combines a front cab with a traditional box-like storage space. The storage space is customizable making it easy for traveling professionals to efficiently store their equipments.