Daimlerchrysler celebrates years in brazil

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Daimlerchrysler Celebrates 50 Years in Brazil

For DaimlerChrysler do Brasil, this year means painting the town red. This is because 2006 is the 50th anniversary of the inauguration of its plant in S?o Bernardo do Campo city. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Dieter Zetsche, DaimlerChrysler’s board of management chairman and Mercedes Car Group’s head. Andreas Renschler, a member of the DaimlerChrysler Board of Management, was also there. Renschler is also liable for the automaker’s Truck Group & Buses.

“Fifty years of operations in this country have contributed to DaimlerChrysler do Brasil becoming a truly Brazilian company which has grown along with the country. With our large experience here and based on 100 years of leadership in the automotive industry, the Mercedes-Benz brand can provide the consumers with premium products and technology. That’s why we are the Brazilian market leader in luxury cars, trucks and buses,” Zetsche said during the ceremony.

At present, Mercedes-Benz yields 36 percent market share with C-, E- and S-Class. As a fact, Zetsche divulged that 5 out of 10 trucks in Brazil use the automaker’s star and flaunt their Mercedes-Benz performance parts.

“The plant of S?o Bernardo has played a strategic role in the DaimlerChrysler Truck Group. In recent years, its rational and lean production system was even considered a reference to all plants of the Group worldwide. In the last 50 years we have produced almost 1,600,000 commercial vehicles here in Brazil,” added Renschler.

S?o Bernardo do Campo plant began its production on September 28, 1956 with only 862 employees. Four years after, workers of the plant had surpassed 5,600. Nowadays, the unit employs about 11,500 workers. Said plant is now concentrating on the production of L 312 truck, better known as the Torpedo.

The history of Mercedes-Benz in Brazil epitomizes the pioneering spirit of the automaker. The majority of the Mercedes-Benz parts for trucks and buses incorporate the use of diesel engines. At that time, 2 percent of the trucks available were powered by diesel fuel. In the year 1956, the automaker launched and consolidated the use of diesel fuel for transportation. In 1998, Mercedes-Benz launched the first electronically-controlled diesel engine produced in Brazil. This feature is now made available in the current line-up of the automaker.

The automaker is also responsible for other auto industry innovations like the natural gas-powered engines, ABS and ASR brakes, disk brakes for trucks, Turbo Brake system, Top Brake system, and other key aspects in the auto industry milestones. These contributed features significantly prompted the success of the automaker.

The o factor get a number plate you can be proud of

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The O Factor. Get a number plate you can be proud of

The last person to officially have the O factor was a mystery buyer. Paying a mere ?87,853, they secured themselves the registration number plate 5 0 at the last auction held at Dormy House Hotel.

If I allowed myself to speculate for a minute, I could think of a few potential famous people that may have been the lucky bidder, with a certain X Factor judge who celebrated his 50th birthday recently being a favourite. Anyway, speculation aside, the O series, which DVLA released to mark their 20th anniversary, has been a huge hit with the total for 1 0, 2 0, 3 0, 4 0 and 5 0 raising an impressive ?566,344. Along with the big 5 0 number plate being auctioned, 1600 others were sold raising a total of ?4.28 million, breaking the record for any DVLA auction held to date.

The number plate 5 0 is a headline number plate, and even at ?87,853 it could be seen as an investment for the future. Yes, we buy number plates for love of making a statement, but they are also a sound financial investment with returns outperforming standard ways of saving for many years now.

The last DVLA public sale of the year is to be held in Barnsley, North Yorkshire, and will feature the next number in the 0 Series: 6 0. So, if you have a (good) few thousand pounds to spend and you or someone you know is about to celebrate their 60th, what better present could there be? Of course, you could think outside the box if you fail to find any looming 60th birthdays.

Thinking outside the box, sixty could relate to the year you were born, the house number you live at, the amount of years you’ve been married or, even more laterally, your favourite brand (Miss Sixty), your favourite sport (Darts – 60 being the highest possible score with a single dart), your favourite game (Chinese Checkers – 60 being the maximum number of game pieces on the board) or anything else you may find the number sixty being relevant to for you.

Alternatively, contact a specialised number plate provider, as there is a vast array of private number plates out there to fit any budget you may have, even if it doesn’t stretch to having the ‘O Factor’.

Easy tips guaranteed to keep you safer while driving

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Easy Tips Guaranteed To Keep You Safer While Driving

Nationwide the results are showing an increase in accidents across the board. There is a marked increase in DUI and numerous other night time accidents. According to the Institute for Highway and Traffic Safety, many of these accidents are avoidable or at least their severity greatly reduced. For the purpose of this article we consulted the safety experts of the state police and firefighters of several states and specifically asked them what worked best. Below are their recommendations and tips for improving driver safety and reducing the incidence or probability of an accident.

Their first tip was to increase the following distance. Aggressive driving and following too close can easily result in a rear end collision, especially at night when vision is reduced and reaction time is slowed. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least one car length of distance between cars for each 10 mph increment. So, for 10 mph 1 car length will suffice and for 60 mph at least 6 car lengths or more. This will allow for proper reaction time and braking in an emergency. Also watch out for cars switching lanes without using turn signals. If you follow too closely there may be another car stopped in you lane that you will not have time to stop for.

Another great tip for avoiding unnecessary night time accidents was to make sure your cars lighting works properly. This is especially important at night when visibility is already low and a dimly or unlit vehicle poses a great risk and threat to other cars. According to New York State Troopers the biggest problem with headlights was not actually the bulb, it was the plastic cover of the headlight lens. Since 1992 clear plastic headlights have been made standard on almost every car made and the problem is that these plastic lenses are very susceptible to damage from the environment. Just like car paint, plastic lenses become damaged and cloudy from exposure to UV rays, harsh weathering and acid rain. The lenses start to cloud and before long light output and safety can become greatly reduced.

According to the AAA Foundation for traffic safety, An average of 9 out of every 10 cars on the road today has dirty or yellowed headlights that greatly reduce vision and need to be replaced or restored. That means almost every car out there is in need of some degree of headlight repair or restoration. It used to be that the only option was replacement of the cloudy headlight lens at an average of $250 per lens. Now there is a headlight restoration kit available that is currently used and backed by numerous police and state agencies that will restore the headlight lens to new again and restore night time driving safety. According to the National Institute for Highway Traffic and Safety dim headlights are the number one most easily avoidable factor in serious night time accidents.

Another tip was dirty or improperly cleaned windshields. According to several state troopers, most people do not realize the effect of glare on night time or daytime driving. Glare can literally blind you. If your windshield or other windows are dirty or even fogged, your vision can quickly be impaired. All it takes at night is for someone to be driving with a dirty windshield and an oncoming car with their bright lights or even regular lights on. You will be temporarily blinded and long enough to easily cause a serious accident. Clean your windows at every fill up. Many gas stations have windshield wash stations available so take advantage of them. If your windshield has scratches or cracks get it replaced. It is also a good time to check your headlights and tires to make sure they are properly inflated as improperly inflated tires can cause you to lose traction when you need it most.

Do a diy

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Do a DIY}

If you are currently contemplating about the way to do an electric car conversion and if you are set about the problem, you must learn more about the process, especially its advantages to help you in this regard.
The second is an alternative fuel automobile that is ready to run thru the utilization of electrical motors and motor controllers. They also need to make sure that this creativity will be in a position to help in the ongoing dilemma around the globe about air pollution that’s most commonly due to the carbon emission of autos that use fuel to run.
if you are the sort of person who cares for the environment, when you do an electric car conversion, you will be ready to do your share for this good cause. Nobody can ever feel secured with how global warming is inspiring all nations around the globe. This is one way that you can help to reduce the pollutants that irritate the situation. The electrical vehicles available these days are being powered by battery packs that may be found on-board. These autos are called battery electrical autos or BEVs. In the future, more types of power are anticipated to come out in the market,eg the ultracapacitors and the spinning flywheel that’s able to store kinetic energy.
purchasing a brand new automobile that uses electrical power can be quite dear. This is the reason why many people opt to do the task on their lonesome. This is the rationale why it’s become a common way to do a DIY an electric car conversion or Do It Yourself approach or EV retrofitting.
It may appear intriguing but this is actually a simple process. After this step, you simply have to replace the part that you were given with a DC electrical motor. Aside from the engine, you need to also take away the connecting elements that include the fuel lines, gas tank, exhaust pipe, radiator and fuel pipe. You may then connect the motor to its existing transmission system.
Want to get a full guide on how to do an electric car conversion? Go to and download your kit now!

Reviewing the acura cl

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Reviewing the 2006 Acura CL

Acura, as a brand, has been holding up its share in its commitment of crafting, introducing, and bringing to the market vehicles that are engineered so as to provide excellent performance. And once again, Acura has added another vehicle to this list and at the same reinforcing the brand’s commitment. Welcome the all-new 2006 Acura CL.
The 2006 Acura CL has been redesigned and reengineered in almost every little detail possible. This new vehicle promises to deliver higher levels of performance, technological innovations, engineering achievements, passenger safety, and overall style. It has also been destined to compete with the existing BMW 328Ci, the Volvo C70, and the Mercedes Benz CLK320. This vehicle has been again designed so as to provide and exude the smooth and flowing lines of the classic coupes of the European Gran Turismo. However, this does not overbear the styling that is only from an Acura. Making the 2006 Acura CL a remarkable vehicle is that it has been able to combine the past, tradition, and heritage with modernity and technology. This vehicle surely possesses encompassing efficiency with its powerful engines, as well as revolutionary safety features and high technology vehicle management systems that are controls by computers.
There are two engine options for the 2006 Acura CL. It is either the Acura 3.2 liter VTEC V6 engine with 24 valves, or the 3.2 power plant that has the capacity to create 225 horsepower. As per interior volume, this all-new vehicle sports 96.5 cubic feet of this, which is a 4.6 cubic feet increase from the previous vehicle. It also sports some 192.0 inches of length and 70.6 inches in its width. Safety features have been packed in this vehicle. The list includes standard front airbags, advanced side airbags with front passenger height and position sensors, and the standard anti-lock brakes as well as the Traction Control System. Offered as an option for the 2006 Acura CL is the Acura Navigation System. This system provides a satellite-linked nationwide coverage done through the use of a DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) database located on board. The vehicle also sports modifications like CompTech cold air intake, certified exhaust headers, CompTech high-flow exhaust system, Brembo brakes, sport suspension with Titanium front upper strut bar, 19-inch Maya DTM wheels, front and rear bumpers with side moldings, a deck lid tail spoiler, and custom aluminum exhaust tips.
For more information about the Acura CL as well as to purchase Acura CL accessories and parts, customers can visit Auto Accessories Giant. The list includes steering wheel covers, alignment kits, shock absorbers, emblems, brake rotors, and a whole lot more.
The 2006 Acura CL is one coupe that is really worth looking into. Although this vehicle has its share of downs like a confusing navigation system controls, and cramped head room as well as entry and exit for the rear seats, the 2006 Acura CL still shines amidst these with its quick acceleration, smooth steering as well as handling, and a perfect build quality.