Great deals to be had in the car clearance

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Great Deals to be Had in the 2008 Car Clearance

You will always get a good deal on a new car when the dealerships want to clear out their inventory to make room for the cars of the New Year. The 2008 car clearance, though, has been the best one in recent memory in terms of the deals offered to customers. One only has to listen to the news and see the line ups of cars waiting at the docks in San Francisco to see that the sale of cars has diminished to next to nothing. As a result of the global economic situation, car manufacturers are finding themselves in financial difficulty and have drastically cut prices in order to move the cars.

If you watch any of the ads on TV featuring the special deals associated with the 2008 car clearance (, you will realize that now is the time to get one of the best deals of your life on a new vehicle. Companies that offer financing of new cars have 0% interest in place so your payments are based on the purchase price only. In addition to this savings, companies and dealerships are throwing in discounts of $2000 and $3000 as well as cutting the cost of the vehicles they still have on their lots.

There are many incentives offered by individual dealerships in order to speed up their 2008 car clearance. It is important to negotiate with the salesperson about the trade in amount you receive for your vehicle, which will reduce the overall purchase price. You will get a better deal, though, if you go in to look for a 2008 car without a trade. You also have to look at a car that has low fuel costs and low maintenance.

The 2008 new car clearance ( actually started in July, as it does every year. With so many people losing their jobs, though, car sales did not reach the anticipated levels. Thus, by September, most dealerships were in panic mode with not having enough room for the 2009 cars they had on order. This is when the offers for incentive really went into high gear. Most car dealerships do not have many vehicles of the previous year in stock in January, but this is not the case in 2009. Ads are still running on TV for very expensive 2008 vehicles on which the prices have really been reduced.

Leasing a new 2009 car used to be an option. Due to the credit crunch, many companies have now eliminated this manner of obtaining a new car and this too has impacted the 2008 car clearance. Consumers like the option of being able to lease a vehicle for three or four years and then return it without having to bother with haggling over the price of a trade. The financial state of the “Big Three” is such that a few of them have cut out leasing, although you are still able to lease a car from Ford.

It is not just the car companies of the United States that are having difficulty moving their inventory through a 2008 car clearance. The foreign made cars that are often cheaper in price are also in the same situation. Anyone who can afford the payments on a new car is tending to hang on to their old car just in case there may be changes in their individual financial situation.

Filter in savings at the gas pump

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Filter in Savings at the Gas Pump

“One of the easiest ways to substantially enhance a vehicle’s fuel efficiency is to change a dirty air filter,” said Susan Groom, leader of product engineering for FRAM. “It’s a quick and simple task that practically anyone can perform.”

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, replacing a dirty air filter can improve gas mileage by as much as 10 percent. Based on an assumed fuel price of $2.20 per gallon, that equals a cost savings of up to 22 cents per gallon.

FRAM, a leader in automotive filtration for more than 70 years, manufactures a variety of air filters for virtually any vehicle. Motorists can simply select the air filters that fit their vehicles and driving styles and, in less than 15 minutes, they can replace an old or dirty air filter to help improve their vehicles’ performance.

A basic air filter, such as the FRAM Extra Life Air Filter, is ideal for the average motorist who commutes to work, frequents local stores and occasionally embarks on long road trips.

Truck and SUV owners who want extreme engine protection should look for the FRAM Tough Guard Air Filter, which has advanced features designed to withstand the tough driving conditions that trucks and SUVs often encounter.

Motorists who desire high performance benefits, such as increased engine airflow for better vehicle horsepower, will likely need the FRAM AirHog Air Filter. This washable and reusable filter is designed to last the life of a vehicle and provides drivers with a cost savings of more than $200 in regularly scheduled filter changes.

“Changing a dirty air filter can benefit any motorist and any vehicle,” Groom said. “Not only can a new air filter improve vehicle performance, but it can also lead to significant savings at the gas pump.” – NU

Reducing your fleet costs

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Reducing Your Fleet Costs (1)

It is important for anyone responsible for running a fleet to be aware of all associated costs, of which there are many. Below we give you guidance on what points to consider.


• Are you funding your vehicles in the most effective way? You should compare funding over the contract period on a net present value (NPV) basis

• Are you running vehicles over an optimum period of months given vehicle type, usage and anticipated mileage?

• How important is predictability of costs to your business (used vehicle prices and running costs move with market forces, contract hire passes the risk to the leasing company)

Vehicle Choice

• What is the total cost of the chosen vehicle? Consider resale values, maintenance, insurance, fuel and NI costs when selecting vehicles

• Is it cheaper to run diesel or petrol models for your fleet? Purchase price will vary as will maintenance costs, mpg performance and pump prices for fuel

• What discounts are available? Large leasing companies reflect volume-related discounts from

manufacturers in pricing to their customers. Depending on fleet size you may be able to

negotiate discount with manufacturers or dealers, particularly if you restrict vehicle choice to a small number of makes and models rather than an open “user chooser” policy

• Consider carefully which optional extras your policy will allow drivers to add to their vehicle. Some help vehicles retain value at resale (e.g. metallic paint, alloy wheels, leather seats, sat nav) others may detract buyers (unusual colours, body kits, sun roofs, manual transmission on prestige makes). LCV’s benefit from ply lining, full bulkheads, manufacturer white colour and correct wheel base to weight ratio

• Many fleets choose benchmark vehicles to align vehicle choice with driver entitlements and ensure a competitive offer compared to other similar employers. Choose models that reflect your fleet policy objectives

End of Life

• Damage to vehicles costs you money at disposal either through reduced sale values or recharges if leased. Ensure all damage is reported – SMART or bodyshop repair may save further damage and prove a more cost-effective solution. Some companies oblige drivers to contribute towards the cost of repairs they have caused

• Keep track of vehicle mileages. Vehicles with higher than anticipated mileage will achieve less at sale and if contract hired attract excess mileage costs

• Re-contracting leased vehicles to adjust expected end mileage is a good way of spreading these costs over the course of the remaining contract. If mileage is likely to be lower than anticipated you could pay less each month till the end of the contract

• If a driver leaves and you need to return a leased vehicle earlier than expected, avoid early termination charges by relocating vehicles to new drivers for the remainder of the lease or offering up to existing drivers due a replacement


• Maintenance can be paid for on an actual cost basis or more predictably on a budgeted basis e.g. as part of a contract hire monthly payment

• Buying maintenance through leasing companies can save you money through:

– Taking advantage of combined buying power

– Controlled quality and cost of work through a managed network with pre-authorisation by trained


– Consolidating invoices for all work carried out

– Ensuring warranty work is not charged

– Identifying problem vehicles and making representation to the manufacturer

• Make clear to drivers their responsibilities, e.g. for tyre pressures and tread; oil, fuel, water, antifreeze levels; wiper blades; vehicle cleanliness; lighting checks

• Proactive maintenance can prevent additional costs, improve safety and reduce fuel consumption

• Identify “rogue” drivers with above average maintenance, tyre, damage, accident and fuel costs.

Discuss their driving performance with them, consider driver training or recharging of some items.

If this is a common problem consider linking level of vehicle entitlement to driving record

Florida traffic school online increase your defensive driving skills and techniques

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Florida Traffic School Online – Increase Your defensive driving skills and techniques!

When a driver receives a moving violation, they can select a classroom course as before, or they have the option of going on the Internet and searching for a Florida Traffic School Online Course. The schools that are permitted to provide traffic school online Florida classes are identified by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), and the schools also promote their approval status on their own sites.
Finding a defensive driving program that will meet all your needs without requiring you to go into the classroom can be tricky. Simply searching for an approved school doesn’t necessarily tell you the whole story. Some of the things you can look for to find the right school for you are the method of teaching, the reputation of the school, and the level of customer support available to you outside of normal business hours.
The way in which the course material is presented can mean the difference between a painless traffic school experience and one that you detest. Some online schools present the course in a “comedy” style, with jokes and puns throughout. If that’s how you learn best, try one of these. If you’d rather have your information in a straightforward, direct way, other schools can give you that experience. They often supplement their course material with animations, videos, or online quizzes that enhance your ability to learn, and to pass the final exam.
The reputation of the school tells you something as well. Is this a fly-by-night operation that wasn’t online a few months ago? Will it still be there when you are ready to get your certificate? Finding a school with a lasting presence online can give you some confidence in their reliability. Most schools have been around less than a decade, though, so don’t expect to find one who has been online since before there was such a thing as online! Keep your expectations to the five- to ten-year range and you should find a school that is well established and likely to be dependable.
Finally, look for excellence in customer service. You may never need to contact the company about a question or issue, but it would be wise to select a school that is available to answer your call whenever you might need them. After all, if they are an Internet company, they should be willing to provide you with customer support whenever you might be taking the course, even in the middle of the night.
Florida Traffic School | Florida Online Traffic School

Daimlerchrysler celebrates years in brazil

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Daimlerchrysler Celebrates 50 Years in Brazil

For DaimlerChrysler do Brasil, this year means painting the town red. This is because 2006 is the 50th anniversary of the inauguration of its plant in S?o Bernardo do Campo city. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Dieter Zetsche, DaimlerChrysler’s board of management chairman and Mercedes Car Group’s head. Andreas Renschler, a member of the DaimlerChrysler Board of Management, was also there. Renschler is also liable for the automaker’s Truck Group & Buses.

“Fifty years of operations in this country have contributed to DaimlerChrysler do Brasil becoming a truly Brazilian company which has grown along with the country. With our large experience here and based on 100 years of leadership in the automotive industry, the Mercedes-Benz brand can provide the consumers with premium products and technology. That’s why we are the Brazilian market leader in luxury cars, trucks and buses,” Zetsche said during the ceremony.

At present, Mercedes-Benz yields 36 percent market share with C-, E- and S-Class. As a fact, Zetsche divulged that 5 out of 10 trucks in Brazil use the automaker’s star and flaunt their Mercedes-Benz performance parts.

“The plant of S?o Bernardo has played a strategic role in the DaimlerChrysler Truck Group. In recent years, its rational and lean production system was even considered a reference to all plants of the Group worldwide. In the last 50 years we have produced almost 1,600,000 commercial vehicles here in Brazil,” added Renschler.

S?o Bernardo do Campo plant began its production on September 28, 1956 with only 862 employees. Four years after, workers of the plant had surpassed 5,600. Nowadays, the unit employs about 11,500 workers. Said plant is now concentrating on the production of L 312 truck, better known as the Torpedo.

The history of Mercedes-Benz in Brazil epitomizes the pioneering spirit of the automaker. The majority of the Mercedes-Benz parts for trucks and buses incorporate the use of diesel engines. At that time, 2 percent of the trucks available were powered by diesel fuel. In the year 1956, the automaker launched and consolidated the use of diesel fuel for transportation. In 1998, Mercedes-Benz launched the first electronically-controlled diesel engine produced in Brazil. This feature is now made available in the current line-up of the automaker.

The automaker is also responsible for other auto industry innovations like the natural gas-powered engines, ABS and ASR brakes, disk brakes for trucks, Turbo Brake system, Top Brake system, and other key aspects in the auto industry milestones. These contributed features significantly prompted the success of the automaker.