Pittman's vaporwax a p c 360id acrylic paint conditioner

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Waxing your car is fast becoming a ritual of the past. Wax hardens yellows and dulls.

Wax does not make paint shine, it is the wax itself that is shining and in time it will build up yellow dull and require removing.
Clear coats and PTFE treatments work the same way, they rest on the surface of the paint.
Polish is abrasive and offers a quick shine but no longevity or benefit to the paint.
Of course detailers will swear by wax and clear coats, that is how they make their money.

The very nature of wax makes it a troublesome and wastefull product to use. 90% or more ends up on the towel in the form of wax dust, and it shows no love for black vehicles.
It takes hours using wax to get a black or dark colored car looking good.
Thats why old school detailers recommend wax. It’s not a job most of us have time, tools or necessary skill to do.

Wax companies recognize this and have developed synthetic wax among other things.
Car manufactorers have also understood the desire for a long lasting shine and have improved their paint formulas to make them harder and more reflective.

These new harder highly reflective acrylic paints do not do well with traditional wax. The wax will actually cover and replace the factory finish / shine, with a aftermarket shine that can have swirls dull spots and uneven areas in it.
Paint needs protection from the elements, sun, salt and oxidation.
That is the idea behind wax, but what wax and the others fail to do is to PRESERVE the original shine of the paint.
So far we have focused on the surface because previous technology does not see beyond that. Any engineer knows a structure is only as strong as the foundation that supports it.
With that in mind, a new approach to automotive detailing was taken by PITTMAN KMOD ALR (Kemetian Motif Original Designs Alien liquid research division).

The decision was made to develop an Acrylic Paint Conditioner.

A acrylic paint conditioner that would give elasticity, strength and shine to the paint by replacing electrons lost from the paint due to exposure to the elements that cause the paint to change color and fade.

Unlike common wax an acrylic paint conditioner will never dull, harden, yellow, haze, smear or produce swirl marks.

It can be applied in the dead of winter and in direct sunlight.

It will not freeze

It removes oxidation

It prevents oxidation

It is pure liquid and non abrasive.

It is water proof

It is rust reistant

It will protect paint and chrome wheels against corrosion from road salt.

It requires no buffing and creates a shine that will last form months.

It is 99% waste free, There is no mess no debris

This out of the box approach was preceeded by “Pittman’s Original One Step ALR”, A 100% pure liquid non abrasive acrylic lens deoxidizer designed to work at the molecular level to remove oxidation from the surface of Acrylic / polycarbonate / plastic headlight lens on contact.

Based on the same science, VaporWax acrylic paint conditioner was created

The science behind Non dulling Pittman VaporWax 360ID acrylic paint conditioner

Oxidation effects everything from flesh to iron. It is the thing that gives us life and makes us grow old. It effects all things in different ways. The common denominator is how it effects us, at the cell and molecular level.

Oxygen can produce the occurrence of free radicals. These could be described as break away cells or free electrons.

They change form and assist in the break down of surrounding cells. They can accumulate and cause cataracts in eyes rust in iron and oxidation on acrylic.

Sunlight a source of vitamin D helps accelerate the process of oxidation.
Acrylic oxidation is not pure, It can hold the elements of many substances such as salt and hard water deposits.

As it builds it can collect and hold oil and road grime and other

On a vehicle headlights and other acrylic / plastic surfaces oxidation can be white yellow or brown.
For this reason oxidation can appear in various colors. It most commonly appears as a thin white film on automotive paint, this film can become opaque if
allowed to continue to build.
Molecules that compose the oil and color of the paint, exchange an loose electrons to this oxidation. The result is dry harden weather faded paint.

VaporWax is designed to resist and remove oxidation,  replace critical elements in and leave a protective micro thin protective coating that will inhibit the return of oxidation and serve as a cleaning agent when the car is washed in clear water.

The thinking behind the creation of VaporWax is to keep the paint healthy by feeding it back the elements that it naturally looses from exposure to the sun, wind and rain.

In the process of making the paint healthy, VaporWax produces a deep long lasting
radiant shine in a waterproof formula. KMOD designed a formula that eliminates the archaic chore of after buffing, VaporWax APC  reacts on contact and produces instant results.

The application of VaporWax is notable in how it is applied.
It is a pure liquid formula that is applied in a vaporized mist via an atomizer.
The formula is highly concentrated and the condition effect can last for months.
VaporWax is recommended for preservation of new car factory finish and restoration of older vehicles as a once a month paint conditioning treatment designed for the preservation of new acrylic paint.

Pittman’s VaporWax APC surpasses all forms of wax in the preservation of the original factory finish. VaporWax will Never Dull.

Designed with built in cleaning agents. Eliminate the need for clay, polish and wax.

No soap is needed between applications of VaporWax. Use a liquid gease and wax cutting soap to clean vehicle prior to initial application of VaporWax. VaporWax must be applied directly to the paint and not over wax. Brand name carwash soaps are too weak to cut wax, dishwashing liquid will do a better job of prerparing the surface for  conditioning.

Wash your vehicle with clear water and a soft brush, microfiber spong or towel, dry with a soft towel and the VaporWax shine is back. VaporWax produces a long lasting radiant mirror like waterproof shine within the paint that will survive multiple washings..

VaporWax produces a difference in acrylic paint you can see and feel.

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