Hot top down cars

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Hot Top Down Cars

Summer is the season for top down cars (convertible, soft-top, drop-top, cabriolet or roadster). In the market today are more than 50+ different models offered to sun and wind lovers by automakers selling in the U.S.

The Auto Channel lists some of the many hot models that are “in” to consumers this summer driving season.

1. Mini Cooper S – It’s the iconic Brit-car that’s made it big in America. It’s now a bit bigger and a whole lot better than before. At $22,000 to $26,050, two sun lovers can enjoy the ride of this Manual soft top vehicle.

2. Mazda MX5 Miata – It’s the affordable world’s best-selling two-seat roadster with sleek lines. At $24,440 to $27,620 that is set to be realized in September, this power retractable hardtop can be enjoyed by two sun lovers.

3. VW Eos – A retractable automatic metal top, it’s the newest entry of VW in the convertible category. Three passengers can travel under the sun at the cost of $28,110 to $$36,970.

4. Toyota Camry Solara – It’s the closest relative of the class-leading sedan, with just a touch more styling and cache. At $27,190 to $30,460, four sun lovers can ride on this vehicle with an automatic textile.

5. Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder – It makes the revival with outstanding handling. Three passengers can enjoy riding on this $25,699 to $29,599 automatic textile top vehicle.

6. BMW 3 Series – It’s entirely new package makes it better than ever with an automatic retractable metal top and a big choice engine. It’s also one of the best sellers in all convertible-arena. Four sun lovers can enjoy riding on this $43,200 to $49,100 car.

7. Mercedes-Benz SLK – It comes with an excellent styling in a vehicle destined to become a classic. At $43,350 to $62,500, this retractable hardtop can be enjoyed by two sun lovers.

8. Saab 9-3 – This recent safety/crash tests winner and a June big seller is priced at $43,100. Four sun lovers can ride on this automatic textile car.

9. Volvo C70 – Also a big winner in safety/crash tests, this entirely new cabriolet is elegant at $39,090 where four sun lovers can ride on this retractable metal.

10. Audi TT – Its updated style for 2008 has more interior space and new body lines. At $36,800 to $45,900, 2 + 2 (back two should be Munchkins) can ride on this manual textile car.

11. Porsche Boxter – From $45,600 to $55,500, the driver and a passenger can have the ride of their life on this manual textile vehicle.

12. Jaguar XK – From $80,835 to $91,835, 2 + 2 (slightly bigger than Munchkins) persons can be accommodated by this automatic textile vehicle.

13. Lexus SC430 – It’s one of the first retractable hardtops with top of the line Lexus auto parts. Lexus luxury and cache is standard. At $65,455, two sun lovers can enjoy a ride on this car.

So, have you decided for your chosen summer car?

All prices are based on MSRP.

What to make of your dashboard lights

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What to Make of your Dashboard Lights

On starting your car, all the warning lights on the dashboard should light as a sign that they are in good working condition. Once the car is on the road however, the lights should not light unless to indicate a warning that something in the car needs your attention. There are several distinct lights on the dashboard. However, some cars will have some added features like seat belt lights. The main ones include brake lights, the anti-lock brake system (ABS) light, the oil pressure light, the engine light, the airbag light and the battery charge light. 

The oil pressure light:  When this light blinks, it is indicative of low oil pressure, which can result in rapid wear to your car. To make sure that this is the case, use the dipstick to check the oil levels and refill to the required levels. If the oil pressure light still blinks even after this, then you will need to have the oil pump checked. If the oil pump is not working, towing the car to a garage where the pump can be fixed is advisable in order to avoid excessive wears to the car. 

ABS light: When this light blinks when you are driving, it can indicate three different things: a faulty ABS, trapped brake caliper or low levels of brake fluid. The light may also mean that the parking brake has been left on.  Getting a technician to check the car is the best way to know which among the different causes is behind the constant blink. 

Engine light: this light is also called the engine-malfunction light. On most dashboards, the light is labeled ‘Check Engine’.  When this light blinks, it is indicative that is a problem with engine functions. Sometimes, this light blinks when other lights indicative of transmission problems are on. When such is the case, dealing with the transmission issue will most likely be the right diagnosis. If the car is not running, as it should, getting a car technician to check the system is advisable. 

Battery Charge light: When this light is on, it indicates that the battery is not charging. The condition can be caused by a loose battery plug, which you can fix without necessarily involving a technician. A faulty alternator can also be a cause if battery-charge failure as does a loose slipping belt. To save on power and avoid being stranded, you should turn off electrical devices, such as radio, and heater in the car.

Airbag light: This light indicates that the airbag system is faulty, which means that they would fail to activate if an accident occurs. You should drive the car to a shop where technicians can inspect the entire airbag system and fix the problematic area. 

Brake Lights: This could indicate that the handbrake is on. If not, you should check the level of the car’s brake fluid. The lights could also indicate faulty braking system. When the braking system is faulty, you should have your car towed since driving with this light on can be quite dangerous. 

Las vegas auto insurance finding the one which will be useful for you

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Las Vegas Auto Insurance: Finding the One Which Will Be Useful For You

Auto insurance seems to be the most important tool for all car owners today. Not only will it help them in times of unwanted accidents in the road, it will also serve them just by chance their vehicle has been involved in some unwanted vehicular dealings. But of course, it all depends on the coverage of the policy that they have bought. If you are one of the many car owners in Las Vegas, getting hold of the Las Vegas auto insurance is the best move that you can ever carry out.

Yes, Las Vegas auto insurance will help you in times of need with regards to your vehicle. If you got involve in a car accident, the auto insurance that you have bought will take care of the loss and damages that might result to that certain accident. If your car has been involved in a car theft incident, or was a victim of some accidents by nature or other man made accident, the Las Vegas auto insurance will also be your protection because it will pay back the losses that have resulted from that certain incident. But as mentioned, it all depends on the coverage of the policy that you have chosen to purchase.

The coverages of the Las Vegas auto insurance policies differ from one another. There may be some which cover every bit of details in connection with your vehicle but expect that the charge will also be high. But still, there are ways on how to find a policy that has well coverage and still, the rate is not that high. It all depends on how you are willing to take much of your time to find one.

Of course, you can always visit the offices of the different Las Vegas auto insurance companies in the city. If you have time, pay a quick visit in their office and inform about all the policies they offer. You can be sure that one agent will be at your service anytime. Another would be getting in touch with the different auto insurance companies via phone. If you are aware of their contact numbers, you can always call them and speak to one of their agents to know the different policies that they offer. And finally is via internet. A lot of auto insurance companies today have made their website. For sure, the Las Vegas auto insurance companies also have their own website so you can always visit their site and subscribe to get quotes and know more of their policies. Right after you have been familiar with their policies, either you got it personally, via phone, or online, you can now evaluate each of them. Assess which among the policies offers a wide coverage with a sensible rate. And when you have decided which among them is the best, and then you can now go on purchasing that Las Vegas auto insurance.

Las Vegas auto insurance is no doubt very useful to all car owners in the said city. If you are out looking for one, you can be able to find one, and even the best one if you follow the set of actions stated above.

Mustang motorcycle seats for passengers and saddles.

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Mustang motorcycle seats are made for many different types of motorcycles including Harley Davidson motorcycles as well as many import bikes like Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and the new emerging American brand Victory. All Mustang products are made in the USA. This company has been making quality saddles and passenger seats since 1980. Many different types of seats are available as well as sissy bar pads or backrests. Most cycle seats these days are not made with leather but a look alike vinyl cover or synthetic leather, however these motorcycle seats are made to look like seats made from genuine leather. For example the Regal Duke is made with a custom pillow styled seat cover that is made to look like leather. Sissy bar pads to match are also available. This company is also very active in the motorcycle community by attending many of the bigger bike shows like Biketoberfest, Sturgis and Bike Week. 

Most of Mustangs seats are designed to have a very classic old school biker look therefore giving your bike more of a custom feel. Products like the Regal Duke are made to look like and old school bench with a leather look. Some of these saddles also come in a studded version which will also give your ride a more custom look. Below are some examples of some of the products made by Mustang.

The Custom Square back Seat comes with a great functional shape for two-up riding. This seat has crisp, clean lines, with sewn-in center panels but no buttons or unnecessary stitching to clutter it up. Constructed with a premium-quality expanded vinyl cover for durability and great looks.

The Sport Touring Seats with Studs and Conchos has a deeply pocketed driver seat is at the ideal cruising angle, and the passenger sits comfortable in a bucket seat. These seats have a premium-quality expanded vinyl cover, and built-in steel support wings in the passenger seats. The Driver’s back is well-supported by nose of passenger pad that extends forward. This particular piece comes studded with conchos. Studded version has skirt with conchos, accent studs and braid that extends below the edge of the seat. 

Contour Studded Sissy Bar Pads are made to provide maximum support for your passenger. The foam is contoured to follow the natural curvature of your back, and has a premium-quality expanded vinyl cover. Pads mount to OEM backrest, and include chrome screws. The pad measures: 9″H x 12″W.

Regal Duke Saddles feature low, custom-pillow styling with leather-like exterior. The two-piece foam improves rider’s back support, and keeps passenger from sliding forward. The seat base plate matches OEM for exact fit. Matching sissy bar pads are also available for this saddle.

You can readily buy these products directly from Mustang or one of their network of dealers and accessory shops which are located all over including Europe and the USA. Many seats, pads and types of saddles are available from Mustang. Almost all motorcycle makers are covered in their product offering from Honda to Harley Davidson or Victory Cycles.

Eight kia vehicles dubbed best bet by the car book

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Eight Kia Vehicles Dubbed “best Bet” by the Car Book

Kia is continuing its drive to provide safe and high performance vehicles to the motoring public. One of the vehicles in the company’s range, the Kia Sedona, recently was awarded by MotorWeek as the “Best Minivan”, and more recently, the minivan, along with seven other Kia models were given the “Best Bet” distinction by The Car Book. The seven other Kia vehicles to have received the honor are the Kia Rio, Rio5, Spectra, Spectra5, Optima, Sportage and the Kia Sorento.

Last year, the Rio and the Optima received the merit, but this the first year that Kia had eight vehicles to receive the honor. This is a significant achievement for the Asian car maker since out of the 11 vehicles on their lineup, eight made it as the “Best Bet” in 2007.

Len Hunt, the Executive Vice President and COO of Kia Motors America, is apparently proud of their achievement and it is very evident in the statement that she issued. “Obviously, we are extremely thrilled and proud to have eight vehicles from our lineup be distinguished as ‘Best Bets’ by The Car Book. Since this distinction is only given to vehicles that have the safety and performance needs of consumers in mind, we consider it a true testament to Kia’s commitment to providing only the highest quality vehicles to customers,” states Hunt.

The achievement of Kia in the recently published Car Book will surely increase their popularity among consumers. The Car Book, after all, is one of the most reliable buyers’ guides in the field. It provides an updated and comprehensive guide for those looking for a car, van, truck, or sports utility vehicle to buy. The book is published in cooperation with the Center for Auto Safety which is the country’s leader in automobile safety advocacy. Among the attributes of the vehicle that The Car Book presents to prospective car buyers are safety ratings, dealer prices, fuel economy, insurance premiums, maintenance costs, tires, and also a chart of state laws which concerns automobiles. The guide book is as helpful in the choosing of a car to buy as Active Brakes Direct is as helpful to car owners in looking for high performance brake components.

The Car Book gives the “Best Bet” distinction annually to vehicles which rates highly on the different areas aforementioned. The data evaluated by The Car Book comes from different sources. Both government and private studies conducted on 2007 model year vehicles were taken into account in the selection of the “Best Bet” vehicles. The greatest emphasis though is given to the result of crash tests performed on the vehicles. Those automobiles that posted good ratings on the crash tests and have significantly less number of complaints from testers are the ones considered to be part of the “Best Bet” selection.

Jack Gillis of The Car Book stated that: “The Car Book has long been the consumer’s best guide to smart and sensible car buying. We appreciate the fact that Kia continues to make a significant contribution to improving the market choices for the American buyer”.

Indeed, Kia has shown itself as a serious competitor in the automotive market in the US. With these distinctions bestowed upon eight of their eleven vehicles sin their lineup for the 2007 model year, Kia will be enjoying the boost and this may translate to higher sales figures. This also shows that Kia is dedicated to providing safe cars to the American motoring public, and that these vehicles are not only safe, they are also user friendly since they have good fuel economy and relatively low maintenance costs. This may start a new era for Kia where they start to make their presence felt in the US market.