Car leasing directory can help you find the right leasing company

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Car Leasing Directory Can Help You Find The Right Leasing Company

Once you have decided to lease a vehicle, the next step is to decide where you are going to lease the vehicle from. Car leasing directories can be a great help when deciding this. A car leasing directory is basically a listing of different leasing companies. These listings are generally sorted by region or county. Once you have found a directory with different leasing companies, you can click on their name and find a short description of the company. It is here that you can also find contact information pertaining to certain leasing companies.

The first advantage to a car leasing directory is that it saves time. Because you will have a listing available for many different leasing companies in the area, you will have a general idea of what services they offer and will be able to compare companies very quickly to find exactly what it is you are looking for. There is no need to run around to different leasing companies and talk to them each individually, only to find out that the majority cannot offer you the services you are looking for.

Finding a leasing company through a car leasing directory can also be beneficial because you will not be limited to companies that are just in your immediate area. These directories usually have information regarding leasing companies outside the surrounding area. This could prove very useful when looking for a lease as you may be able to find a better deal with a company that is not in your local area.

The companies will advertise what vehicles they currently have deals on. This can also be very beneficial as they may be offering something that is perfect for you and this will give you a heads-up that there is a company specializing in a particular vehicle or a certain lease package that is just what you have been wanting.

Car leasing directories will also usually have complete contact information for the leasing companies that they have listed. This can save a lot of hassle as well. When the leasing company is actually part of a dealership or other car sales company, it can sometimes be difficult to know who to speak to about leasing a car. Because this can be just one small division in a huge company, it can seem a little overwhelming without a little help. Car leasing directories offer this help and will point you in the right direction before you even pick up the phone to call the company.

Once you have decided that leasing a car is the right option for you, checking out different car leasing directories, these can be a really big help. Not only do they save time and hassle but they can take a lot of confusion out of leasing a car. These directories will give you many different options for a leasing company and will outline what those different companies have to offer.

My scooter wont start the top most common mistakes solutions

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My Scooter Won’t Start! The Top 5 Most Common Mistakes & Solutions

We walk outside to run an errand, to go to school or work, and UGH, our scooter won’t start! How frustrating. Here are some basic things to check quickly to get back on the road.

  • First: The basic questions:
    • Did you hold in the brake? (Some scooters require the right brake to be pressed)
    • Is the kill-switch off?
    • Is the key all the way on? (Sounds dumb I know, but as a repair shop Manager, I get scooters in here all the time where the ignition is sticky and doesn’t turn on all the way. The owners are embarrassed when I make sure the ignition is turned all the way on, and the scooter starts right up. Always works for the mechanic, right?)
  • Second: Will it kick start? Try kick starting it. When kick starting, don’t give the scooter any gas (you might flood it). Try to kick start-it 5-10 times. If that doesn’t work, give it some gas and try again.
  • Third: Check the fuse next to the battery. Most fuse boxes next to the battery have an extra fuse in case the original one blew out. Check the fuse first. That only takes a minute. If it’s shot, replace it with the extra one sitting in the case.
  • Fourth: Jump Start-it – Scooters are not like cars. A scooter battery can be so dead, that there is nothing anyone can do to make it start, except charge the battery or replace it. So in the meantime, jump-it. Now a word of caution. These little scooter batteries can burn up quickly, so if you choose to jump it, only put the cables on a few seconds, quickly start it and disconnect it. If you put on cables for 5-15 minutes, you can destroy your battery. These scooter batteries can’t handle the amps put out by car batteries. If you want to buy a trickle charger, get a 2 amp charger.
  • Fifth: Pull out your can of Starting Fluid (you know, the one you bought when you bought the scooter – every scooter owner should have a can), and spray some fluid onto the UNI Air Filter you have on your carburetor. They try to start it again. If it starts, keep it running with the throttle. Keep your Starting Fluid with you in the seat until you figure out what is going on with your scooter.

These steps should get most scooters going and get you on the road. If these don’t work, it might be something more serious, but at least we’ve done the basics and saved us a repair bill for something that was silly or easy to fix by ourselves.
Happy Riding.

Volvo for beginners

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Volvo – For Beginners

We all know what Sweden’s biggest brand is right? Here is a clue, it doesn’t involve flat packed furniture and it’s not even the Tetra Pak. Volvo is a big brand globally and is now owned by Ford. Unless you have grown up in some parallel universe where there are no cars you will have no doubt seen or been a passenger in a Volvo vehicle of some description even if it was a bus.

Despite it’s successes in recent years Volvo has historically been something of a mystery to British car buyers. The Volvo estate has always been associated with antique dealers who could fit a grandfather clock in the back and also country folk seem to like the workhorse qualities of them. More recently the British motorway police have favoured the Volvo and can often be seen on TV shows writing off several £30k V70s in order to end a high speed pursuit involving a stolen Ford Escort worth well nothing really.

My parents were very keen on Volvos and I hate to admit it but they once owned a 340GL which I believe is the most hated car of Mr Jeremy Clarkson no less. I have just watched some footage on You Tube of him triumphantly destroying one in a crusher and boy has that man aged recently. I seem to recall my parents actually had a 340 hatchback and a saloon version as well. The thing is they weren’t any trouble at all, apart from the styling which they insisted didn’t bother them the cars were very reliable and they have driven Volvos ever since.

There was a magazine advert years ago featuring a 240 GLT and a Kawasaki Z250 and the headline was “Volvo 240 GLT – fast enough to beat it on the track- big enough to fit it in the back!” For some reason this has stuck in my mind probably because it was rather a strange comparison but in order to comply with advertising standards they had duly taken the trouble to publish the top speeds of the Volvo and the bike and more surprisingly they had manhandled this Kawasaki into the back of the Volvo to prove the claim.

A mind boggling array of models has followed since then. Including some really stylish cars, like the C80 coupe and remember the futuristic 480 with its indoor water feature and dodgy electrics! Thankfully that was sorted out but Volvo have always been prepared to experiment with new designs and technology, just remember the legendary P1800 which came out of the blue. This brings me around to the new C30 which again is a brave departure from the norm. Like Volvo’s other concepts this looks to have been very well executed and the C30 sees the return of the all-glass tailgate which was first found on the P1800. The latest Volvo range also seems to be far more consolidated than before which must be the Ford influence coming into play.

Instead of countless models to choose from there are now just three saloons; the S40/S60 and S80. Two Estates the V50 and V70 then we move to the semi off-road XC60 and XC70 before ending up with the XC90. This is the largest of the range and is very well rated as a potential off-road vehicle when compared to similar offerings from Audi and VW. The stylish C30 and C70 CC finish off things nicely. Volvo has proved that they can produce stylishly designed cars when they want to but also can offer strong safe workhorses that just keep going long after others have given up.

Selling repo cars straightened up some pockets

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Selling Repo Cars Straightened up Some Pockets

On the internet, I’m getting a little frustrated with a lot of misinformation at car buyers looking for “repo cars for sale”. Aimed at pushing people to car auction websites are some of those information. You can even find repossessed cars in car auctions site and it is fine, but let us see the record straight on what really happens to a majority of repossessed cars.

True, thereby becoming a very good potential buyer or consumers while some repos do end up at public auctions, instead eventually to be sold to a new owner at regular retail price, most will never make it to these auctions.

To the original lien holder, the reason for this can be traced. The car is going to end up back at the dealership if a repossessed vehicle was financed through a dealership via their in-house financing. Then, one of two things will happen.

The dealer will take it to a dealer-only auction and sell it to another dealer or either the dealer will shine-up the vehicle and resell it on the lot. At a public car auction, these vehicles will not see the light of day. To most repossessed vehicles this is what happens since they were financed at a dealership.

What about those that had been independently financed by a local bank or credit union? Looking for a good deal, these are the best bets for car buyers. But even with these, most still end up in the hands of a dealer and are again resold at retail prices.

Why? Well, vehicles are real nuisance for them if banks and credit unions aren’t in the car selling business. From time to time, some of the lenders may have “repo sales”, by selling their repos to outside companies or local dealers that at least partially solve their problem quickly.

It will end up on their lot or at a dealer-only auction if the vehicle goes to a local dealer and again away from the possible cheap purchase by a consumer.

Some go to dealer auctions. Some go to public auctions and if it goes to an outside company.

To see what they do with their repos, you can call your local lenders. Some do have their own sales periodically as noted earlier, although they are minority.

So, yes, at local public auctions, you can find some nice repossessed vehicles. However, it will take some patience and some consistent shopping.

The new ford technology

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The New Ford Technology

Ford Motors is not only creating the most modern hybrid vehicles but they are also working on the best in safety features for those vehicles. There is a new array of “active” crash-avoidance technologies that will be introduced into this year by driving prototypes into large, car-shaped balloons to help customers avoid real accidents. Engineers at the Dearborn Development Center use these balloons to test the company’s new adaptive cruise control and collision warning with brake support technology. The consumer is demanding that some technology be created that can help avoid sudden unexpected hazards due to cruise control failure or brake support failures. This is just a couple of the many new safety features that are being checked and corrected for the consumers.

Ford Motors plans on introducing the system on the 2010 Ford Taurus, available in the fall 2009, while Lincoln is announcing the new system will be offered on the 2010 MKS, adding to the Lincoln flagship sedan’s long list of available technology. One of the many newer technologies is the parallel parking active park assist that makes it easier for the consumer to park without touching the steering wheel. Along with the adaptive cruise control and collision warning with brake support to warn drivers of possible hazards in front of them and assist them in reacting earlier Ford Motors believes this will improve sales for the newer vehicles. Ford Motors is using radar in order to monitor the area in front of the vehicle which should help to drastically reduce major accidents by the careful driver.

The newer safety features developed by the Ford Motors Technology division are things that other automakers will want to take a good look at and perhaps they too will install similar technologies in their vehicles. The idea is to save the consumer not only on gas mileage but to implement a vehicle that is not too expensive to repair. The high cost of repair bills is driving the profitability down for insurance companies but it is also putting a strong dent in the pocket of the consumer. No one wants high repair bills on a vehicle because it is poorly constructed and by implementing safety technology this will make the consumer much friendlier when it comes to buying the newer hybrids. The government takes a look at what “The Big Three” automakers are doing with the funds that they will be getting.

As the world grows, auto makers are going to become more advanced over it’s lifetime. From safety features to make it safer for you to newer features in the car that make it more convenient for you and your family. It’s amazing to look back on everything in the past and see how far car companies have come today. Just think of what’s out there right now and think 10 or even 20 years down the road from now. No matter what kind of car you step into, you’re going to find that you’re going to be driving in a wonderful piece of technology.