Select planet audio for that great sounding music

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Select Planet Audio for That Great Sounding Music

Our lives are filled with many different technological advances. One of the better inventions that was designed was that of music. Now since we love to listen to music there are lots of companies that can give us great sounding music. One such company is that of Planet Audio.

This company has many great innovations that you can use. To see the many products that you want you should see what their web site has in stock. In addition to this information you will find that Planet Audio can provide this same service at their dealers and their showrooms. Now visiting their showroom or even their website will reveal the many products that you can use as upgrades.

With the selection of good quality upgrades Planet Audio systems will let you see just how great music sounds on these systems. So having found the best types of audios that Planet Audio can provide you with, you will generally be able to buy the Planet Audio that you can afford. So now that you have decide to buy your brand new car audio from Planet Audio you should check the various items that are in stock.

The best way to preview the types of products that Planet Audio can provide you with is to see what the internet has in the way of information. You will find many links that will show you various places where you can get good quality new and second hand Planet Audio systems. You should look carefully at the many items that you can buy from their showroom without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Another way to see the other products that Planet Audio has is available on the website, from here you can see the many links that will lead you to some of their great new items. You should also see the various accessories that will help your audio system to give you great sounding music. Having chosen a few accessories and noted down the prices you can decide which of the many Planet Audio systems will be gracing the inside of your car.

As you make your choice you will need to find out what Planet Audio has in its policy towards returns and what their warrantee period is. This information is critical if you find any defects in the Planet Audio that you have purchased.

Therefore don’t delay in finding this crucial information. Now that you have your new Planet Audio in your sights and close to taking it home, you can begin to imagine the many delightful hours that you will have listening to music on your Planet Audio while you are traveling.

Over of teenage deaths are attributed to flaws in teenage driving skills

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Over 40% of Teenage Deaths are Attributed to Flaws in Teenage Driving Skills

There are a number of factors that can influence teenage driving. The most notable amongst them would be peer pressure, alcohol and the thrill factor. However, experience invariably improves teenage driving, and also promotes a number of other valuable safety habits such as a healthy respect for road rules, other motorists and the traffic police.

Experts have long been of the opinion that proper ‘behind the wheel’ training, a good grounding of road rules and proper instruction on road safety would go a long way towards instilling a sense of responsibility in the minds of teenagers and reducing teenage driving accidents. This is now an approach that has been adopted by driving schools and instructors throughout the country today.

A good driving school or course can often give teenagers the confidence to take to the road, and likewise give parents the confidence to let them. Individuals seriously interested in finding a driving school or course that doesn’t cost a ridiculously high sum, will be able to find a number of reputed driving establishments on the web that offer comprehensive driving courses and instruction at a very reasonable price.

The web and even insurance agents will be able to provide material information that is useful for learner drivers. These can come in the form of videos, pamphlets, brochures and even discount driving school course leaflets. The Department of Motor Vehicles website and others also list dates, times and places students can sit the driving exam as well as other pertinent information.

A few tips that might improve teenage driving are as follows. Seat belts for everyone in the vehicle at all times, staying under the speed limit, and road courtesy (if someone wants to overtake you on the road, let them.). The admonition “Don’t drink and drive, and don’t let anyone who is drunk drive either”, also works wonders in preventing accidents.

Making it a rule that the driver should always pull over to answer a ringing cell phone or to make a call, is one way of ensuring the driver’s attention is not distracted from oncoming traffic. Keeping the vehicle serviced and in good condition is also a good idea as vehicle parts going bust in the middle of the road can be extremely dangerous.

Another valuable tip that many parents ignore, is teaching through example. Running red lights and stop signs, speeding, honking and using abusive language on other motorists is not conducive to responsible teenage driving or to fostering the correct attitude amongst teenagers.

Over 40 percent of teenage deaths each year are attributed to flaws in teenage driving skills. Therefore, if road safety rules are followed by the role models around them, teenagers will be more amenable to accepting and adopting those same rules when they start driving – thus improving teenage driving and preventing road accidents at the same time.

Indash gps navigation gps dual zone car radio with digital panel for din car

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Indash GPS navigation GPS dual zone car radio with digital panel for 1 din car

Qualir Recommendation:

  • Our hottest 1 Din 7″ DVD GPS Player
  • Detachable panel
  • Steering wheel control
  • Optional builtin DVB-T function
  • You can change the startup picture by yourself
  • You can enjoy music and radio while navigation

Key Features:

  • Built-in GPS
  • 7″ TFT LCD touchscreen
  • Motoried detachable front panel
  • Steering wheel control
  • Bluetooth
  • Optional iPod control function
  • TV tuner
  • Radio tuner
  • SD, USB port
  • NO RDS function
  • NO CDC function

GPS specification:

  • Operating system: Windows CE 5.0
  • GPS Processor: SAMSUNG S3C2440A-40
  • Max. main frequency: 400MHZ.
  • RAM Memory: 64MB
  • Memory Size: can expand to 4GB
  • Display output: CVBS or S-VIDEO output
  • GPS receivers channels: 20
  • Precision: 10m, 2D RMS 5m, 2D RMS, WAAS enable
  • Supported Maps: Finean, IGO, ROUTE66, GET 5, PAPAGO and so on.
  • Voice Guidance Cruise: Yes
  • GPS languages: English, Deutch, Franch, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian……and so on, totally 19 languages
  • GPS antenna: 1 GPS antenna interface on the back
  • GPS dual zone: YES. You can enjoy music and radio while GPS navigation
  • Digital TV or Anolog TV: Analog TV tuner (you can choose builtin DVB-T instead of analog TV, but make sure DVB-T is available in your region before you buy it. This one supports England,Germany,France,Italy, Spain,Turkey,Portugal,Greece,Russia,Czech Rep,Holland,Australia,Taiwan,China.)
  • Video format: PAL/NTSC/SECAM
  • Video output: D/K B/G I M/N
  • TV antenna:1 TV antenna interface on the back, you can add a TV antenna to your cart (just $7.00) , but if you choose digital TV, you do not need the TV antenna.
  • Can seve up to 100 channels.
  • ATSC: no
  • 1 Back video in, press the Backsight to switch to the rear monitor status when you are reversing. With rear view camera, you can know the back circs by seeing directly from mainframe when backing the car. If you add a parking radar to the camera, then you can see the distance and the video image at the same time, which make your driving safer. Only $54.99
  • 1 AUX video in
  • 1 video out

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How to find cheap car rentals

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How to Find Cheap Car Rentals

Car rentals can be quite the expense, especially for customers traveling out of state, and even out of the country. There are car rental companies that charge per mile, and other car companies that offer an unlimited mileage package to customers renting a car for a day, a weekend or even longer. Using these tips, the customer can find cheap vehicle rental rates and save money on car rentals.

Go for the unlimited mileage. Unlimited mileage is necessary for those customers seeking unlimited driving time over the period of days without being charged for every mile that the vehicle goes over the limit.

Booking vehicle rentals online can save hundreds of dollars per vehicle trip. Coupons are often available which can give the customer free days for the vehicle rental, or a percentage off of the vehicle rental price. Booking online and signing up for opt-in lists can also enable the customer to receive valuable offers in their future, sent directly to their email in-box.

Ask for the free upgrade. Did you know that often just asking for an upgrade can yield positive results? Many times, if vehicles are not in stock, the customer is eligible for an upgrade as the vehicle should be in stock, especially if a vehicle has been reserved.

Calling the vehicle rental company beforehand can mean the difference of a rental upgrade. Many times, if you call ahead of time, you will be eligible for deals offered to customers that have reserved a vehicle. Especially through the holiday seasons, it is crucial that a vehicle be reserved – just to ensure a vehicle will be available for the vacation.

Did you know that going with an independent vehicle rental company can save up to thirty percent off of the price of a vehicle? When a vehicle is rented with these companies, they are aware that the have to outsell the price of the competition and therefore will lower their prices to reflect these discounts.

Comparing prices online could save up to forty percent off of the price of a vehicle rental. Travel websites often offer these comparisons with one search. One search can yield results for all of the leading, and independent vehicle rental companies can compare the sizes, prices and special offer of vehicles.

Booking a vehicle rental online and bundling the vehicle with airline tickets and hotel means that the consumer can save valuable money on the vacation. Did you know that you could save up to fifteen percent on vehicle rentals? When you are planning a vacation, it just becomes easier to book everything at once, rather than to complete all reservations separately.

Return the vehicle early. Many companies offer discounts and incentives for customers willing to return the vehicle early. Consider returning the vehicle late in the evening before the morning it is due back. This will ensure no extras charges are accumulated and money is saved on the complete car rental bill. Using these tips, your car rental fee doesn’t have to break the bank!

Get a free car jobs that provide cars

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Get A Free Car – 7 Jobs That Provide Cars

Being provided with a company car is a great ‘perk’ of employment, and depending on which position an individual holds, can be utilized either on a part-time or full-time basis. Some of the jobs that offer a company car include the following:

1. Many upper-management, specifically, executive management positions, include the use of a company car, particularly those directly working for an automotive manufacturer or closely related to the industry. In these instances, it’s the perfect way to increase their advertising as more of their cars are seen on the road. Another reason that is that, just as in some communities ‘keeping up with the Jones’ is a means of determining resident status in the neighborhood, members of the upper-Escalon of corporations are provided with company vehicles because they also need to ‘keep up appearances’. A newer or luxury car represents success and in business, that’s very important, especially in regard to their competitors.

2. Jobs that require an employee to travel frequently often times provide the use of a company car. Corporations realize that it’s not entirely fair to expect an employee who has to travel on regular basis, such as in the case of a sales or marketing position, to have to utilize their own vehicle. The company acknowledges the fact that these types of employees are required to travel frequently as part of their job and shouldn’t have to bear the expense of maintenance and or fuel costs, in addition to wear on their personal vehicle, so they provide the individual with the use of a ‘company’ car.

3. Car dealerships usually provide their salesmen with the use of a company car. Along the same lines of an auto-industry executive, this is an excellent way for the dealership to advertise their vehicles and hopefully attract new customers. Additionally, if a salesperson is driving and is happy with the performance of the particular car they’ve been given to utilize, they’ll have an advantage and the added benefit of first-hand knowledge about the vehicle when it comes time to make a sale.

4. Messengers and the sometimes affectionately referred to ‘gophers’ in a business environment are usually given use of a company vehicle, though mainly only during work-hours. These employees have to deliver and pick packages and drop off projects at printing, customer and other facilities in addition to any other off-site tasks the company requests of them such as running out for office supplies, food, etc.

5. A personal assistant who works directly for one individual whether in an office or private environment will be given the use of a company car because these types of positions require extensive traveling time on behalf of the employer’s personal, as well as business, needs.

6. Federal and other-high ranking officials in the securities field are often times provided with a company vehicle because many of their duties require traveling to other counties, towns and even states.

7. Some miscellaneous service and labor positions such as construction, landscaping, plumbing companies, etc. give their employees the use of a company vehicle because there is usually a need to get a very early start, respond to emergency calls and also in lieu of the need to travel extensively to different locals on a regular basis as part of the business’ services.

Keep in mind that if you are applying for a position that requires travel, whether frequent or infrequent, you can always try to negotiate for a company car during the interview process.