Security tips for your car

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Security Tips for your Car



Auto theft continues to be a problem in Palm Beach County as well as across the United States. Be aware there is something you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

Keep your car in good running conditions.

Have your keys ready when approaching your vehicle

Before getting in, check to make sure no n is hiding inside.

NEVER pick up hitchhikers.

Keep valuables out of sight in the trunk.

Carry your cell or keep small change in the glove compartment for phone calls.

When dropping off friends or family, make sure they are safely indoors before driving away.

If you are followed while driving, go to the nearest police or fire station, hospital emergency entrance, or an open business and call the Police. Do not lead someone who is following you to your home.

Do not leave your keys in your vehicle.

Never leave your vehicle unattended and running.

Keep all valuables in your trunk out of sight Keep windows up and doors locked even when driving.

Install theft deterrent devices and activate or install them if they are not a passive system.

Make a copy of your car registration and keep the original in your wallet or purse.

Always park in busy well lit areas.

In valet lots never leave anything except the ignition key.

Never assume your older car is not a target for thieves

Never leave firearms or weapons in your vehicle

Park your vehicle with the wheels turned sharply and set the brake.

Remember, you have a substantial investment in your vehicle, do not give it away by being careless.

Ford flex engine amp transmission problems

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Ford Flex Engine & Transmission Problems

The Ford Flex is an excellent vehicle, but some models have experienced engine and transmission problems in the past. If you drive a Ford Flex, you should learn how to protect yourself from expensive repairs caused by these problems with the engine or transmission. Read this article to learn about Ford Flex Engine & Transmission Problems

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Even the highest quality Ford cars and trucks will eventually run into mechanical problems (such as engine or transmission problems). Unfortunately, this often happens once Ford’s warranty is no longer there to protect you from the high cost of automotive repairs. As your Ford Flex gets older and you put more miles on it, it gets more and more likely that you will run into problems with your vehicle. An extended warranty will protect you from the significant cost of repairing these issues and gives you peace of mind knowing that your Ford Flex will be taken care of in the event that expensive repairs are needed due to engine or transmission problems.

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With so many automobile recalls currently in the news, it is more important than ever to protect yourself and your Ford Flex by getting an extended warranty. It takes just a few seconds to receive a free, no obligation quote for an extended warranty for your vehicle, which can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars down the road. Get a free quote on Ford Flex Extended Warranty today!

Auto theft tips and devices

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Auto Theft Tips and Devices

Car thieves want a quick, easy boost. So, making your vehicle harder to steal can increase the chances of your car still being there when you return from errands.
Here are some of the latest auto theft devices on the market.
Global Positioning Service (GPS) devices can help law enforcement locate your automobile if stolen. IDsticker, a low-cost tracking program, can help officials track down your car when other devices failed to help.
Car alarm systems will activate sirens, car lights or the car horn if someone tries to steal the car. Sometimes, these devices can be a headache—sounding off if someone simply bumps the vehicle—but, in the long run, they are worth it. Don’t ever give alarm codes to a parking attendant. Experienced auto thieves may know how to disconnect this alarm, so consider investing in a back-up power supply.
Having a fuel switch on your vehicle will stop the supply of fuel, in case the car is stolen. Hidden kill switches can also prevent auto theft. The vehicle will not start unless a switch is turned on. A Master Lock product called Starter Sentry is recommended in the kill switch category for auto theft safety. Check your car warranty before installing one of the gadgets; it may nullify the warranty.
Listed below are some auto theft tips that will make a car thief’s job much more difficult.
• Never leave the keys in an unlocked car. This is an open and easy invitation to a passerby thief. Always lock the car and make sure all the windows are rolled completely up.
• Attended parking lots, or lots busy with people coming and going, are a turn-off for car thieves. If you must leave keys with an attendant, check the contents of the car before leaving to make sure nothing is missing.
• Park your car in a well-lit area at night.
• Leaving a back-up key in a magnetic box somewhere under the car is not a good idea. If the thief has enough time, they will probably find it.
• Don’t ever leave the car running while stopping at a convenience store, not even for just a second. It only takes a second for a thief to hop in the driver’s seat and steal your car with any valuables still inside—children included. Some drivers leave their cars running to warm up on cold mornings. Sometimes, they go back outside to an empty driveway.
• Home garages can be a deterrent to a car thief. Lock the car doors and the garage door–anything that makes a vehicle harder to access is worth the trouble and time.
• When leaving a parked car, don’t leave valuables such as medicines or laptop computers in plain sight. These attractions are simply too hard for the car thief to resist.
• Never leave the automobile’s registration or title inside the car—put them in your purse, wallet or brief case. If the car is stolen, it can easily be sold or junked with no problem.
Consider researching some of the auto theft devices available to prevent your vehicle from being stolen. The auto theft tips listed in this article may also slow down the burglary process. It is recommended that you try using a few of these methods combined to deter the auto thief.

Controlling the hardtop on your vw eos

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Controlling the Hardtop on Your Vw Eos

Driving a vehicle named for the Greek goddess of the sunrise makes the driver of a Volkswagen EOS a unique individual. This vehicle boasts a fantastic hard-top convertible that offers the advantages of a traditional hardtop car with the thrill of a convertible. The only thing that can make this experience any more unique is adding the EOS Roof-Control-Module Ultimate to further upgrade and customize your vehicle’s unique features and capabilities. This module adds features and benefits that go beyond the ordinary and allow you to have more control over your EOS features with such additions as the capability to put the top up or down with your vehicle’s factory remote keypad.

The EOS Roof-Control-Module Ultimate harnesses the power of a dual core processor to give you added features like locking the doors automatically if the roof is closed with the remote or being able to open the roof while driving. A retractable hardtop is quite a rarity and you are sure to attract attention as you set the strategic maneuvers of the windows, sunroof and roof panels into motion while traveling down main street in town or buzzing along on a busy highway. Being able to put the roof up or down while driving is a handy feature that will allow you to utilize your retractable roof far more often than if you had to pull over or come to a stop whenever the weather changes.

Another cool upgrade afforded by installing the EOS Roof-Control-Module Ultimate is that you can turn the engine on or off without interrupting the top from going up or down. This is especially important to the person who is always on the go and just doesn’t have the time to sit around and wait. More convenience in less time by also giving you more control are all benefits of having the EOS Roof-Control-Module Ultimate installed on your Volkswagen EOS.

Other interesting and helpful features of the EOS Roof-Control-Module Ultimate include being able to choose from flashing the indicator lights or sounding the horn while reversing and having adjustable Mirror Park Assist pro with temporary disable. These are just a few of the many features that are available when you install this handy module. The EOS Roof-Control-Module Ultimate is easy to install, usually requiring under an hour to complete, and is quite inexpensive, especially when you consider the value it adds to your vehicle and how much easier it makes things for you. The EOS Roof-Control-Module Ultimate is almost mandatory because every EOS driver will enjoy it.

Startup right on the jeep ignition coil

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Start-up Right: on the Jeep Ignition Coil

The first thing, the very first and foremost thing that drivers of any Jeep must realize is this: that start-up failures are often a result of some flaw or another that lies within the Jeep Ignition assembly. For those who cannot profess a comprehensive understanding of the Jeep Ignition System, much less of a passing acquaintance with any of it—of the parts it basically entails, of how it functions of why it’s even there to begin with—now is the time to catch up with a number of facts that have long since existed in the known universe. The Jeep Ignition assembly holds the cornucopia of Jeep Ignition Coil, spark plugs and batteries along with other devices that rest under the Jeep’s hood. This is the system predominantly responsible for providing the spark that ignites the air fuel in the cylinders pf the Jeep’s engine. In order for the spark to get to the electrodes of the spark plugs, the 12-volt potential of the electrical system has to be ignited until it reaches a level of about 20,000 volts. This, in turn occurs by way of a circuit that runs from the battery, with one side of it adhering to the chassis and then passing through the ignition switch to the main winding of the coil before it ultimately ends up in the circuit breaker. The high voltage secondary terminal of the coil leads to a distributor that serves as a rotary switch, connecting the coil to each of the wires that hook to the spark plugs, one after the other. Having enough of the basics, one has to have realized by now the necessity, not only of the Jeep Ignition Control System but, much more importantly, of well-kept Jeep Ignition parts like Jeep Ignition Coils, batteries and spark plugs in excellent working condition. Hence, one must always make a concentrated effort to ensure that one’s Jeep Ignition Coil, spark plugs and batteries exhibit just such behaviors to avoid car mishaps in the future.