Comparison of warranties on pickup trucks

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Comparison Of Warranties On Pickup Trucks

If you’re in the market for a pickup because you need a pickup, that is… you’re going to put it to the test and need something tougher and roomier than an SUV, it’s important to take a look at the warranties on competing models. Truck warranties cover four aspects of the vehicle: Basic Warranty (which covers pretty much everything on the truck in its early life), Drivetrain (the internal components that are often high-ticket items to replace), Rust (exterior of the car only), and Roadside (which means someone will head out to help you if your battery dies in the middle of nowhere or you run out of gas). We compared four popular trucks with regards to each of these warranty components: Dodge Dakota, Toyota Tacoma, Isuzu i-370, and the Ford Ranger. Here’s what we found out:

Basic Warranty. Three years of coverage or up to 36,000 miles is the industry standard and covers the average lease, making all four candidates dependable with the Dakota, Ranger, and Tacoma coming in on par. The Isuzu i-370, however, comes out ahead in this category, with the Isuzu Basic Warranty covering three years or up to 50,000 miles. This is important if you do a considerable amount of driving or hauling and plan to put on more than 12,000 miles a year.

Drivetrain. This is the biggie because engine components are expensive to replace and quite frankly, you can’t continue to drive the truck if they aren’t functional like you could with most exterior component failures. Isuzu proves superiority in this category as well with 7-year, 75,000 mile powertrain coverage. The Tacoma and Ranger lag significantly with their 5-year, 60,000 mile warranties, and Dodge brings up the rear with its considerably inferior 3-year, 36,000 mile coverage.

Rust. Now this may not mean a whole lot unless you live in an area of the country where the seasons can be less than friendly on your car, or if you tend to do a lot of city driving on salted streets in winter. If either of those situations apply, rust prevention should be a priority. In this arena, all four vehicles run neck and neck with Isuzu’s corrosion limited warranty slightly more impressive than the others. Dodge offers a 5-year, 100,000 miles warranty for the Dakota while Isuzu gives car owners an extra year with 6-years or 100,000 miles rust-free. Toyota and Ford won’t cover as long as Isuzu will. They offer five years only, with unlimited mileage (which doesn’t account for a whole lot since corrosion is associated with time and not the number of miles the truck drives).

Roadside Assistance. The winner, again, Isuzu with a 7-year, 75,000 mile roadside assistance package. A full four years longer than the Dakota’s 3-year and 36,000 mile guarantee. Ford provides assistance for the Ranger for five years or 60,000 miles. And we had trouble finding the Tacoma’s roadside assistance package on Toyota’s website, so we aren’t even sure one is offered.

All in all, Isuzu seems to stand behind its i-370 (and i-290) by extending its warranties beyond those of its competitor-always a good sign when trying to determine if a vehicle will withstand the additional wear and tear pickups tend to endure. If you’re not going to push the truck to its limit, the Ford and Toyota’s warranty packages will probably prove to be sufficient. The biggest red flag, in our opinion, is Dodge Dakota’s extremely limited drivetrain warranty which could very easily equate to big expenses down the line.

Chryslers hybrids got hemi

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Chrysler’s Hybrids Got Hemi!

The Chrysler Group, DaimlerChrysler AG’s American arm, will power hybrid versions of the 2008 Chrysler Aspen and the Dodge Durango and SUVs with its brawny 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 engine, the automaker said Monday.

The Aspen and the Durango, the first ever gasoline-electric hybrids from Chrysler, are slated to hit the market in 2008. The hybrids will feature a two-mode hybrid technology that enhances fuel efficiency for both city and highway driving. While the Aspen and the Durango SUVs feature the traditional Hemi engines, the new Hemi hybrid engine is expected to bolster fuel economy 25 percent overall as well as about 40 percent in stop-and-go-traffic.

This will be the first time that Daimler’s American division has revealed detailed plans to blend hybrid technology with its famous Hemi engine. And EBC brakes will not bring it to a halt. Chrysler is doing quite well through its partnerships auto giants like the General Motors Corp. and BMW. The automakers are developing two-mode hybrid systems at the Hybrid Development Center in Troy.

“We know that our customers really like the Hemi for providing them with the utility and capabilities they need in normal driving,” said Andreas Truckenbrodt, the executive director of hybrid programs for DaimlerChrysler. “That means that if we combine (hybrid) with that engine we could really offer substantial fuel economy, but not force the customers into giving up on what they’re used to as far as performance.” He added, “The hybrid technology will add weight to the SUVs, but that shouldn’t compromise the Hemi’s performance, which has wowed consumers.”

The two-mode hybrid combines a pair of electric motors with a gasoline engine and a transmission with high- and low-speed modes. The design will allow the hybrid Aspen and Durango to run on all-electric power, all gasoline power or a combination. The Hemi hybrid engine, on the other hand, will showcase the multi-displacement system offered on the gasoline Hemi engine that generates 340 horsepower. The fuel-saving feature called the MDS stops four of the engine’s eight cylinders under specific driving conditions that require less power.

“The MDS and hybrid are two different technologies, which do not require each other but they complement each other at the end of the day very nicely,” Truckenbrodt said.

Jack Nerad, the executive editorial director and the market analyst at Kelley Blue Book, “The dual-mode hybrid technology that will equip the Durango and Aspen is significantly different and more advanced than single-mode systems available.”

“It really kind of leapfrogs the current hybrid technology out there,” Nerad said. “One of the key advantages is the current hybrid systems provide by far the bulk of their benefits in city driving and don’t really do much for you at all when you’re driving on the highway. This one is a much more sophisticated system that allows better fuel economy in both city and highway driving.”

Among the hot selling hybrids in the market these days include the Toyota Highlander SUV, Toyota Prius car, and the small Ford Hybrid Escape SUV. Hybrid sport utility vehicles could reverberate with enthusiasts who are looking for fuel efficient autos with more space to offer good hauling and towing capacity.

“I don’t know if you can necessarily class these people as environmentalists,” Nerad said, “but certainly I think they would like to help the environment as much as anybody else and at the same time save some money.”

From a volume standpoint, the hybrid segment is growing “pretty substantially,” said Jeff Schuster, the executive director of global forecasting at the J.D. Power and Associates. Last year, roughly 250,000 hybrids were sold in the United States. For 2007, hybrid sales are estimated to jump to roughly 350,000 and around 2013 should account for 5 percent of U.S. auto sales, or more than 1 million vehicles, Schuster noted.

Reasons to buy used cars in pakistan

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Reasons To Buy Used Cars In Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country, and the sped up growth in every sector needs individuals to have a dynamic life. Having a dynamic life is much easier if you have your own car to move within or across the cities.

Being a student, or at your earlier career level you may not afford a new car. Or even if you’re a mid career level worker and want to save some money for other long run investment and want to have an edge in car buying, used cars can go great. There may be many other moments when you want to cut some money off from car purchase. Here’s the time when you can make smart choice and buy used car.

Remember that buying used or second hand car never means to buy an antique or outdated car, instead a year or 6 months old car in good condition is also a second hand car and it can work just as a new car for you. Even if it’s a 3 or more year’s old car and the owner has kept it in a good condition, it’ll be the best choice.

There’re many advantages and disadvantages associated with buying and selling used cars round the world, and these are almost same for Pakistan too. Well, here goes the list of main reasons for which one should go for used cars in Pakistan.

  • Money matters a lot in present day, and specifically in case of an economy like Pakistan, so saving money is not a bad idea.
  • There’re many people who change cars frequently, so not bad to avail a good car at affordable price.
  • Buying a used car and selling it can be fun, as resale value of good cars can give you a good business.
  • In many cities roads are not so good and can depreciate your brand new car too quickly, so used cars are the best choice there.
  • Rent A Car is a great business in Pakistan, so running it on used cars will be much rewarding.
  • Opening up your driving school is just a used car away from you!

Well, there may be hundreds of other reasons, but the above mentioned are enough to explain the benefits of used cars in Pakistan.

How to put together your own personal pit crew for your own car

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How To Put Together Your Own Personal Pit Crew For Your Own Car

Car prices keep going up and up and up in price every day, don’t you want someone who is professional to help you make the decisions you need made. Most of the questions you may have are most likely about car insurance, warranties, and maintenance right?

There are a lot of people who do these things for living that can help you anytime you need it. If you do not get one of those people to help you, you may make a wrong move.

One of the best people you may have on your side may be your mechanic. I wouldn’t think the same way of seeing your mechanic as seeing your doctor. A mechanic that knows what he is talking about can be of gold to you because he can most likely help you out with any car related problems you may be experiencing. Also since mechanics are in love with cars they should have no problem discussing your car issues with you.

A local car dealership around your area can be of help to you as well. You can speak with managers and salesmen as well. Salesmen want to talk especially when they are trying to get a customer to buy a car. Another thing is your car may be of their make so they may have information about your car that nobody else around has access to.

You can also get great information and support from a car club that specializes in your type of vehicle. You can find a car club anywhere, and if you have a sports car it shouldn’t be a problem, a classic or a Tuner you can find a car club for both, but if you have a Tuner you can probably find a car club anywhere. Around my area there are a lot of clubs for tuners. The drivers that are in these clubs usually know everything you need to know about cars anything so if you need help and drive a car they drive you can most likely find some help.

If you are more of a non social person and like doing it yourself than you can most likely find what you are looking for on the internet, the internet has more than many websites that can help you in any conundrum you may have. You can more than likely find an online chat room or forum board to receive messages fast and easy.

There is really not a need to feel upset or mad about a car problem, it’s a car it’s what a car does best. There are a number of people who will not enjoy anything more than helping you out with your car issue.

Most expensive ferrari sold

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Most Expensive Ferrari Sold

The popularity of the Ferrari is known the world over. The Italian carmaker is known not only for building good looking cars with high performance but also for the price that these vehicles fetch. In fact the company’s cheapest model has a base price of $150,000. When it comes to expensive cars, Ferrari just set a record for the most expensive Ferrari ever sold.

The sale came at an auction held in the marque’s Italian assembly facility. Hosting the auction are the Canada-based RM Auctions Inc. and the trusted Sotheby’s. The auction saw 33 classic Ferraris being auctioned off. The most expensive of the lot is the 1962 TRI/LM Testa Rossa Spyder. The said classic race car fetched a price of 6,875,000 euros or about $9.275 million. While the car became the most expensive Ferrari ever sold, it is not the most expensive car sold in an auction. That distinction belongs to a 1931 Bugatti Type 41 Royal Sports Coupe which was sold for $11 million.

The Testa Rossa Spyder is said to be the world’s most famous race car since it was used by Ferrari in the 24-hour Le Mans. The dominance of the car of the said prestigious racing event spanned from the late 1950s to the early 60s. The car sold at the auction for the record price is the last of its kind which is one reason why the price reached more than $9 million. The particular model is the last Ferrari race car to have its engine in the front and it was driven by Phil Hil and Oliver Glendebien at the Le Mans in 1962. Aside from that particular car, the auction also sold classic Ferrari cars which earned the Italian car manufacturer more than $46 million.

Other Ferrari cars sold during the auction, which would put to shame any production vehicle even if equipped with Kleen Wheels accessories, includes a 1953 Ferrari 340/375 MM Berlinetta Competizione which fetched a price of 4,235,000 euros. The said classic Ferrari is the second most expensive Ferrari sold during the auction. Another classic car sold at the public sale is a 1970 Ferrari 512 S which was sold for 2,640,000 euros. A 1953 Ferrari 340 MM Competition Spyder was sold at the auction for the price of 2,310,000 euros. Another Ferrari classic which was sold at the auction is a 1966 Ferrari Dino 206 SP which was sold for a whopping 2,420,000 euros. Another expensive Ferrari car sold is the 2003 Ferrari F2003-GA Formula 1 Grand Prix Car which was driven by Michael Schumacher during his stint with Scuderia Ferrari. The car was sold for 1,540,000 euros or almost $2 million.

Of the 33 cars that were auctioned, only one car was not sold and it was a 1987 Ferrari F40 Prototipo.

Aside from the mentioned cars, Ferrari also auctioned off different car-related merchandise like a 2005 Ferrari steering wheel which was sold for $85,000. Compare that to a brand new Chevy Aveo which has a starting price of $9,455 and you will see how expensive Ferraris are. The Italian car manufacturer also auctioned off a 2004 V10 engine which was sold at $62,000. A matching 2004 engine cover was also sold at the auction which fetched a price of $12,500. An autographed Schumacher helmet was sold for $30,000 while a racing suit worn by the German Formula One driver fetched a price of $28,000. Current Ferrari Formula One driver Kimi Raikkonen’s racing suit was also auctioned off and was sold for $8,500. And perhaps the oddest things auctioned off were a set of Felipe Massa’s under-clothes which was sold for $775.